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Moon Ga-Young’s Fashion As Im Ju-Gyeong In K-Drama ‘True Beauty’ Episodes 1-4

True Beauty Fashion - Moon Ga-Young - Episodes 1-4

It’s only a few episodes in, and we’re already in love with the new K-drama ‘True Beauty’! The show serves up a unique storyline, enjoyable production and visuals, colorful and fresh atmospheres, and above all, a stunning array of fashion, especially that of our cute lead actress, Moon Ga-Young.

Whether she has her makeup on or not, Ga-Young’s beauty is undeniable, and whether she’s dressed to impress or keeping it simple, her fashion sense never fades. We can already sense your excitement to see her fashion in the first 4 episodes, so keep reading to find out more!

Moon Ga-Young's Fashion in Korean Drama True Beauty Episodes 1-4

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Moon Ga-Young’s Fashion in Episodes 1-4 of K-drama ‘True Beauty’

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Look #1

In the first episode, Ga-Young rocked this cute, nerdy look with her pigment dyeing sweatshirt from INSTANTFUNK.

Pigment Dyeing Hoodie


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Look #2

Her school uniform wouldn’t be as adorable without BY MINA’s ivory loafers.

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Look #3

Ga-Young in CLOVE’s blue pocket long-sleeve T-shirt is a reminder that simple is beautiful.

Pocket Long Sleeve T-shirt


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Look #4

We’re going nuts over this school girl look of hers! She layered a Thom Browne button-down shirt with a JRIUM crop cardigan. Then, she completed her stunning outfit with the Nike Air Force 1 Pixel low-top trainers.

Textured Crop Cardigan


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Look #5

She looked funky yet fashionable in her khaki zip-up hoodie by CLOVE and faded purple track pants by INSTANTFUNK. And if she’s going to wear clogs, they have to be super stylish, right? Those would have to be the Boston suede clogs from Birkenstock

Basic Zip-Up Hoodie


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Faded Track Pants


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Look #6

Don’t be fooled by her nerdy appearance. She can still pull off the most stylish, laid-back outfits ever. Look how creatively she paired her blue logo zip-up hoodie by CLOVE with this green check eco bag by EMIS.

Logo Zip-Up Hoody


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Look #7

She looked super trendy yet cute and comfy in this pastel purple sweatshirt from EMIS. 

Purple EP13 Sweatshirt


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Look #8

Back to gorgeous Ga-Young. This time, she went for the black edge penny loafers from BY MINA to nail her school uniform. 

True Beauty Kdrama Fashion - Moon Ga-Young - Episode 3-2

Edge Penny Loafer


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Look #9

Forget about her sloppy style! Look how comfortable she felt in this motorcycle printed tee from RAIVE.

Motorcycle Print Big Tee


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Look #10

She did an awesome job in combining this stripe rugby T-shirt by CLOVE with these light gray training shorts by EMIS. 

Stripe Rugby T-shirt


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Look #11

Ga-Young is an absolute cutie in this comfy pair of gray sweatpants from INSTANTFUNK.

Standard Sweat Pants


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Look #12

Ga-Young obviously has a thing for simple, relaxed looks, and we’re honestly all for it. She looked absolutely beautiful in this City Dreamer print tee from RAIVE. 

True Beauty Kdrama Fashion - Moon Ga-Young - Episode 4-2

City Dreamer Print Tee


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Look #13

And here’s a perfect example of what we call a ‘true beauty’. Ga-Young was dressed in a cute dress from Margarin Fingers with a shirt from COVIANT underneath. She held her Naomi mini crossbody bag accessorized with an acrylic strap both from JOY GRYSON. And to add a slight sparkly touch, she went for a pair of pierced earrings from Swarovski.

Berry Button One Piece


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Look #14

The moral of this story, Ga-Young can look cute in anything she wears, even the simplest ones like this long-sleeve T-shirt from KIRSH.

Cherry Long Sleeve T-shirts


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