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5 New Korean Dramas Coming Out In April 2024 To Add To Your Watch List

New Korean Dramas Coming Out In April 2024 To Add To Your Watch List

Summer is waving its first hello this year and along with this scorching heat comes the hottest most anticipated Korean dramas this coming April 2024! We’ve got different genres to excite you and we’re pretty sure you’ll end up being glued to one (or all) of these incredibly interesting K-dramas.

Now enough with the talking, let’s get right into it!


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Parasyte: The Grey (Jeon So-Nee)

  • Release date: April 5, 2024
  • Runtime: 
  • Network: Netflix
  • Cast: Jeon So-Nee
  • Where to watch: Netflix
Parasyte The Grey (Jeon So-Nee)

A mix of horror, mystery, and action? Here’s something to kickstart your April. The K-drama ‘Parasyte: The Grey’ is based on the popular manga ‘Kiseijuu’, where enigmatic parasites started to rain down on earth, infecting and slaughtering humans. Jung Su-In (Jeon So-Nee) also gets infiltrated by the parasite but the parasite can’t control her and therefore starts coexisting with her. She allies with other humans to fight against the parasites and begins a whirlwind of a journey for survival.

‘Parasyte: The Grey’ is going to be available for streaming on Netflix starting April 5.


Lovely Runner (Byeon Woo-Seok, Kim Hye-Yoon)

  • Release date: April 8, 2024
  • Runtime: Monday & Tuesday, 20:50
  • Network: tvN
  • Cast: Byeon Woo-Seok, Kim Hye-Yoon
  • Where to watch: Viki
Lovely Runner (Byeon Woo-Seok, Kim Hye-Yoon)

Now if you’re up for something funny and light, what’s a K-Drama list without a dash of rom-com?! ‘Lovely Runner’ is something to watch out for.

It stars Byeon Woo-Seok who plays Ryu Sun-Jae, a famous actor who feels tired of the entertainment world. Kim Hye-Yoon plays the role of Im Sol, his devoted fan who finds solace in his music after an accident dashed her dreams. When Im Sol learns of his sudden death from an overdose, she’s heartbroken. Somehow, she travels back 15 years and meets Sun-Jae as a teenager. Determined to change his fate, she tries to alter his future.

‘Lovely Runner’ will air on tvN to take the spot of ‘Wedding Impossible’ every Monday and Tuesday.

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Blood Free (Joo Ji-Hoon, Han Hyo-Hoo, Lee Moo-Saeng)

  • Release date: April 10, 2024
  • Runtime: 
  • Network: Disney+
  • Cast: Joo Ji-Hoon, Han Hyo-Hoo, Lee Moo-Saeng
  • Where to watch: Disney+
Blood Free (Joo Ji-Hoon, Han Hyo-Hoo, Lee Moo-Saeng)

Starring big stars in the Korean Entertainment scene, Joo Ji-Hoon and Han Hyo-Joo join together in a suspense thriller ‘Blood Free’.

The thrilling plot dives into the groundbreaking shift where a company called BF pioneers lab-grown meat, replacing traditional animal consumption. CEO Yoon Ja-Yoo (Han Hyo-Joo) faces scrutiny from both insiders and outsiders, questioning BF’s direction. She co-founded BF with On San (Lee Moo-Saeng), an expert in physiology. Meanwhile, Woo Chae-Woon (Joo Ji-Hoon), a former naval officer turned bodyguard, navigates his post-military life.

‘Blood Free’ will be available for streaming on Disney+ starting April 10.


Missing Crown Prince (Suho (EXO), Hong Ye-Ji)

  • Release date: April 13, 2024
  • Runtime: Saturday & Sunday, 21:40
  • Network: MBN
  • Cast: Suho (EXO), Hong Ye-Ji
  • Where to watch: Viki
Missing Crown Prince (Suho (EXO), Hong Ye-Ji)

What happens when a crown prince goes missing? Here’s what happened – Crown Prince Yi Gun (played by Suho) faces unexpected peril when he’s ensnared by the cunning schemes of Choi Myeong-Yoon (enacted by Hong Ye-Ji), who wants to get married to the Crown Prince. Will love conquer all in this high-stakes game of thrones?

Don’t miss the thrilling story as it unfolds on MBN every Saturday and Sunday at 21:40, starting April 13, 2024!


Chief Detective 1958 (Lee Je-Hoon)

  • Release date: April 19, 2024
  • Runtime: Friday & Saturday, 21:50
  • Network: MBC
  • Cast: Lee Je-Hoon
  • Where to watch:
Chief Detective 1958 (Lee Je-Hoon)

Lee Je-Hoon is back in another crime, action drama that will surely pull all of us in thanks to its exciting plot and, of course, his charms!

The plot delves into the life of Park Young-Han (Lee Je-Hoon), who is a passionate detective from Hwangcheon. He is outraged by the rampant violation of human dignity he encounters in his field of work. Struggling to cope with this reality, he joins forces with fellow detectives at the Jongnam Police Station in Seoul. Determined to uphold justice, they navigate the complexities of crime and corruption plaguing their city. Alongside his colleagues, Young-Han also dives into the depths of Seoul’s underworld, confronting his demons while fighting for the rights of the innocent.

‘Chief Detective 1958’ is set to air on MBC every Friday and Saturday.


Which K-Drama are you most excited about?

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