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Kim Ji-Won’s Fashion As Hong Hae-In In The K-Drama ‘Queen Of Tears’ Episodes 3-4

Queen Of Tears Fashion - Kim Ji-Won - Episodes 3-4

‘Queen of Tears’ is a certified smash hit as the K-drama generated the most buzz this week, catapulting it into the number 1 position in the ratings race. The tVN show has just released its fourth episode, and audiences were shocked when it was revealed that Kim Ji-Won‘s character, Hong Hae-In, suffered a pregnancy loss. 

Meanwhile, the lead actress continues to amaze with her plethora of stunning looks as she undeniably has perfected the art of luxury dressing. Here’s a rundown of Kim Ji-Won’s most impressive ensembles in episodes 3 to 4. 

Kim Ji-Won's Fashion in Korean Drama 'Queen Of Tears' Episodes 3-4

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Kim Ji-Won’s Fashion in the K-Drama ‘Queen of Tears’ Episodes 3-4

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Look #1

Ji-Won adds a sophisticated touch to her blue jeans with this yellow gingham tweed jacket from Veronica Beard.

Byrne Gingham Tweed Jacket


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  1. Byrne Gingham Tweed Jacket

Look #2

She emphasizes her amazing proportions by donning this sequined cotton tweed playsuit by Soonil. The star accessorized her look with the Bing 100 pumps from Jimmy Choo.

Queen Of Tears Kdrama Fashion - Kim Ji-Won - Episode 3-2
Queen Of Tears Kdrama Fashion - Kim Ji-Won - Episode 3-2



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Bing 100 Pumps


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  1. Playsuit
  2. Bing 100 Pumps

Look #3

The actress looks sharp and in charge in this leather-trimmed ivory linen-canvas trench coat from Chloe and a pair of onyx Opera Tulle earrings from Buccellati.

Leather-trimmed Trench Coat


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Opera Tulle Earrings


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  2. Opera Tulle Earrings

Look #4

She’s serving aristocratic vibes with this tweed cropped jacket from Saint Laurent worn over a silk blouse from the same brand. Ji-Won enhanced her outfit with a black handbag from Delvaux, vintage peridot drop earrings from Diamomo.

Queen Of Tears Kdrama Fashion - Kim Ji-Won - Episode 3-4

Tweed Cropped Jacket


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Lavallière Silk Blouse


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Brillant MM In Box Calf


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Vintage Peridot Drop Earring


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  1. Tweed Cropped Jacket
  2. Lavallière Silk Blouse
  3. Brillant MM In Box Calf
  4. Vintage Peridot Drop Earring

Look #5

Ji-Won exudes modern elegance in this double-breasted tweed jacket from Balmain, 18-karat rose gold Clash de Cartier earrings from Cartier, and patent leather pumps from Roger Vivier

Queen Of Tears Kdrama Fashion - Kim Ji-Won - Episode 3-5

Double-breasted Tweed Jacket


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Trompette Metal Buckle Pumps


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Clash De Cartier Earrings


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  1. Double-breasted Tweed Jacket
  2. Trompette Metal Buckle Pumps
  3. Clash De Cartier Earrings

Look #6

Lounging around the house never looked this good as the star dons this plush Mood Indigo velour robe from Snappy Cuddle.

Mood Indigo Robe


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  1. Mood Indigo Robe

Look #7

She’s preppy and pretty as she pairs wide-legged trousers and heels with this 4-bar color block wool cardigan from Thom Browne.

4-Bar Colorblock Wool Cardigan


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  1. 4-Bar Colorblock Wool Cardigan

Look #8

The lead actress is every bit professional in this black suit paired with the small top-handle bag from Salvatore Ferragamo. She adds an unexpected element to her outfit with this low-top crystal-embellished mesh and leather sneakers from Roger Vivier.

Small Iconic Top Handle Bag


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Viv Run Slip-on Sneakers


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Look #9

She’s putting a luxe twist to the denim-on-denim look with this deep navy contrast-stitch silk shirt and matching silk trousers, both from Claudie Pierlot

Contrast-stitch Silk Shirt


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Silk Trousers


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  2. Silk Trousers

Look #10

Ji-Won looks drop-dead gorgeous in this snakeskin jacket and python-print midi skirt, both from Veronica Beard. She accessorized with extra large link earrings from Tiffany & Co.

Fulham Snakeskin Jacket


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Kaliyah Python-print Midi Skirt


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Extra Large Link Earrings


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Look #11

She skillfully adds texture and interest to a basic ensemble with this jacquard pencil skirt from Rochas.

Jacquard Pencil Skirt


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  1. Jacquard Pencil Skirt

Look #12

The actress stands out in this silk double-tailored white jacket and silk straight-line pants, both from Avouavou. Ji-Won enhanced this neutral outfit with a pair of white leather pumps from Guiseppe Zanotti and a white leather Brilliant MM handbag from Delvaux. 

Queen Of Tears Kdrama Fashion - Kim Ji-Won - Episode 4-7
Queen Of Tears Kdrama Fashion - Kim Ji-Won - Episode 4-7

Silk Double Tailored Jacket


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Silk Straight Line Pants


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Virgyn Leather Pumps


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Brillant MM Bag


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  1. Silk Double Tailored Jacket
  2. Silk Straight Line Pants
  3. Virgyn Leather Pumps
  4. Brillant MM Bag

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