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TXT’s Famed Airport Fashion Was On Full Display During Their Departure To Japan

230630 TXT Fashion - Incheon Airport

TXT are kick-starting the summer by holding their first-ever dome concert in Japan. In the coming days, the group will be performing at the Kyocera Dome in Osaka.

On 30th June, TXT departed for Japan from the Incheon Airport, one looking more stylish than the other. So, don’t miss out on their outfit choices for the trip below.

TXT’s Outfits at the Incheon Airport on June 30, 2023

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Soobin made a memorable entrance in a satin white shirt paired with black tencel denim pants, both from Maison MIHARA YASUHIRO. The simple outfit is perfectly made for summer.

Satin Shirt


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Tencel Denim Pants


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  2. Tencel Denim Pants


Yeonjun had some fun with his vibrantly cheerful look from EGONlab, wearing an illustration-print short-sleeve shirt with a wrapped denim skirt over ripped flared wide-leg jeans. The eccentric pick was made complete with a large leather bag from TOD’S.

Illustration-print Shirt


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Wrapped Denim Skirt


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Ripped Flared Wide-leg Jeans


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Di Bag


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  2. Wrapped Denim Skirt
  3. Ripped Flared Wide-leg Jeans
  4. Di Bag


Taehyun put together a striking outfit by combining a gray ‘Saint Evil Spirit’ printed long-sleeve T-shirt from Saint Michael with a matching cotton vest jacket from GALLERY DEPT. He also carried a hardware large tote bag from Balenciaga to complete the look.

Logan Cotton Vest Jacket


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Saint Evil Spirit Printed T-shirt


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Hardware Large Tote Bag


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As for Beomgyu, he was quite the fashion icon in a beige sports jacket from MM6 Maison Margiela styled with a simple logo-print cotton T-shirt from the same brand. He rocked a pair of buffed leather DR. MARTENS ankle boots in white to go with his white pants.

Sports Jacket


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Logo-print Cotton T-shirt


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White 1460 Ankle Boots


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Huening Kai

In the final look, we have Huening Kai dressed in a denim ‘Saint Tears’ clown t-shirt from Saint Michael while carrying a black backpack from CONVERSE‘s Keith Haring Edition backpack.

Denim Tears Clown T-shirt


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Keith Haring Edition Go 2 Backpack


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