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Moon Ga-Young’s Fashion As Im Ju-Gyeong In K-Drama ‘True Beauty’ Episodes 5-6

True Beauty Fashion - Moon Ga-Young - Episodes 5-6

True Beauty’, with only a few episodes in, has already gained a special place in our hearts! We’re particularly in love with Moon Ga-Young’s well-picked fashion in this show, so let’s continue with the mission we started and break down all of her outfits in both episodes 5 and 6.

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Moon Ga-Young's Fashion in Korean Drama True Beauty Episodes 5-6

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Moon Ga-Young’s Fashion in Episodes 5-6 of K-drama ‘True Beauty’

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Look #1

Ga-Young reached the height of comfort when she paired a beige sweatshirt with pink sweatpants from BLUR1.0.

BB Patch Sweatshirt


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B Pink Sweat Pants


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  1. BB Patch Sweatshirt
  2. B Pink Sweat Pants

Look #2

When Ga-Young decides to dress up, she does it the right way. She really shined in Polo Ralph Lauren’s cable knit cardigan styled with CONVERSE‘s red sneakers.

Cable Knit Cardigan


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Red Chuck 70 Low Sneakers


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  1. Cable Knit Cardigan
  2. Red Chuck 70 Low Sneakers

Look #3

We suddenly found ourselves in heaven when we saw her use KIRSH’s round neck knit top as a base for her school uniform. 

Round Neck Knit


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  1. Round Neck Knit

Look #4

She looked gorgeous with minimal effort in her long-sleeve boyfriend cropped tee from Champion.

Long-Sleeve Cropped Tee


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  1. Long-Sleeve Cropped Tee

Look #5

She pulled off yet another effortlessly cute look thanks to her mint Be Nice sweatshirt from PLAC.

True Beauty Kdrama Fashion - Moon Ga-Young - Episode 5-5

Be Nice Logo Artwork Sweatshirt


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  1. Be Nice Logo Artwork Sweatshirt

Look #6

It’s unusual to spot Ga-Young in a classic blazer, so enjoy your eyes while you can with her in AND YOU’s pocket blazer.

True Beauty Kdrama Fashion - Moon Ga-Young - Episode 5-6

Banpo Out Pocket Blazer


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  1. Banpo Out Pocket Blazer

Look #7

Ga-Young showed us her true beauty in this super stylish feminine look, which featured MAJE’s contrast-trim cardigan, JOY GRYSON’s Mago crossbody bag, and ROGER VIVIER’s loafers.

Contrast-trim Knitted Cardigan


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Mago Crossbody Bag


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Tres Vivier Patent Leather Loafer


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  1. Contrast-trim Knitted Cardigan
  2. Mago Crossbody Bag
  3. Tres Vivier Patent Leather Loafer

Look #8

From fab to nerdy, well, at least she kept her style with this balloon sleeve sweatshirt from ON&ON.

True Beauty Kdrama Fashion - Moon Ga-Young - Episode 6-1

Balloon Sleeve Sweatshirt


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  1. Balloon Sleeve Sweatshirt

Look #9

Looking pretty as ever, Ga-Young proved that her camellia flower sweater by AND YOU deserves a place in our wardrobe. 

Camellia Cable Flower Sweater


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  1. Camellia Cable Flower Sweater

Look #10

Ga-Young in comfy sets is always a win. She donned a pastel blue sweatshirt and sweatpants, both by INSTANTFUNK.

Standard Logo Sweatshirt


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Standard Sweatpants


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  2. Standard Sweatpants

Look #11

She nailed it when she layered Isabel Marant’s logo print hoodie with a checked jacket from the same brand.

True Beauty Kdrama Fashion - Moon Ga-Young - Episode 6-4

Gastoni Checked Shirt Jacket


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Logo Print Hoodie


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Look #12

Ga-Young looked super-duper stunning in this particular outfit. To look this perfect, she opted for a set of pink denim jacket and denim skirts from 5252BYO!OI, a pair of Viv Ranger Chelsea boots from ROGER VIVIER, and a bright blue backpack from EMIS.

Hood Denim Crop Jacket


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Stitch Point Denim Skirt


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Viv Ranger Chelsea Boots


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  3. Back-pack
  4. Viv Ranger Chelsea Boots

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