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Kim Ji-Won’s Fashion As Hong Hae-In In The K-Drama ‘Queen Of Tears’ Episodes 7-8

Queen Of Tears Fashion - Kim Ji-Won - Episodes 7-8

‘Queen of Tears’ just keeps getting better and better as new revelations and surprising cameos have boosted the show’s ratings to new heights. In the latest episode, Song Joong-Ki reprised his role as legendary attorney Vincenzo Cassano and the lawyer was hired by Hong Hae-In (Kim Ji-Won) to represent her in divorce proceedings against Baek Hyun-Woo (Kim Soo-Hyun). However, the couple’s undeniable love for each other seemingly hints that the divorce may not go through, and fans can’t wait to see what happens next in the tvN K-drama.

Meanwhile, the lead actress’s wardrobe has the Internet and international media abuzz as Ji-Won sports luxurious and highly covetable ensembles and accessories for the show. Here’s a look back at some of Kim Ji-Won‘s best looks as Hong Hae-In in episodes 7 to 8.

Kim Ji-Won's Fashion in Korean Drama 'Queen Of Tears' Episodes 7-8

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Kim Ji-Won’s Fashion in the K-Drama ‘Queen of Tears’ Episodes 7-8

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Look #1

Ji-Won adds a preppy touch to her airport look with this argyle-check merino vest from AMI Paris and the Manhattan shoulder bag from Saint Laurent.

Argyle-check Merino Vest


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Manhattan Shoulder Bag


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  1. Argyle-check Merino Vest
  2. Manhattan Shoulder Bag

Look #2

She’s perfectly chic in a devore-effect bow tie blouse from Versace

Devoré-effect Pussy-bow Blouse


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  1. Devoré-effect Pussy-bow Blouse

Look #3

She’s dressed to kill in a fiery red dress paired with a matching double-breasted wool blazer from Balmain, finished with a pair of tabasco-red pumps from Gianvito Rossi and a crimson Rockstud leather handbag from Valentino. And as expected, Ji-Won is absolutely dripping in bling as she donned a Serpenti Viper 18-carat rose gold and diamond necklace, rose gold Serpenti Viper earrings, and a yellow gold and diamond Serpenti Viper bracelet, all from Bvlgari

Queen Of Tears Kdrama Fashion - Kim Ji-Won - Episode 7-3
Queen Of Tears Kdrama Fashion - Kim Ji-Won - Episode 7-3

Double-breasted Wool Blazer


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Serpenti Viper Earrings


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Serpenti Viper Necklace


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Serpenti Viper Bracelet


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Montecarlo d'Orsay Pumps


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Rockstud Leather Handbag


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  1. Double-breasted Wool Blazer
  2. Serpenti Viper Earrings
  3. Serpenti Viper Necklace
  4. Serpenti Viper Bracelet
  5. Montecarlo d'Orsay Pumps
  6. Rockstud Leather Handbag

Look #4

The star is cool and classy in a blue self-tie crepe texture silk shirt, long-sleeve jacket, mini skirt, and Vlogo earrings, all from Valentino.

Queen Of Tears Kdrama Fashion - Kim Ji-Won - Episode 7-4

Tweed Party Long-sleeve Jacket


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Self-tie Silk Shirt


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Tweed Party Miniskirt


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Vlogo Earrings


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  1. Tweed Party Long-sleeve Jacket
  2. Self-tie Silk Shirt
  3. Tweed Party Miniskirt
  4. Vlogo Earrings

Look #5

She embodies understated elegance in this white wrap-style V-neck dress from Self-Portrait.

Wrap-style V-neck Dress


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  1. Wrap-style V-neck Dress

Look #6

Ji-Won adds interest to a pair of basic black trousers by wearing it with a pearl-encrusted crop jacket from Avouavou and an embellished VSling mini top handle bag from Valentino.

Queen Of Tears Kdrama Fashion - Kim Ji-Won - Episode 7-6

Crepe Pearl Crop Jacket
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Embellished VSLING Mini Bag


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  1. Crepe Pearl Crop Jacket
  2. Embellished VSLING Mini Bag

Look #7

She’s pretty and put together in an off-white mini skirt paired with a matching single-breasted tweed jacket from Soonil.

Single Breasted Tweed Jacket


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  1. Single Breasted Tweed Jacket

Look #8

The actress looks sweetly feminine in a handwoven rainbow tweed mini dress from Soonil, a pair of suede I Love Vivier wine-colored pumps from Roger Vivier, a cherry red mini Lady Dior bag from Christian Dior, and Eclat pink gold and diamond earrings from Maison Korloff.

Rainbow Tweed Mini Dress


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Eclat Earrings Medium Model


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Mini Lady Dior Bag


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Suede I Love Vivier Pump


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  1. Rainbow Tweed Mini Dress
  2. Eclat Earrings Medium Model
  3. Mini Lady Dior Bag
  4. Suede I Love Vivier Pump

Look #9

She’s fierce yet ladylike in this bright pink button-embellished knitted cardigan and matching button-embellished knitted midi skirt, both from Balmain. She accessorized with a black Iconic top handle bag from Salvatore Ferragamo.

Queen Of Tears Kdrama Fashion - Kim Ji-Won - Episode 8-2

Button-embossed Knitted Cardigan


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Button-embellished Skirt


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Iconic Top Handle Bag


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  1. Button-embossed Knitted Cardigan
  2. Button-embellished Skirt
  3. Iconic Top Handle Bag

Look #10

Ji-Won stands out from the crowd in a Skater cotton poplin mini shirt dress, openwork corset belt, and Mina 20 vienne circulaire beige leather tote bag, all from Alaia

Skater Mini Shirt Dress


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Beige Tote Bag


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Openwork Corset Belt


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  1. Skater Mini Shirt Dress
  2. Beige Tote Bag
  3. Openwork Corset Belt

Look #11

She’s a master of power dressing in this black and white crepe couture mini dress, wool and silk Valentie tie, and Loco small shoulder bag, all from Valentino.

Queen Of Tears Kdrama Fashion - Kim Ji-Won - Episode 8-4

Crepe Couture Minidress


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Valentie Tie


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Locò Small Shoulder Bag


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  1. Crepe Couture Minidress
  2. Valentie Tie
  3. Locò Small Shoulder Bag

Look #12

She’s effortlessly gorgeous in this beige clean-cut fitted jacket and matching maxi skirt, both from Salvatore Ferragamo.

Fitted Jacket
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Maxi Skirt
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  1. Fitted Jacket
  2. Maxi Skirt

Look #13

She’s casual yet on trend in this sequin-embellished denim jacket from Valentino.

Sequin-embellished Denim Shirt


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  1. Sequin-embellished Denim Shirt

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