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Moon Ga-Young’s Fashion As Im Ju-Gyeong In K-Drama ‘True Beauty’ Episodes 7-8

Warning: This article contains cute outfits that are definitely suitable for everyone!

True Beauty Fashion - Moon Ga-Young - Episodes 7-8

Here we are again, breaking down your favorite looks of Moon Ga-Young’s from the smash hit K-drama, ‘True Beauty’. From cozy combinations to chic ensembles, our girl Ga-Young can wear whatever she wants and still look like a true beauty.

Don’t believe us? Then you may want to check out these stunning outfits of hers in episodes 7 and 8!

Moon Ga-Young's Fashion in Korean Drama True Beauty Episodes 7-8

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Moon Ga-Young’s Fashion in Episodes 7-8 of K-drama ‘True Beauty’

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Look #1

Ga-Young is always an eye-catcher in her school uniform. This time, she looked stunning when she paired this unbalanced ribbed cardigan from ON&ON with the Vittore mini hoop earrings from Swarovski.

Unbalanced Ribbed Cardigan


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Vittore Mini Hoop Earrings


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  1. Unbalanced Ribbed Cardigan
  2. Vittore Mini Hoop Earrings

Look #2 

Nothing is more adorable to watch than Ga-Young in a cute, comfy outfit. To pull this look off, she went for a beige sweatshirt from EcommaE and a pair of gray sweatpants from INSTANTFUNK.

True Beauty Kdrama Fashion - Moon Ga-Young - Episode 7-2

Love,E Sweat-shirt


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Standard Sweat Pants


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  1. Love,E Sweat-shirt
  2. Standard Sweat Pants

Look #3

She blew us away in episode 7 when she wore this cropped cardigan by POLO RALPH LAUREN.

Cable-knit Cropped Cardigan


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  1. Cable-knit Cropped Cardigan

Look #4

Here’s a cute, casual outfit to copy from Ga-Young herself. For this look, you’re going to need an orange knit top from EN OR, sky blue bootcut jeans from INSTANTFUNK, and the Sierra shoulder bag from JOY GRYSON.

Blend Knit Top


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Bootcut 01


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Sierra Shoulder Bag


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  1. Blend Knit Top
  2. Bootcut 01
  3. Sierra Shoulder Bag

Look #5

True Beauty Fashion - Moon Ga-Young - Episode 7-5

Cashmere Knit Cardigan


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  1. Cashmere Knit Cardigan

Look #6

Her cute looks seem like they never end! She used MAISONMARAIS’s khaki jacket as a key piece for this sweet ensemble. And what better way to top everything off other than GETMEBLING‘s black swan pin?

No Collar Wool Jacket


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Black Swan_Pin 02


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  1. No Collar Wool Jacket
  2. Black Swan_Pin 02

Look #7

Ga-Young switched to vintage classics with a mint coat by VOCAVACA, which she coupled with a stylish pair of Roger Vivier Viv’ Rangers loafers. She once again went for JOY GRYSON’s Sierra shoulder bag, but looking this fashionable, no one could blame her!

Merry Double-breasted Coat


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Sierra Shoulder Bag


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Tres Vivier Patent Leather Loafers


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  1. Merry Double-breasted Coat
  2. Sierra Shoulder Bag
  3. Tres Vivier Patent Leather Loafers

Look #8

You know it’s Ga-Young when she slips into some comfy set. This time, she went for vvplement’s Weekend sweatshirts and sweatpants.

Weekend Sweat Sweatshirts


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Weekend Jogger Pants


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  1. Weekend Sweat Sweatshirts
  2. Weekend Jogger Pants

Look #9

Keeping it chic and casual, Ga-Young donned a denim jacket from Levi’s. Of course, since it’s a school trip, she’s equipped with Mulberry’s City Weekender luggage bag and wearing her beige backpack from EMIS.

Ex-boyfriend Denim Trucker Jacket


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City Weekender Luggage bag


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  1. Ex-boyfriend Denim Trucker Jacket
  2. Backpack
  3. City Weekender Luggage bag

Look #10

Admit it! We all have our eyes on this Ga-Young-approved jumper by ON&ON.

Piping Color Matching Jumper


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  1. Piping Color Matching Jumper

Look #11

True Beauty Kdrama Fashion - Moon Ga-Young - Episode 8-4

Mohair Gradation Cardigan


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Mago Crossbody Bag


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  1. Mohair Gradation Cardigan
  2. Mago Crossbody Bag

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