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Kim Hye-Yoon’s Fashion As Im Sol In The K-Drama ‘Lovely Runner’ Episodes 1-4

Lovely Runner Fashion - Kim Hye-Yoon - Episodes 1-4

In the heart-touching time slip drama ‘Lovely Runner’, Byeon Woo-Seok and Kim Hye-Yoon star as an ill-fated idol and an ardent fan. The story unfolds with tragic happenings that ultimately send Im Sol back in time to change the course of events. Kim Hye-Yoon perfectly captures the good-natured positivity of Im Sol in the face of hardship.

While we wait for the drama’s next episode, here is a breakdown of her fashion choices from the first four episodes.

Kim Hye-Yoon's Fashion in Korean Drama 'Lovely Runner' Episodes 1-4

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Kim Hye-Yoon’s Fashion in the K-Drama ‘Lovely Runner’ Episodes 1-4

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Look #1

Hye-Yoon wore this light warm soft top in ivory from GBH APPAREL in the first episode, the look is a delicately comfortable one.

Light Warm Soft Top


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  1. Light Warm Soft Top

Look #2

She sported a pair of cute silver-blue glasses from Rimrock before going out in an outfit that featured a brown and ivory leather backpack from ROSA.K and a chain pendant from ROAJU.

Pairing EP1 N01


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Coco Backpack SM_IV


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R1044 Col.5


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  1. Pairing EP1 N01
  2. Coco Backpack SM_IV
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Look #3

Here, she lounged at home in a kitten ribbon print lime t-shirt from RONRON.

Kitten Ribbon T Shirt


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  1. Kitten Ribbon T Shirt

Look #4

In the next episode, Hye-Yoon stepped out in a pair of white Club C double shoes from Reebok.

Club C Double Geo Sneakers


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  1. Club C Double Geo Sneakers

Look #5

This pink and green stripe zip-up hoodie is from PARTIMENTO.

Stripe Zip-up Hoodie


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Look #6

She paired a simple white T-shirt with a green sleeveless strap one-piece dress from ROLAROLA for a pretty, summery look.

Sleeveless Strap One-piece


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  1. Sleeveless Strap One-piece

Look #7

Hye-Yoon also wore a light yellow puffed-sleeve sweater from RE RHEE for a casual look.

Puffed Sleeve Sweater


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  1. Puffed Sleeve Sweater

Look #8

She turned heads in a flower sleeveless dress from SALTANDCHOCOLATE styled with a white leather egg bag from METROCITY in episode 3.

Lovely Runner Kdrama Fashion - Kim Hye-Yoon - Episode 3-1
Lovely Runner Kdrama Fashion - Kim Hye-Yoon - Episode 3-1

Flower Sleeveless Dress


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Egg Bag


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  2. Egg Bag

Look #9

In episode 4, Hye-Yoon’s green tweed cardigan and bustier set from LETTER FROM MOON coordinated well with her blue high-rise jeans.

Tweed Cardigan + Bustier Set


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Look #10

This unisex plain logo polo shirt from WHO.A.U is quite the preppy look.

Unisex Plain Logo Polos


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