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Kim Ji-Won’s Fashion As Hong Hae-In In The K-Drama ‘Queen Of Tears’ Episodes 11-12

Queen Of Tears Fashion - Kim Ji-Won - Episodes 11-12

It’s another win for ‘Queen of Tears’ as the show has recently dethroned ‘Goblin’ as the second highest-rated drama in the history of tVN. With millions of viewers tuning in around the world, plus all the buzz surrounding the show, it’s predicted that the Kim Ji-Won and Kim Soo-Hyun starrer may even surpass ‘Crash Landing on You’ as the highest-rated drama on the network. 

Meanwhile, fans can’t get enough of Ji-Won’s looks as the actress is always dressed to the nines in luxurious outfits. Stylistas can’t help but be amazed as she keeps serving glam chaebol vibes in every episode, and the latest installments of the show are no exception. Here are some of Kim Ji-Won‘s most raved-about ensembles as Hong Hae-In in episodes 11 to 12. 

Kim Ji-Won's Fashion in Korean Drama 'Queen Of Tears' Episodes 11-12

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Kim Ji-Won’s Fashion in the K-Drama ‘Queen of Tears’ Episodes 11-12

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Look #1

How to make hospital pajamas look good? Take a leaf out of Ji-Won’s book and wear it with this contrast-stitching denim effect jacket in deep red from Barrie.

Contrast-stitching Jacket


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  1. Contrast-stitching Jacket

Look #2

She’s adorably soft and cozy in this striped oversized zip-up knitted sweater from Mudidi.

Queen Of Tears Kdrama Fashion - Kim Ji-Won - Episode 11-2

Stripe Overfit Zip-up Knit 004


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  1. Stripe Overfit Zip-up Knit 004

Look #3

The lead actress shows us how to wear muted colors as she expertly pairs black trousers with this fern green cashmere sweater under a matching cashmere cardigan, both from Miu Miu

Cashmere Knit Cardigan


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Fern Green Cashmere Sweater


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Look #4

Ji-Won slays in this black and white ensemble accessorized with the Nabi 01 square frame sunglasses from Gentle Monster.

Nabi 01 Square-frame Sunglasses


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Look #5

She exudes old money vibes in this gray open-front sweater from Recto paired with a gray embroidered velour mini skirt from Prada. Ji-Won finished her look with a pair of white gold and diamond Margherita earrings from Damiani and Tan-Go patent leather pumps from Valentino

Queen Of Tears Kdrama Fashion - Kim Ji-Won - Episode 12-1
Queen Of Tears Kdrama Fashion - Kim Ji-Won - Episode 12-1

Gray Open Front Sweater


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Embroidered Velour Midi Skirt


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Tan-go Patent Leather Pumps


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Margherita Earrings


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  2. Embroidered Velour Midi Skirt
  3. Tan-go Patent Leather Pumps
  4. Margherita Earrings

Look #6

The star looks sweet and delicate in a soft blue crewneck sweater from Acne Studios.

Blue Crewneck Sweater


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Look #7

She’s stylish and preppy in this blue and white striped shirt from Joy Gryson.

Striped Shirt


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Look #8

Ji-Won rocks an autumnal look as she dons this classic camel wool coat by Mudidi. 

Wool Classic Long Coat


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