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Kim Ji-Won’s Fashion As Hong Hae-In In The K-Drama ‘Queen Of Tears’ Episodes 1-2

Queen Of Tears Fashion - Kim Ji-Won - Episodes 1-2

‘Queen of Tears’ is off to a great start as the K-drama, starring Kim Ji-Won as Hong Hae-In and Kim Soo-Hyun as Baek Hyun-Woo, has fans in stitches right off the bat. The tVN show is being praised for its clever take on reversed gender roles, as well as its lead stars’ amazing performances. 

Fashion enthusiasts have also been quite taken by Ji-Won’s ensembles as she’s always dressed to the nines, as befitting of her chaebol heiress status. For some posh fashion inspo, take a look at some of Kim Ji-Won‘s best looks as Hong Hae-In in episodes 1 to 2.

Kim Ji-Won's Fashion in Korean Drama 'Queen Of Tears' Episodes 1-2

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Kim Ji-Won’s Fashion in the K-Drama ‘Queen of Tears’ Episodes 1-2

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Look #1

Ji-Won does a contemporary take on corporate wear with this black cut-out blazer dress from Alexander McQueen and a lipstick red Biker jeweled crossbody bag from the same brand. She added some sparkle to her look with the T1 open hoop earrings from Tiffany & Co

Cut-out Blazer Dress


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The Biker Jewelled Bag


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T1 Open Hoop Earrings


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  1. Cut-out Blazer Dress
  2. The Biker Jewelled Bag
  3. T1 Open Hoop Earrings

Look #2

She turns heads with this Barbie pink look wearing a scarf detail silk shirt, tweed A-line mini skirt tweed cropped jacket, and a small leather bag, all from Valentino

Glaze Tweed Light Jacket


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Scarf-detail Silk Shirt


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Tweed A-line Miniskirt


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Locò Small Leather Shoulder Bag


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  1. Glaze Tweed Light Jacket
  2. Scarf-detail Silk Shirt
  3. Tweed A-line Miniskirt
  4. Locò Small Leather Shoulder Bag

Look #3

She’s sultry and sassy in a red checkered sweater and a twisted check-print mini skirt from Nº21. She further enhanced the sexy vibe of her outfit with sheer black stockings and a pair of sky-high black heels from Christian Louboutin.

Twisted Check-print Mini Skirt


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Black Pigalle Follies Heels


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  1. Twisted Check-print Mini Skirt
  2. Black Pigalle Follies Heels

Look #4

Ji-Won means business in a gray notched lapel single-breasted blazer and matching cropped slim-leg trousers, both from Thom Browne. She infused some color into her neutral outfit with a pair of metallic purple heels from Gianvito Rossi and a diamond-encrusted watch with a lapiz blue leather strap from Piaget.

Single-breasted Blazer


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Cropped Slim Leg Trousers


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Gianvito Metallic Effect Pumps


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Possession Watch


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  1. Single-breasted Blazer
  2. Cropped Slim Leg Trousers
  3. Gianvito Metallic Effect Pumps
  4. Possession Watch

Look #5

She channels her inner schoolgirl with this plaid wool-blend tweed blazer from Ralph Lauren.

Plaid Wool-Blend Twill Blazer
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  1. Plaid Wool-Blend Twill Blazer

Look #6

The star is effortlessly chic in this tweed silk chiffon trim crop jacket and matching tweed volume flare skirt from Avouavou. She completed her look with the Serpenti Seduttori bracelet watch from Bvlgari

Crop Jacket


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Tweed Volume Flare Skirt


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Serpenti Seduttori Bracelet Watch


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  1. Crop Jacket
  2. Tweed Volume Flare Skirt
  3. Serpenti Seduttori Bracelet Watch

Look #7

The actress looks ready for romance in a voluminous cream skirt paired with a cream-colored jacket from Christian Dior and a black calfskin belt from the same brand. She finished her look with the I Love Vivier bow embellished pumps from Roger Vivier.

30 Montaigne Bar Jacket


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Saddle Belt


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Bow Embellished Pumps


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  1. 30 Montaigne Bar Jacket
  2. Saddle Belt
  3. Bow Embellished Pumps

Look #8

She’s serving chaebol glam in this eyelet embellished black wool jacket from Alexander McQueen worn over a white ruffled shirt.

Queen Of Tears Kdrama Fashion - Kim Ji-Won - Episode 1-8

Eyelet-embellished Wool Jacket


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  1. Eyelet-embellished Wool Jacket

Look #9

Ji-Won looks somber but still well put together in this black zip-embellished single-breasted blazer and zip-slash pencil skirt, both from Alexander McQueen.

Zip-embellished Blazer


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Zip-slash Pencil Skirt


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  1. Zip-embellished Blazer
  2. Zip-slash Pencil Skirt

Look #10

She exudes vintage flair in this three-piece cornflower blue pantsuit with a top handle bag from Salvatore Ferragamo.

Stephanie Double-breasted Blazer


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Coleridge Tailored Vest


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Vesta Straight-leg Pants


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Iconic Top Handle Bag


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  1. Stephanie Double-breasted Blazer
  2. Coleridge Tailored Vest
  3. Vesta Straight-leg Pants
  4. Iconic Top Handle Bag

Look #11

She’s a force to be reckoned with in this beige belted wool crepe jacket from Gucci and a rose gold Serpenti Viper pendant necklace from Bvlgari.

Belted Wool Crêpe Jacket


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Serpenti Viper Pendant Necklace


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  1. Belted Wool Crêpe Jacket
  2. Serpenti Viper Pendant Necklace

Look #12

The lead actress is a vision in red in this scarf-detail chiffon blouse and textured double crepe peacoat, both from Valentino Garavani. She also blinged out her look with the 18-karat rose gold Possession earrings and the Limelight Gala rose gold watch from Piaget.

Textured Double Crepe Peacoat


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Scarf-detail Chiffon Blouse


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Possession Earrings


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Limelight Gala Watch


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  1. Textured Double Crepe Peacoat
  2. Scarf-detail Chiffon Blouse
  3. Possession Earrings
  4. Limelight Gala Watch

Look #13

She’s rocking a monochrome look in this black cashmere sweater, bow-applique midi skirt, and a small shoulder bag, all from Valentino. She added some edge to her outfit with a pair of Nada 01 logo plaque sunglasses from Gentle Monster

Queen Of Tears Kdrama Fashion - Kim Ji-Won - Episode 2-4

Vlogo Cashmere Jumper


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Bow-appliqué Midi Skirt


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Small Locò Shoulder Bag


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Nada 01 Logo-plaque Sunglasses


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  1. Vlogo Cashmere Jumper
  2. Bow-appliqué Midi Skirt
  3. Small Locò Shoulder Bag
  4. Nada 01 Logo-plaque Sunglasses

Look #14

The star looks fresh and pristine in a white silk satin trim tweed cropped jacket and a matching tweed pencil skirt from Avouavou.

Tweed Crop Jacket


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Tweed Pencil Skirt


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  1. Tweed Crop Jacket
  2. Tweed Pencil Skirt

Look #15

She’s festive yet elegant in this Majolica-print maxi skirt and magenta cropped knit polo top, both from Dolce & Gabbana.

Queen Of Tears Kdrama Fashion - Kim Ji-Won - Episode 2-6

Cropped Knit Polo Top


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Majolica-print Maxi Skirt


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  1. Cropped Knit Polo Top
  2. Majolica-print Maxi Skirt

Look #16

Ji-Won elevates a classic pair of blue jeans with a striped lurex sweater, a double-breasted cream blazer, and a V sling handbag, all from Valentino Garavani. She accessorized with an 18-karat white gold Belle Epoque diamond necklace from Damiani.

Queen Of Tears Kdrama Fashion - Kim Ji-Won - Episode 2-7
Queen Of Tears Kdrama Fashion - Kim Ji-Won - Episode 2-7

Double-breasted Tweed Blazer


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Striped Lurex Jumper


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Belle Époque Diamond Necklace


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Small V Sling Handbag


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  1. Double-breasted Tweed Blazer
  2. Striped Lurex Jumper
  3. Belle Époque Diamond Necklace
  4. Small V Sling Handbag

Look #17

She’s the center of attention in this V-neck rhinestone embellished minidress from Balmain. Framing her face is a pair of art deco Eclat earrings from Maison Korloff.

Queen Of Tears Kdrama Fashion - Kim Ji-Won - Episode 2-8
Queen Of Tears Kdrama Fashion - Kim Ji-Won - Episode 2-8

Rhinestone-embellishment Minidress


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Eclat Earrings Medium Model


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  1. Rhinestone-embellishment Minidress
  2. Eclat Earrings Medium Model

Look #18

She’s the queen of power dressing in this iris-print double-breasted blazer paired with matching tailored trousers, both from Alexander McQueen. 

Iris Double-breasted Blazer


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Iris Print Tailored Trousers


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  1. Iris Double-breasted Blazer
  2. Iris Print Tailored Trousers

Look #19

No.5 Jacket


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  1. No.5 Jacket

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