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Sunmi Showcases Flirty Fashion In Her Comeback Music Video ‘You Can’t Sit With Us’

Sunmi You Can't Sit With Us MV Fashion

You know everything is phenomenal when Sunmi’s involved! She dropped her comeback music video ‘You Can’t Sit With Us’ on August 6. Not surprisingly, Sunmi stuck to her signature sound (Sunmipop). However, this particular MV hit harder than a lot of her songs. It’s new, refreshing, and upbeat for sure! She also did what she always does: blowing fans’ minds with her iconic fashion picks! 

With that being said, we’re about to show you each and every outfit this beauty had on during the entire music video. Ready to get impressed?

A Fashion Breakdown On Sunmi’s You Can't Sit With Us MV

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Sunmi’s ‘ You Can’t Sit With Us’ MV Fashion

Look #1

Her very first look in this MV was super-duper girly! She coupled a butterfly baby dress by O-Mighty with a Pond ring and a Tofu ring from YOUNGLY YOUNGLEY.

Butterfly Baby Dress


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Tofu Ring


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Pond Ring


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  1. Butterfly Baby Dress
  2. Tofu Ring
  3. Pond Ring

Look #2

This one combines sexy and girly. To blow us away, she wore a bikini top from Daze Dayz, a necklace from HEI, and a pair of large round hoops from Area.

Jolly Shirred Bikini Top


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Haze Pendant Necklace


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Large Classic Round Hoops


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  1. Jolly Shirred Bikini Top
  2. Haze Pendant Necklace
  3. Large Classic Round Hoops

Look #3

We loved how Sunmi looked both funky and pretty in O-mighty’s illusion collared dress and Gucci’s crystal interlocking G headband.

Sunmi You Can't Sit With Us MV Kpop Fashion - Look 3

ILLusion Collared Dress


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Crystal Interlocking G Headband


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  1. ILLusion Collared Dress
  2. Crystal Interlocking G Headband

Look #4

Sunmi pulled off this ‘bad boss’ look perfectly with the help of Gucci’s cat-eye frame sunglasses.

Cat-eye Frame Sunglasses


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  1. Cat-eye Frame Sunglasses

Look #5

If someone’s gonna slay in a school uniform, it has to be Sunmi! Her gorgeous look consisted of a white raglan shirt from CITYBREEZE, a tartan skirt from VIVIENNE WESTWOOD, slogan-print pin badges from Raf Simons, and these rings from J.LISA.

Raglan Slit Point Shirt


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Tartan Wool & Cotton Skirt


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The Rose Planet Ring 1


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The Rose Wave Ring


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Slogan-print Pin Badges


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  1. Raglan Slit Point Shirt
  2. Tartan Wool & Cotton Skirt
  3. The Rose Planet Ring 1
  4. The Rose Wave Ring
  5. Slogan-print Pin Badges

Look #6

She totally slayed in her crystal rope halter bra by Area!

Crystal Rope Halter Bra


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  1. Crystal Rope Halter Bra

Look #7

At the end of the MV, we spotted this beauty wearing a romantic floral dress with a white baby collar from Mukzin.

Floral Dress


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  1. Floral Dress

Look #8

Sunmi You Can't Sit With Us MV Kpop Fashion - Look 8

Hinata Skirt Set


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Glitter Sneakers


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  1. Hinata Skirt Set
  2. Glitter Sneakers

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