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ITZY Got Us Crazy In Love With Their Fashion In ‘LOCO’ Music Video

Get your snacks and drinks ready as we have a LOT of outfits to go through!


K-pop girl group ITZY just dropped a music video for ‘LOCO‘ as part of their first full-length album release and they got us all crazy in love! Aside from the song’s catchy tunes and their striking dance moves, the girls’ outfits are also what make this MV so unforgettable.

Featuring trendy elements for the upcoming Fall/Winter season like leather, plaids, patchwork denim, etc., their fashion in this comeback is totally worth looking into for some refreshing wardrobe inspirations. So, without further ado, here is our breakdown on ITZY‘s outfits in their ‘LOCO’ music video.

A Fashion Breakdown On ITZY's Loco MV

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ITZY’s ‘LOCO’ MV Fashion

Yeji’s Look #1

Yeji immediately caught our attention with her first look. Her heart cut-detail check blazer from AREA is such an interesting piece that we think is definitely a must-have. She styled it with the altered version of the brand’s matching check pants and a poodle corset from Ashley Williams.

ITZY LOCO MV Kpop Fashion - Yeji - Look 1-1

Heart Cut-detail Check Blazer


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Animal Poodle Corset


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Cut-detail Check Trousers


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  1. Heart Cut-detail Check Blazer
  2. Animal Poodle Corset
  3. Cut-detail Check Trousers

Yeji’s Look #2

This Natasha Zinko mix-print corset dress might be difficult to mix and match but Yeji did it perfectly with a pair of tied mesh tights from Nensi Dojaka.

ITZY LOCO MV Kpop Fashion - Yeji - Look 2-1

Mix-print Corset Dress


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Tied Mesh Tights


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  1. Mix-print Corset Dress
  2. Tied Mesh Tights

Yeji’s Look #3

The biker jacket is always on-trend when it comes to Fall/Winter. If you’re looking for a statement-making one, this rainbow-studded biker jacket from Philipp Plein might be a great option. Yeji matched it with a Balenciaga necklace.

ITZY LOCO MV Kpop Fashion - Yeji - Look 3-1

Rainbow-studded Biker Jacker


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Gourmette Choker Necklace


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  1. Rainbow-studded Biker Jacker
  2. Gourmette Choker Necklace

Ryujin’s Look #1

Spot this Heron Preston high-waisted cargo skirt on Ryujin at the beginning of the MV.

High-waisted Cargo Skirt


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Checkered Combat Boots


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  1. High-waisted Cargo Skirt
  2. Checkered Combat Boots

Ryujin’s Look #2

AU2 Lavender Gold


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  1. AU2 Lavender Gold

Ryujin’s Look #3

This ring-detail denim jacket from Philipp Plein that Ryujin wore is another must-have for this season.

ITZY LOCO MV Kpop Fashion - Ryujin - Look 3-1

Ring-detail Denim Jacket


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  1. Ring-detail Denim Jacket

Ryujin’s Look #4

Ryujin spiced up her printed white T-shirt with a crystal crochet flower top from AREA.

ITZY LOCO MV Kpop Fashion - Ryujin - Look 4-1

Crystal Crochet Flower Top


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  1. Crystal Crochet Flower Top

Ryujin’s Look #5

She radiates youthful energy with this Stella McCartney jumper cut into a fun crop top. Ryujin accessorized the outfit with John Hardy‘s hoop earrings and Dolls Kill‘s emerald knee-high boots.

ITZY LOCO MV Kpop Fashion - Ryujin - Look 5-1

Kind Intarsia Jumper


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Patent Knee High Boots


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Small Hoop Earrings


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  1. Kind Intarsia Jumper
  2. Patent Knee High Boots
  3. Small Hoop Earrings

Yuna’s Look #1

Yuna looks so sweet in this all-white outfit featuring a pair of strapped buckle booties from Sugar Thrillz and an embellished ear cuff from AREA.

ITZY LOCO MV Kpop Fashion - Yuna - Look 1-1

Embellished Ear Cuff


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Strapped Buckle Booties


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  1. Embellished Ear Cuff
  2. Strapped Buckle Booties

Yuna’s Look #2

For her hot pink look, Yuna picked a Balencia logo-print hoodie and matched it with the brand’s Hourglass mini bag as well as their socks and sneakers.

Logo-print Hoodie


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Hourglass Mini Bag


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BB Socks


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Track Lace-up Sneakers


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  1. Logo-print Hoodie
  2. Hourglass Mini Bag
  3. BB Socks
  4. Track Lace-up Sneakers

Yuna’s Look #3

Her third look consists of a vinyl mini dress from Giuseppe Di Morabito, fishnet cut-out tights from RUI, and platform boots from Lamoda. The outfit might be too much for a minor like Yuna but it’s undeniable that she looks gorgeous in it. What are your thoughts on this look of hers?

ITZY LOCO MV Kpop Fashion - Yuna - Look 3-1

Strapless Vinyl Mini Dress


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Fishnet Cut-out Tights


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Lace Up Platform Boots


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  1. Strapless Vinyl Mini Dress
  2. Fishnet Cut-out Tights
  3. Lace Up Platform Boots

Yuna’s Look #4

ITZY LOCO MV Kpop Fashion - Yuna - Look 4-1

Heart-appliqué Cut-out Vest


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Patchwork-design Jeans


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Suede Single Stack Boots


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  1. Heart-appliqué Cut-out Vest
  2. Patchwork-design Jeans
  3. Suede Single Stack Boots

Chaeryeong’s Look #1

We are absolutely in love with this hot pink feather mini dress from The Attico that Chaeryeong wore. Simply style it with a pair of high-heeled sandals and you’ll be the center of any parties.

ITZY LOCO MV Kpop Fashion - Chaeryeong - Look 1-1

Feather Mini Dress


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  1. Feather Mini Dress

Chaeryeong’s Look #2

She slayed the lady boss look with this knit blazer from Saint Laurent styled with AREA’s crystal choker.

Wool-blend Jersey Knit Blazer


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Baguette Crystal Fringe Choker


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  1. Wool-blend Jersey Knit Blazer
  2. Baguette Crystal Fringe Choker

Chaeryeong’s Look #3

ITZY LOCO MV Kpop Fashion - Chaeryeong - Look 3-1

Welcome Tour T-shirt


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Logo-print Bikini Top


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Flare Skirt


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  1. Welcome Tour T-shirt
  2. Logo-print Bikini Top
  3. Flare Skirt

Lia’s Look #1

The highlight of Lia‘s first look is this leopard-print cami dress from Philipp Plein. She wore it with JW Anderson‘s wraparound blazer and Aquazzura‘s sandals.

ITZY LOCO MV Kpop Fashion - Lia - Look 1-1

Cropped Wraparound Blazer


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Leopard-print Satin Cami Dress


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Sole Sandals


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  1. Cropped Wraparound Blazer
  2. Leopard-print Satin Cami Dress
  3. Sole Sandals

Lia’s Look #2

Corset Buttoned Top


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  1. Corset Buttoned Top

Lia’s Look #3

Another statement-making piece in this MV is the Fausto Puglisi leather dress with bow which Lia matched with a pair of hoop earrings from AREA.

Leather Mini Dress With Bow


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Classic Round Hoop Earrings


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  1. Leather Mini Dress With Bow
  2. Classic Round Hoop Earrings

Lia’s Look #4

The tartan check pattern is definitely in this season as we have spotted it on many K-stars these days. Lia also jumped on this bandwagon with her Vivienne Westwood tartan check blazer + skirt set.

Tartan-print Tailored Blazer


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Summer Tartan Check Kilt


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  1. Tartan-print Tailored Blazer
  2. Summer Tartan Check Kilt

Lia’s Look #5

Cropped Printed T-shirt


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Logo Trim Track Shorts


Buy from here
  1. Cropped Printed T-shirt
  2. Logo Trim Track Shorts

Lia’s Look #6

If you think hot pink is outdated, well, think again! So far, the girls of ITZY have proven that if you style it with the right pieces, you’ll end up with an eye-catching and outstanding outfit. For her look, Lia layered her hot pink mini dress from Rotate over a Raf Simons tank top making it a super chic ensemble.

Anita Ruffle Hem Minidress


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Sleeveless Tank Top


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  1. Anita Ruffle Hem Minidress
  2. Sleeveless Tank Top

Lia’s Look #7

Lia put an alluring spin on this grandma-styled cardigan from Stella McCartney with Burberry‘s denim corset top. On top of that, she added an interesting touch to the outfit with an Alexander McQueen scarf on her waist.

ITZY LOCO MV Kpop Fashion - Lia - Look 7-1

Floral Lace Cable Knit Cardigan


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Denim Corset Top


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Heart-motif Foulard


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  1. Floral Lace Cable Knit Cardigan
  2. Denim Corset Top
  3. Heart-motif Foulard

Whose outfits do you like best?

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  1. personally, i think yuna’s outfits are fine, the cut out from the side bodysuit is fine, a bit of skin from the midriff isnt sexual. and the short dress, i’ve seen plenty of 17yr olds wear dresses like that and ripped tights, it’s not sexual, and i think ppl need to stop judging women and girls so much for what they wear