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ZICO And Jennie Were A Charismatic Duo In Their Playfully Stylish Music Video For ‘SPOT!’

ZICO ft Jennie SPOT MV Fashion

ZICO and Jennie‘s highly anticipated collaboration track ‘SPOT!‘ turned out to be a chart-topping banger with a groovy, summery vibe. The music video further cemented the duo’s charismatic energies and showcased how well they complemented each other’s vocals.

Another highlight of the video was their stylish outfits and we simply had to find out more about their styles. So, check out the details below.

A Fashion Breakdown On Zico's Spot (feat. Jennie) MV

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ZICO Ft. Jennie’s ‘SPOT!’ MV Fashion

Zico’s Look #1

In the first look, Zico stood out in a green ‘Agape’ cropped printed appliquéd cotton-jersey sweatshirt from RRR123.

Cropped Printed Appliquéd Sweatshirt


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  1. Cropped Printed Appliquéd Sweatshirt

Zico’s Look #2

He opted for a sparkle knitted cardigan from Supreme and went all out in a pair of Alaska logo applique boots from Balenciaga.

ZICO ft Jennie SPOT MV Kpop Fashion - Zico - Look 2

Sparkle Knitted Cardigan


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Alaska Logo-appliqué Boots


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  1. Sparkle Knitted Cardigan
  2. Alaska Logo-appliqué Boots

Zico’s Look #3

Zico’s brown dragon-print ripped sweatshirt from LIBERAL YOUTH MINISTRY caught our envy with its ruggedly suave look. He elevated the outfit with the cow print pony hair boots from MOON BOOT.

Dragon-print Ripped Sweatshirt


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Icon Low No Lace Pony Boots


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  1. Dragon-print Ripped Sweatshirt
  2. Icon Low No Lace Pony Boots

Jennie’s Look #1

As for Jennie, she oozed confidence in an effortlessly trendy look that featured a white bolero blouse from Ojos with Adidas Originals red and white sneakers. Her Vivienne Westwood orb safety-pin pearl necklace neatly tied everything together.

ZICO ft Jennie SPOT MV Kpop Fashion - Jennie - Look 1

Irene Bolero Blouse


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Orb Safety-pin Pearl Necklace


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Handball Spezial Sneakers


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  1. Irene Bolero Blouse
  2. Orb Safety-pin Pearl Necklace
  3. Handball Spezial Sneakers

Jennie’s Look #2

She then wore a logo-appliqué cropped top from Undercover, at times sporting a logo-embroidered black gothic nylon cap from LMC to go with the ensemble.

ZICO ft Jennie SPOT MV Kpop Fashion - Jennie - Look 2
ZICO ft Jennie SPOT MV Kpop Fashion - Jennie - Look 2

Logo-appliqué Cropped Top


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Gothic Nylon 6-panel Cap


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  1. Logo-appliqué Cropped Top
  2. Gothic Nylon 6-panel Cap

Jennie’s Look #3

For a preppy and chic look, Jennie paired a green and black rib knit striped polo shirt from VAQUERA with a black balloon mini skirt from SAYSRA.

Black & Green Printed Polo


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Balloon Mini Skirt


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  1. Black & Green Printed Polo
  2. Balloon Mini Skirt

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