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STRAY KIDS Came Back With Unpredictable Fashion Choices In The Chaotic Music Video For ‘S-Class’

The boys left everyone in awe with their unpredictable styles.

STRAY KIDS S-Class MV Fashion

STRAY KIDS are finally back with their 3rd full-length album ‘5-Star’. Known for their experimental electronic hip-hop music, the group remained faithful to their signature sound in the title track ‘S-Class’. The song and its accompanying music video are a roller coaster of sensory and visual chaos with no sign of slowing down.

Without much doubt, the same goes for their fashion choices in the video as the boys left everyone in awe with their unpredictable styles. So, let’s dive straight into their world of surprising outfits.

A Fashion Breakdown On STRAY KIDS' S-Class MV

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STRAY KIDS’ ‘S-Class’ MV Fashion

Hyunjin’s Look #1

In the first look, we have Hyunjin in a dark green rear tie-fastening bomber jacket from Undercover, a logo-print long-sleeve t-shirt from Versace, and indigo pearl decoration jeans from DOUBLET. It all came together to make a stunning street casual look.

STRAY KIDS S-Class MV Kpop Fashion - Hyunjin - Look 1-1

Tie-fastening Bomber Jacket


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Logo-print Long-sleeve T-shirt


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Indigo Pearl Decoration Jeans


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  1. Tie-fastening Bomber Jacket
  2. Logo-print Long-sleeve T-shirt
  3. Indigo Pearl Decoration Jeans

Hyunjin’s Look #2

He then changed into a black tank top from Versace worn over a white dress shirt, complete with a black tie to accentuate the contrast.

Greca Key Top


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  1. Greca Key Top

Hyunjin’s Look #3

Hyunjin rocked a brown sweatshirt and sweatpants combo with a Versace Goddess-print T-shirt and a Barocco print silk scarf, also from Versace, to go with it. For footwear, he chose a pair of dunk low “pine green” sneakers by Nike X Off-White.



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Barocco Silk Scarf


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Dunk Low “Pine Green” Sneakers


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  1. T-shirt
  2. Barocco Silk Scarf
  3. Dunk Low “Pine Green” Sneakers

Hyunjin’s Look #4

Here, he sported an off-white spray orb T-shirt from VIVIENNE WESTWOOD and hi-top leather sneakers from Rick Owens to complete his faux fur jacket and ripped denim outfit. 

Off-White Spray Orb T-Shirt


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Geobasket Hi-top Leather Sneakers


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  1. Off-White Spray Orb T-Shirt
  2. Geobasket Hi-top Leather Sneakers

I.N’s Look #1

I.N looked rather dashing in a black digi bomber jacket from WHO DECIDES WAR, a logo-print crew neck T-shirt from Marni, and contrasting-detail wide-leg trousers from AMBUSH.

Black Digi Bomber Jacket


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Logo-print Crew Neck T-shirt


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Contrasting-detail Trousers


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  1. Black Digi Bomber Jacket
  2. Logo-print Crew Neck T-shirt
  3. Contrasting-detail Trousers

I.N’s Look #2

The standout items from his comfy fit were the side strap white T-shirt from Louis Vuitton and Nike dunk low Halloween sneakers.

Side Strap T-Shirt


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Dunk Low PRM Halloween (2021)


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  1. Side Strap T-Shirt
  2. Dunk Low PRM Halloween (2021)

I.N’s Look #3

I.N’s outfit here is reminiscent of the biker aesthetic style with its blue paneled faux-leather jacket from MOWALOLA worn over an exciting barcode-print white T-shirt from VTMNTS.

Paneled Faux-Leather Jacket


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Barcode-print Cotton T-shirt


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  1. Paneled Faux-Leather Jacket
  2. Barcode-print Cotton T-shirt

Bang Chan’s Look #1

Bang Chan, on the other hand, went all out with his eyelet leather-trim sweater from ALEXANDER MCQUEEN paired with distressed straight-leg jeans from JW Anderson.

Eyelet Leather-trim Sweater


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Distressed Straight-leg Jeans


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  1. Eyelet Leather-trim Sweater
  2. Distressed Straight-leg Jeans

Bang Chan’s Look #2

His next look features a raw-cut denim tank top from Raf Simons with a sleeveless white collar T-shirt peeking from underneath.

Raw-cut Denim Tank Top


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  1. Raw-cut Denim Tank Top

Felix’s Look #1

Felix may just as well be on a runway for camp outfits with his shorts styled with a dark red logo-print hooded coat from Undercoverism and a crystal-embellished logo-print jersey T-shirt from CELINE.

STRAY KIDS S-Class MV Kpop Fashion - Felix - Look 1-1

Logo-print Hooded Coat


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Logo-Print T-Shirt


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  1. Logo-print Hooded Coat
  2. Logo-Print T-Shirt

Felix’s Look #2

He opted for an athleisure Saint Laurent ensemble that consisted of a logo-print textured hoodie, crepe satin sweatpants, and a sporty striped headband with matching wristbands.

Logo-print Textured Hoodie


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Crepe Satin Sweatpants


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Logo Cotton-blend Terry Headband


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Striped Cotton Wristbands


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  1. Logo-print Textured Hoodie
  2. Crepe Satin Sweatpants
  3. Logo Cotton-blend Terry Headband
  4. Striped Cotton Wristbands

Felix’s Look #3

In another look, Felix wore a V-neck sweater from Prada with painted-print straight-leg jeans from HELIOT EMIL and black army abstract boots from RICK OWENS.

Shetland Wool V-Neck Sweater


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Painted-print Straight-leg Jeans


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Black Army Abstract Boots


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  1. Shetland Wool V-Neck Sweater
  2. Painted-print Straight-leg Jeans
  3. Black Army Abstract Boots

Seungmin’s Look #1

Seungmin‘s oversized sequin-embellished mesh varsity T-shirt from CELINE and wide-leg denim jeans from Feng Chen Wang is a classic look that never goes out of style.

Sequin-Embellished T-Shirt


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Wide-leg Denim Jeans


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  1. Sequin-Embellished T-Shirt
  2. Wide-leg Denim Jeans

Seungmin’s Look #2

His fun outfit in this scene combines formal suit wear with severely ripped jeans, which is a staple of punk fashion. The zip-detailing cotton shirt from Undercover is the fine balance in between.

STRAY KIDS S-Class MV Kpop Fashion - Seungmin - Look 2-1

Zip-detailing Cotton Shirt


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  1. Zip-detailing Cotton Shirt

Seungmin’s Look #3

Seungmin was then spotted wearing a black and white varsity bomber jacket from BAPE with rainbow chenille lounge pants from PALM ANGELS and sneakers by Nike sacai x Jean Paul Gaultier.

Varsity Bomber Jacket


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Side Stripe Track Pants


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Vaporwaffle Sneakers


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  1. Varsity Bomber Jacket
  2. Side Stripe Track Pants
  3. Vaporwaffle Sneakers

Han’s Look #1

Han wore a Supreme New York tee in white and a logo-lettering baseball cap from Feng Chen Wang to complement his vibrant green jumpsuit.

New York Tee


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Logo-lettering Baseball Cap


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  1. New York Tee
  2. Logo-lettering Baseball Cap

Han’s Look #2

For this mixed-and-matched outfit, he got his charm-embellished blazer from Feng Chen Wang. 

STRAY KIDS S-Class MV Kpop Fashion - Han - Look 2-1

Charm-embellished Blazer


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  1. Charm-embellished Blazer

Han’s Look #3

Han’s adventurous outfit comprises a tactical brown feather vest by Supreme x WTAPS, star-motif track pants from Golden Goose, a black regenerated graphic T-shirt veil cap from MARINE SERRE, and Air Force sneakers by Nike x Stüssy.

Tactical Down-feather Vest


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Star-motif Track Pants


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Graphic T-Shirt Veil Cap


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Air Force 1 Mid Sneakers


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  1. Tactical Down-feather Vest
  2. Star-motif Track Pants
  3. Graphic T-Shirt Veil Cap
  4. Air Force 1 Mid Sneakers

Han’s Look #4

Han’s final look showcases a pretty blue bouclé cotton-blend cardigan from MAISON MARGIELA.

Bouclé Cotton-blend Cardigan


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  1. Bouclé Cotton-blend Cardigan

Changbin’s Look #1

Changbin was hard to miss in a neon yellow polyamide PRADA vest.

Heat-reactive Down-filled Vest


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  1. Heat-reactive Down-filled Vest

Changbin’s Look #2

Moreover, Changbin stood out the most in his metallic zebra-print jacket from Balmain styled with a logo-patch black tank top from Raf Simons and tie-dye wide-leg cargo trousers from Feng Chen Wang.

STRAY KIDS S-Class MV Kpop Fashion - Changbin - Look 2-1

Metallic Zebra-print Jacket


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Logo-patch Cotton Tank Top


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Tie-dye Wide-leg Cargo Trousers


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  1. Metallic Zebra-print Jacket
  2. Logo-patch Cotton Tank Top
  3. Tie-dye Wide-leg Cargo Trousers

Lee Know’s Look #1

In yet another hip-hop-inspired outfit, Lee Know wore buckle-detail track pants from 1017 ALYX 9SM, white curb sneakers from LANVIN, and a Booster CoEuropa baseball cap from Etudes.

Buckle-detail Track Pants


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Booster Coeuropa Cap


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White Curb Sneakers


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  1. Buckle-detail Track Pants
  2. Booster Coeuropa Cap
  3. White Curb Sneakers

Lee Know’s Look #2

The final showstopping dazzling look had Lee Know in jacquard crystal embellished jeans from Gucci.

Jacquard Crystal-embellished Jeans


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  1. Jacquard Crystal-embellished Jeans

Whose outfits do you like best?

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