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STRAY KIDS’ Long For Love In Confident Denim Ensembles In The ‘Lose My Breath’ Music Video

STRAY KIDS Lose My Breath MV Fashion

STRAY KIDS‘ just dropped their first official English-language single ‘Lose My Breath’ featuring Charlie Puth. The group strayed from their usual sound in this smooth R&B track elevated by Charlie Puth’s signature composition. The accompanying music video contains everything from explosions in the sky to sinking underwater, all in pursuit of love.

From a stylistic point of view, STRAY KIDS showcased various denim outfits in the video that rendered them effortlessly fashionable. Find out more below.

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STRAY KIDS’ ‘Lose My Breath’ MV Fashion

Bang Chan’s Look

Bang Chan sported a black ‘t-lifty-d’ tank top from Diesel that accentuated his fit physique.

STRAY KIDS Lose My Breath MV Kpop Fashion - Bang Chan - Look 1-2

T-lifty-d’ Tank Top


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#7715 Silver92.5 Earring


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  1. T-lifty-d’ Tank Top
  2. #7715 Silver92.5 Earring

Han’s Look

Han combined a red logo-patch distressed zipped-up hoodie from Alexander Wang with graphic print third-cut jeans in blue from OUR LEGACY for a relaxed, vintage-inspired look.

Distressed Zipped-up Hoodie


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Blue Third Cut Jeans


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  1. Distressed Zipped-up Hoodie
  2. Blue Third Cut Jeans

Seungmin’s Look #1

Seungmin looked straight off the runway in an indigo blue devoré denim blazer and off-white jersey t-shirt, both from DIESEL. He softened the imposing silhouette by opting for a trendy pair of white runner sneakers from BALENCIAGA.

STRAY KIDS Lose My Breath MV Kpop Fashion - Seungmin - Look 1-2

Denim Blazer


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T-Cos T-Shirt


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White Runner Sneakers


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  1. Denim Blazer
  2. T-Cos T-Shirt
  3. White Runner Sneakers

Seungmin’s Look #2

In another look, he wore an ivory white high-neck straight-leg jumpsuit from Dion Lee.

High-neck Straight-leg Jumpsuit


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  1. High-neck Straight-leg Jumpsuit

Lee Know’s Look #1

Lee Know coordinated a blue-black ripped cardigan from Diesel with side-zip stonewashed jeans of the same brand to make a striking statement piece.

STRAY KIDS Lose My Breath MV Kpop Fashion - Lee Know - Look 1-2

K-boboli Ripped Cardigan


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Side-Zip Stonewashed Jeans


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#5512 Necklace


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  1. K-boboli Ripped Cardigan
  2. Side-Zip Stonewashed Jeans
  3. #5512 Necklace

Lee Know’s Look #2

He confidently rocked an off-white crocheted V-neck sweater from OUR LEGACY with matching white NIKE V2K run sneakers.

Off-White V-Neck Sweater


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V2K Run Sneakers


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  1. Off-White V-Neck Sweater
  2. V2K Run Sneakers

Changbin’s Look #1

Changbin‘s cool biker ensemble features a black racing leather jacket from DUNST.

STRAY KIDS Lose My Breath MV Kpop Fashion - Changbin - Look 1-2

Black Racing Leather Jacket


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  1. Black Racing Leather Jacket

Changbin’s Look #2

In contrast to his earlier look, he went for an all-white outfit by wearing a white jacket and white jeans, both from KANGJUNGSEOK, with white-sand beige layered chunky low-top sneakers by Juun.J.

House Jacket


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X Circle Jeans


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Layered Chunky Low-top Sneakers


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  1. House Jacket
  2. X Circle Jeans
  3. Layered Chunky Low-top Sneakers

Felix’s Look

Felix‘s washed blue denim detachable top and denim cargo jeans, all from ANDERSSON BELL, made up for a dashingly dystopian look.

STRAY KIDS Lose My Breath MV Kpop Fashion - Felix - Look 1-2

Nora Detachable Denim Top


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Shimizu Denim Cargo Jeans


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  1. Nora Detachable Denim Top
  2. Shimizu Denim Cargo Jeans

Hyunjin’s Look

Hyunjin layered a light blue denim jacket from Diesel over a pigment century ivory tee from CAVISH for a polished yet casual look.

D-marge-s1 Denim Jacket


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Pigment Century SS Tee


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  1. D-marge-s1 Denim Jacket
  2. Pigment Century SS Tee

I.N’s Look

Finally, we have I.N in washed blue wave wide-leg jeans from ANDERSSON BELL that made him look right on trend.

Wave Wide Leg Jeans


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#5505 Necklace


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  1. Wave Wide Leg Jeans
  2. #5505 Necklace

Whose outfits do you like best?

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