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STRAY KIDS Goes Crazy With Bold Fashion In Their Newly-Released Music Video ‘Maniac’

The insanely fashionable outfits featured by STRAY KIDS in the MV left fans in awe.

STRAY KIDS Maniac MV Fashion

Ready to go crazy over the boys’ hot fashion? STRAY KIDS finally dropped their highly-anticipated bomb, ‘Maniac’, today (March 18). The song is an expression of the boy band’s desire to live outside of the typical norms and beliefs. Let’s get something straight: the whole music video is a masterpiece, from the crazy singing that makes your heart pound in your chest to the thrilling dance moves that we’ve never seen anywhere else before, not to mention the insanely fashionable outfits featured by the boys that left fans in awe.

Today, we’re exclusively breaking down the hot fashion picks of STRAY KIDS in the entire MV. So if you’re ready to have your jaw drop to the floor, keep on reading!

A Fashion Breakdown On STRAY KIDS' Maniac MV

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STRAY KIDS’ ‘Maniac’ MV Fashion

Bang Chan’s Look #1

The first cool look we’re going to break down is this one featured by Bang Chan at the beginning of the MV, which consisted of many stylish elements: a Paris logo embroidered turtleneck jumper from Balenciaga, a pair of ripped jeans from DREW HOUSE, monogram leather boots from MISBHV, logo-lettering earrings from Raf Simons, and logo-print gloves from Off-White.

Logo Embroidered Turtleneck Jumper


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Ripped Jeans


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Monogram Leather Boots


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Logo-print Gloves


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Logo-lettering Earrings


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  1. Logo Embroidered Turtleneck Jumper
  2. Ripped Jeans
  3. Monogram Leather Boots
  4. Logo-print Gloves
  5. Logo-lettering Earrings

Bang Chan’s Look #2

Bang Chan straight-up slayed his spooky look here and we have to give the credit to his stunning logo print half-zip sweatshirt by Martine Rose!

STRAY KIDS Maniac MV Kpop Fashion - Bang Chan - Look 2-1

Logo Print Half-zip Sweatshirt


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  1. Logo Print Half-zip Sweatshirt

Felix’s Look

Felix immediately won our hearts with his boyish, color-popping outfit, which featured a purple beanie from Adidas, a green button-up overshirt coat from Raf Simons, and The Simpsons-print T-shirt from Balenciaga.

Button-up Overshirt Coat


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The Simpsons-print T-shirt


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  1. Button-up Overshirt Coat
  2. The Simpsons-print T-shirt
  3. Beanie

Hyunjin’s Look #1

We can see why they choose to kick off the MV with this look of Hyunjin’s. It’s literally out of this world! To pull this one off, Hyunjin used a pair of pink goggles by ESQAPE, a pair of zip trousers by KIDILL, and a web-striped trim pearl necklace by GUCCI.

Dickies Edition Zip Trousers


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Web-striped Trim Pearl Necklace


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  1. Dickies Edition Zip Trousers
  2. Web-striped Trim Pearl Necklace
  3. Goggles

Hyunjin’s Look #2

Hyunjin was the most handsome red-haired baddie ever when he topped off MISBHV’s monogram-print long-sleeve top with a cool blazer from VETEMENTS.

Inside Out Blazer


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Monogram-print Top


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  1. Inside Out Blazer
  2. Monogram-print Top

Hyunjin’s Look #3

This hot fashion moment here is what you get when you dress a stud like Hyunjin in Celine’s most dashing pieces.

Cosmic Cruiser Vest Top


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Logo-Embroidered Jersey Sweatpants


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Ct-03 High Sneaker


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  1. Cosmic Cruiser Vest Top
  2. Logo-Embroidered Jersey Sweatpants
  3. Ct-03 High Sneaker

Seungmin’s Look #1

Do you think it’s possible to look casual and relaxed while looking like a classy gentleman at the same time? Seungmin sure did! For this semi-casual look, Seungmin paired a fashionable panel polo shirt from Fred Perry with a pair of black 3-stripes cargo pants from Adidas.

Panel Polo Shirt


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3-stripes Cargo Pants


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  1. Panel Polo Shirt
  2. 3-stripes Cargo Pants

Seungmin’s Look #2

He literally needs nothing more than Polo Ralph Lauren’s rugby striped polo shirt to look this exceptionally cute.

Rugby Striped Polo Shirt


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  1. Rugby Striped Polo Shirt

Seungmin’s Look #3

Seungmin just keeps pulling off the cutest looks ever! This time, he opted for an oversized shirt from ALEXANDER WANG, a pair of color block pants from Bottega Veneta, a Chunky Rabbit knitted beanie from Charles Jeffrey Loverboy, and a pair of Off-Court low-top trainers from Off-White.

Oversized Shirt


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Colour Block Pants


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Chunky Rabbit Knitted Beanie


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Off-court Low-top Trainers


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  1. Oversized Shirt
  2. Colour Block Pants
  3. Chunky Rabbit Knitted Beanie
  4. Off-court Low-top Trainers

Seungmin’s Look #4

And last but not least, Seungmin nailed his spooky look with the help of a quirky ripped T-Shirt from RAF SIMONS.

Flux Aetherium Ripped T-Shirt


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  1. Flux Aetherium Ripped T-Shirt

Changbin’s Look #1

We caught Changbin looking cute as ever in a pair of black 3-stripes cargo pants from Adidas.

Changbin’s Look #2

This look of Changbin’s here is one of our absolute favorites. It featured a color-popping logo-print knitted jumper by Aries, printed monogram tie-dye cargo denim pants from Louis Vuitton, and the green puddle bomber lace-up boots by BOTTEGA VENETA.

STRAY KIDS Maniac MV Kpop Fashion - Changbin - Look 2-1

Logo-print Knitted Jumper


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Tie-dye Cargo Denim Pant


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Puddle Bomber Lace-Up Boots


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  1. Logo-print Knitted Jumper
  2. Tie-dye Cargo Denim Pant
  3. Puddle Bomber Lace-Up Boots

Changbin’s Look #3

Changbin rocked the ultimate punk look with two exceptional pieces: Liquid Blue’s Those About To Rock T-Shirt with Vibrate’s Jean-Jean stud jacket on top. 

Jean-jean Stud Jacket


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Those About To Rock T-Shirt


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  1. Jean-jean Stud Jacket
  2. Those About To Rock T-Shirt

I.N’s Look #1

We absolutely loved this carefree outfit I.N appeared in. It consisted of a Roman Sketches T-shirt from VALENTINO and black striped tracksuit pants from Balenciaga.

Roman Sketches T-shirt


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Striped Tracksuit Pants


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  1. Roman Sketches T-shirt
  2. Striped Tracksuit Pants

I.N’s Look #2

I.N somehow managed to come up with a gorgeous look by combining two stylish yet completely unrelated pieces: an intarsia-logo knitted scarf from Alexander McQueen and a pair of cargo pants from Adidas.

Cargo Pants


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Intarsia-logo Knitted Scarf


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  1. Cargo Pants
  2. Intarsia-logo Knitted Scarf

I.N’s Look #3

He definitely looked as cute as Seungmin did in the same rugby striped polo shirt! I.N also finished off everything with a pair of All-Star Move platform high sneakers from CONVERSE.

Rugby Striped Polo Shirt


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All Star Move Platform Sneakers


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  1. Rugby Striped Polo Shirt
  2. All Star Move Platform Sneakers

Lee Know’s Look #1

Although he wore the same rugby striped polo shirt as the other two boys, Lee Know didn’t settle for basic and decided to take it to the next level by adding a patterned scarf from BURBERRY.

Rugby Striped Polo Shirt


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Patterned Scarf


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  1. Rugby Striped Polo Shirt
  2. Patterned Scarf

Lee Know’s Look #2

Tell us Lee Know doesn’t look like an absolute stud in his black Adicolor classic SST jacket by Adidas.

Lee Know’s Look #3

Lee Know managed to nail a perfect punk look thanks to his black spike studded blazer jacket from Givenchy.

Spike Studded Blazer Jacket


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  1. Spike Studded Blazer Jacket

Lee Know’s Look #4

Now that’s a crazy outfit right there! Lee Know was clearly not afraid to show his bold, creative side when he combined three different items that went together in harmony: a black beret by KIDILL, a logo-print oversized T-shirt by VETEMENTS, and the Cactus Flower Flame necklace by Salute.

Logo-print Oversized T-shirt


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'cactus Flower Flame’ Necklace


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CA4LA Edition Big Beret


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  1. Logo-print Oversized T-shirt
  2. 'cactus Flower Flame’ Necklace
  3. CA4LA Edition Big Beret

Han’s Look

Han was an absolute rockstar in this look, and a big part of it was his cool rubber tag choker by Balenciaga!

Whose outfits do you like best?

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