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STRAY KIDS Infused A Modern Stylistic Twist To The Pirate Aesthetic In The Cinematic Music Video For ‘LALALALA’


STRAY KIDS just made a grand comeback with their aptly named extended play ‘Rock-Star’ and we are all here for it. The group not only flexed their quintessential energetic sound in the title track ‘Lalalala’, but also proved their tendency to surpass expectations. The catchy rock-inspired song is accompanied by a cinematic music video where the group embodies underwater pirates, tuning in to sharp choreography on board the remains of a sunken shipwreck.

But we must say that STRAY KIDS‘ creatively modern fashion as pirates was the highlight of the music video. So, don’t miss out on the outfits showcased by the group in the video, and keep reading to find out the details.

A Fashion Breakdown On STRAY KIDS' Lalalala MV


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Hyunjin’s Look #1

In his first look, Hyunjin put an effortlessly stylish spin on the rugged aesthetic with his multicolor D-Roku denim coat from DIESEL.

Multicolor D-Roku Denim Coat


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  1. Multicolor D-Roku Denim Coat

Hyunjin’s Look #2

While Hyunjin made a jaw-dropping pirate in this ideal black-and-white outfit, his dark khaki logo ribbed headband from LECYTO completed the ensemble.

Logo Headband


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  1. Logo Headband

Han’s Look

In what can only be defined as a true style statement, Han boldly rocked a grey cut-out detail knitted jumper from Diesel to go with baggy denim pants.

Cut-out Detail Knitted Jumper


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  1. Cut-out Detail Knitted Jumper

I.N’s Look #1

I.N had fun in a high-shine finish blue denim jacket paired with knee-length cropped straight-leg jeans, all from Diesel. He jazzed things up by wearing a vibrant VETEMENTS iconic-logo leather choker.

High-shine Finish Denim Jacket


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Straight-leg Jeans


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Iconic-logo Leather Choker


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  1. High-shine Finish Denim Jacket
  2. Straight-leg Jeans
  3. Iconic-logo Leather Choker

I.N’s Look #2

This cream canvas tough vest from Our Legacy is a sophisticated form-fitting contrast against his black poet blouse.

Canvas Tough Vest


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  1. Canvas Tough Vest

Felix’s Look#1

Felix was a vision in a leather accent snap button coat from Louis Vuitton.

Leather Accent Snap Button Coat


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  1. Leather Accent Snap Button Coat

Felix’s Look #2

Beige 'Forever Mine' Leather Jacket


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Gray Geobasket Sneakers


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  1. Beige 'Forever Mine' Leather Jacket
  2. Gray Geobasket Sneakers

Lee Know’s Look #1

Amidst all the chaos, Lee Know‘s graphic print white T-shirt from VIVASTUDIO and quirky storm lace-up combat boots from Alexander Wang caught our attention.

Escape Tee


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Storm Lace Up Combat Boots


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  1. Escape Tee
  2. Storm Lace Up Combat Boots

Lee Know’s Look #2

He then stepped straight out of a pirate art in his beige GG monogram Gucci straight-leg trousers.

GG Monogram Straight-leg Trousers


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  1. GG Monogram Straight-leg Trousers

Bang Chan’s Look

Bang Chan went with an ombre faded blue distressed ribbed-knit cardigan and light blue multiple-pocket drawstring jeans, both from Diesel, for a coordinated yet edgy look.

Distressed Ribbed-knit Cardigan


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Multiple-pocket Drawstring Jeans


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  1. Distressed Ribbed-knit Cardigan
  2. Multiple-pocket Drawstring Jeans

Changbin’s Look

As for Changbin, he sported a relatively toned-down look in a blue and black Skater graffiti logo-print T-shirt from Balenciaga.

Skater Graffiti Logo-print T-shirt


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  1. Skater Graffiti Logo-print T-shirt

Seungmin’s Look

In a similar look, Seungmin‘s comfortable Balenciaga ensemble consisted of a blue and black skater tie-dye hoodie styled with matching track pants.

Skater Tie-dye Hoodie


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Graffiti Crest Cotton Track Pants


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  1. Skater Tie-dye Hoodie
  2. Graffiti Crest Cotton Track Pants

Whose outfits do you like best?

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