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NCT 127 Dazzled In Near Futuristic Zany Fashion Choices In The ‘Fact Check’ Music Video

NCT 127 Fact Check MV Fashion

NCT 127 is finally back with yet another banger of an album. The newly released 5th album ‘Fact Check’ comes with a title track of the same name. The song is the ultimate hype anthem with confident lyrics and delivery, as expected from the group.

The cheeky and energetic music video further elevated the listening experience and is worth checking out for its over-the-top scenes and zany outfits with futuristic themes. So, without any ado, let’s get into all the fashionable details below.

A Fashion Breakdown On NCT 127's Fact Check MV

NCT 127’s ‘Fack Check’ MV Fashion

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Mark’s Look

Mark made a killer entrance in a crystal embellished outfit that featured a black nylon pouch from Junya Watanabe x Innerraum and a sun guard cap from NEIGHBORHOOD.

NCT 127 Fact Check MV Kpop Fashion - Mark - Look 1

Black SRL Sun Guard Cap


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Black Nylon Pouch


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  1. Black SRL Sun Guard Cap
  2. Black Nylon Pouch

Johnny’s Look

Johnny went all out in a sequin plaid blazer and matching trousers from EGONLAB that also drew attention to his semi-sheer mesh long-sleeve T-shirt from CHARLES JEFFREY LOVERBOY.

NCT 127 Fact Check MV Kpop Fashion - Johnny - Look 1

Sequin Plaid Blazer


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Sequin Plaid Trousers


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Graphic Net Long Sleeve T-shirt


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  1. Sequin Plaid Blazer
  2. Sequin Plaid Trousers
  3. Graphic Net Long Sleeve T-shirt

Haechan’s Look #1

While Haechan camouflaged in the dark will his all-black outfit, his chain-stitch denim pants from THUG CLUB certainly caught our envy.

Chain Stitch Denim Pants


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  1. Chain Stitch Denim Pants

Haechan’s Look #2

In contrast to his first look, he wore a blinding white logo patch-detail cotton bomber jacket from 1017 ALYX 9SM in this scene.

Logo Patch-detail Cotton Bomber


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  1. Logo Patch-detail Cotton Bomber

Doyoung’s Look

Doyoung sported a pocketed regular-fit wool blazer, also by Junya Watanabe x Innerraum, to balance out his otherwise outlandish look.

Pocketed Regular-fit Wool Blazer


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  1. Pocketed Regular-fit Wool Blazer

Taeil’s Look

It was fun to see Taeil in a sport-active classic fitted performance top from MISBHV, complete with a quilted backpack utility gilet from Junya Watanabe x Innerraum.

Quilted Backpack Utility Gilet


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Black Jacquard Turtleneck


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  1. Quilted Backpack Utility Gilet
  2. Black Jacquard Turtleneck

Yuta’s Look #1

Yuta‘s dazzling look was complete with a pair of black layered straight-leg trousers from Y/Project.

Layered Straight-leg Trousers


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  1. Layered Straight-leg Trousers

Yuta’s Look #2

He then put together a white twist tank top from 1017 ALYX 9SM with a cotton down vest from MONCLER GENIUS x 1017 ALYX 9SM for an attractive outfit.

NCT 127 Fact Check MV Kpop Fashion - Yuta - Look 2

Fraxinus Cotton Down Vest


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White Twist Tank Top


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  2. White Twist Tank Top

Jaehyun’s Look

In keeping with the theme, Jaehyun‘s Junya Watanabe faux leather belt bag in black added a touch of eccentricity to his straightforward outfit.

Y01 Faux-leather Belt Bag


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  1. Y01 Faux-leather Belt Bag

Jungwoo’s Look

Jungwoo styled a monogram-print long-sleeve top from MISBHV with an impressive sequin embellished wave denim top from NO/FAITH STUDIOS.

Wave Denim Top


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Monogram-print Long-sleeve Top


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  1. Wave Denim Top
  2. Monogram-print Long-sleeve Top

Taeyong’s Look

Taeyong was a sight to see in a faux-fur trimmed distressed T-shirt from Comme Des Garçons, a black spike choker, and a messenger bag, also in black, from INNERRAUM.

Distressed T-shirt


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Black Object S08 Bag


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Black Spike Choker


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  1. Distressed T-shirt
  2. Black Object S08 Bag
  3. Black Spike Choker

Whose outfits do you like best?

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