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NCT 127 Closes Off The Year With A Display Of The Coolest Winter Fashion Trends In Their New Music Video ‘Be There For Me’

NCT 127 Be There For Me MV Fashion

NCT 127 is ringing in the new year with a strong fashion game in their latest music video for ‘Be There For Me’.

So, if you’re on the hunt for style inspiration this chilly season, NCT 127‘s trendy winter outfits are the perfect blend of fashion and comfort, ideal for inspiration or simply admiration!

A Fashion Breakdown On NCT 127's Be There For Me MV

NCT 127’s ‘Be There For Me’ MV Fashion

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Johnny’s Look 

Johnny was the epitome of winter chic in a Charles Jeffrey Loverboy glove-sleeves waffle-knit striped jumper. 

NCT 127 Be There For Me MV Kpop Fashion - Johnny

Waffle-knit Striped Jumper


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  1. Waffle-knit Striped Jumper

Yuta’s Look 

Yuta geared up for the cold season with a fashionable flair, rocking a pair of super cool trousers by KIDSUPER.

NCT 127 Be There For Me MV Kpop Fashion - Yuta

Yellow Museum Trousers


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  1. Yellow Museum Trousers

Jungwoo’s Look 

For that ultra-cozy feel, Jungwoo wrapped up in a Marni zipped long-sleeved teddy jacket, perfectly paired with Needles tartan wool cargo trousers.

Long-Sleeved Teddy Jacket


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Tartan Wool Cargo Trousers


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  1. Long-Sleeved Teddy Jacket
  2. Tartan Wool Cargo Trousers

Jaehyun’s Look 

Jaehyun has been casting a spell of cuteness on fans with his comfy floral-print cotton jacket from ERL!

Floral-print Cotton Jacket


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  1. Floral-print Cotton Jacket

Mark’s Look 

Mark embraced a colorful and funky winter style, wearing an Andersson Bell Tetlin half-zip jumper, and an ERL floral-print corduroy shirt with matching shorts, all rounded off with Timberland boots.

NCT 127 Be There For Me MV Kpop Fashion - Mark

Floral-print Corduroy Shirt


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Tetlin Half-zip Jumper


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Floral-print Corduroy Shorts


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Timberloop 6-inch Boot


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  1. Floral-print Corduroy Shirt
  2. Tetlin Half-zip Jumper
  3. Floral-print Corduroy Shorts
  4. Timberloop 6-inch Boot

Taeyong’s Look 

Taeyong ensured not a hint of cold could get through his winter ensemble, sporting a BLUEMARBLE faux-shearling zip-up jacket and gray flared jeans.

NCT 127 Be There For Me MV Kpop Fashion - Taeyong

Faux-shearling Zip-up Jacket


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Gray Flared Jeans


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  1. Faux-shearling Zip-up Jacket
  2. Gray Flared Jeans

Taeil’s Look 

Taeil made an adorably cute appearance in the MV, cozying up in a crew-neck intarsia-knit jumper from Charles Jeffrey Loverboy.

Crew-neck Intarsia-knit Jumper


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  1. Crew-neck Intarsia-knit Jumper

Haechan’s Look

Haechan nailed the casual chic vibe with his outfit choice: an ERL Sherpa Trucker denim jacket, a number-patch V-neck football jumper, and knee-length denim shorts.

NCT 127 Be There For Me MV Kpop Fashion - Haechan

Sherpa Trucker Denim Jacket


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Number-patch Football Jumper


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Knee-length Denim Shorts


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  1. Sherpa Trucker Denim Jacket
  2. Number-patch Football Jumper
  3. Knee-length Denim Shorts

Doyoung’s Look 

Still searching for that ultimate cozy-yet-chic item for the Winter? Doyoung‘s Andersson Bell knitted top, adorned with a zigzag pattern, is exactly what you need. And be sure to complete your outfit with the ideal match: AMIRI‘s beige oversized cargo pants!

Zigzag Knitted Top


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Beige Oversized Cargo Pants


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  1. Zigzag Knitted Top
  2. Beige Oversized Cargo Pants

Whose outfits do you like best?

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