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NCT 127 Leaves Fans Breathless With Their Fashion In ‘Favorite (Vampire)’ Music Video

NCT 127 Favorite (Vampire) MV Fashion

NCT 127 makes a perfectly-timed comeback with their new music video for ‘Favorite (Vampire)’. While it is Halloween season, it is also important to note that NCT 127’s wardrobe pieces for this new MV can be easily worn throughout the year.

Here are the items that the members wore for this fresh music video!

A Fashion Breakdown On NCT 127's Favorite (Vampire) MV

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NCT 127’s ‘Favorite (Vampire)’ MV Fashion

Taeyong’s Look

Taeyong rocked this Givenchy Rip & Repair denim jacket with its matching jeans and layered it with John Lawrence Sullivan‘s printed shirt.

Rip & Repair Denim Jacket


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Rip & Repair Jean


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  3. Rip & Repair Jean

Jungwoo’s Look #1

Jungwoo looked classy in his Ernest W. Baker knitted polo shirt styled with Rochas‘ beaded butterfly brooch.

Knitted Polo Shirt


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Beaded Butterfly Brooch


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  1. Knitted Polo Shirt
  2. Beaded Butterfly Brooch

Jungwoo’s Look #2

For this printed look, he can be seen wearing this Dries Van Noten Carle blurred Foulard-print shirt.

Printed Long-sleeved Cotton Shirt


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  1. Printed Long-sleeved Cotton Shirt

Jungwoo’s Look #3

Jungwoo also looked great in this color-block shirt from Youths in Balaclava.

Colour-block Cotton T-shirt


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  1. Colour-block Cotton T-shirt

Mark’s Look #1

Mark‘s eye-catching fit consists of this NOON GOONS leopard-print shirt.

Leopard-print T-shirt


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  1. Leopard-print T-shirt

Mark’s Look #2

He also rocked yet another head-turning outfit featuring a slogan-print striped tee from COOL T.M.

Slogan-print Striped T-shirt


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  1. Slogan-print Striped T-shirt

Mark’s Look #3

This Dries Van Noten look showcases the brand’s poplin-printed embellished shirt.

Printed Embellished Shirt


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  1. Printed Embellished Shirt

Haechan’s Look #1

Meanwhile, Haechan can also be seen looking amazing in his burgundy printed shirt and faded denim jacket both from Dries Van Noten.

Faded Denim Jacket


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Printed Shirt


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  1. Faded Denim Jacket
  2. Printed Shirt

Haechan’s Look #2

To add more color to his cool 1017 ALYX 9SM textured-finish shirt, Haechan styled it with the Hustler layered hoodie from Rick Owens and the Relax Dizzy argyle trousesr from Noma T.D.

Textured-finish Shirt


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Hustler Layered Hoodie


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Relax Dizzy Argyle Trouser


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  2. Hustler Layered Hoodie
  3. Relax Dizzy Argyle Trouser

Johnny’s Look #1

This great look is topped with Dries Van Noten’s viscose printed short-sleeved shirt.

Printed Short Sleeve Shirt


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  1. Printed Short Sleeve Shirt

Johnny’s Look #2

For his take on prints, he got this Kapital IDG Rayon striped jacket to complete his outfit.

Stripe Souvenir Jacket


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  1. Stripe Souvenir Jacket

Yuta’s Look #1

Yuta‘s Dries Van Noten look features the brand’s cotton double-layer shirt and graphic-print shirt.

Graphic-print Shirt


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Cotton Double Layer Shirt


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  2. Cotton Double Layer Shirt

Yuta Look #2

In this sequence, he can be seen looking handsome in his logo-patch corduroy shirt jacket from Palm Angels.

Logo-patch Corduroy Jacket


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  1. Logo-patch Corduroy Jacket

Taeil’s Look #1

Taeil performed well in this cool viscose print shirt from Dries Van Noten.

Viscose Print Shirt


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  1. Viscose Print Shirt

Taeil’s Look #2

This summer-ready print is showcased on Taeil’s palm-tree print cardigan from Laneus.

Palm-tree Print Cardigan


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  1. Palm-tree Print Cardigan

Jaehyun’s Look #1

Jaehyun topped his Dries Van Noted viscose satin shirt with the brand’s Vaksel zip-up jacket.

Vaksel Zip-up Jacket


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Viscose Satin Shirt


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  1. Vaksel Zip-up Jacket
  2. Viscose Satin Shirt

Jaehyun’s Look #2

UMAMIISM‘s Moon in the Clam artwork velvet shirt gets a chic styling layer with this patchwork cotton jacket by Amiri and this pair of Rhecess sneakers from Rhude.

Patchwork Cotton Jacket


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Droplet Zip Detail T-shirt


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Rhecess High-top Sneakers


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  2. Droplet Zip Detail T-shirt
  3. Rhecess High-top Sneakers

Doyoung’s Look

Doyoung can also be seen looking stylish in his UMAMIISM My Wishes Are Fools artwork tassel embroidered shirt.

Tassel Style Embroidery T-shirt


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  1. Tassel Style Embroidery T-shirt

Whose outfits do you like best?

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