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AESPA Goes All Out With Super Dramatic & Bold Fashion In Their Newest Hit Music Video ‘Drama’

AESPA Drama MV Fashion

November 10 saw AESPA dropping one of the most powerful MVs titled ‘Drama’ which left fans totally stunned. The name is no joke, especially when you see the girls pulling off those dramatic, bold outfits that you really don’t stumble upon every day.

That said, get ready for your jaw to hit the floor as we take a closer look at the surprisingly gorgeous visuals in ‘Drama’!

A Fashion Breakdown On aespa's Drama MV

AESPA’s ‘Drama’ MV Fashion

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Karina‘s Look #1

Karina rocked the fiercest girl vibe today, slaying in a KIM SHUI pink tank top, a Jean Paul Gaultier x KNWLS shearling-trim leather jacket, and a sizzling KNWLS leather miniskirt.

Shearling-trim Leather Jacket


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Pink Pailette Tank Top


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Leather Miniskirt


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Logo-plaque Leather Boots


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  1. Shearling-trim Leather Jacket
  2. Pink Pailette Tank Top
  3. Leather Miniskirt
  4. Logo-plaque Leather Boots

Karina‘s Look #2

Her second outfit was just as stunningly bold, featuring a MUGLER bue paneled bodysuit paired with these DARKPARK Lilly leather cargo trousers.

Blue Paneled Bodysuit


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Lilly Leather Cargo Trousers


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  1. Blue Paneled Bodysuit
  2. Lilly Leather Cargo Trousers

Winter’s Look #1

Winter was a slaying queen as she donned a gorgeous Dion Lee biker zipped leather corset top, topped with a KNWLS shearling-trim cropped leather jacket, and finished off with a LADO BOKUCHAVA khaki Mars miniskirt.

Shearling-trim Leather Jacket


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Biker Zipped Corset Top


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Khaki Mars Miniskirt


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  1. Shearling-trim Leather Jacket
  2. Biker Zipped Corset Top
  3. Khaki Mars Miniskirt

Winter’s Look #2

Her fashion game was on point with a Mugler logo-embossed long-sleeve bodysuit and spiral split-hem jeans, perfectly styled with a sleek MIAOU black vita belt.

AESPA Drama MV Kpop Fashion - Winter - Look 2-1

Long-sleeve Bodysuit


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Spiral Split-hem Jeans


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Black Vita Belt


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  1. Long-sleeve Bodysuit
  2. Spiral Split-hem Jeans
  3. Black Vita Belt

Ningning’s Look #1

Ningning rocked a jaw-dropping look in the MV, adding a spooky touch with a black spiky heart necklace from HUGO KREIT.

AESPA Drama MV Kpop Fashion - Ningning - Look 1-1

Purple Yeti Sweater


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Black Big Buds Single Earring


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Patent-leather Slouchy Boots


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Black Spiky Heart Necklace


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  1. Purple Yeti Sweater
  2. Black Big Buds Single Earring
  3. Patent-leather Slouchy Boots
  4. Black Spiky Heart Necklace

Ningning’s Look #2

Her gorgeous Mugler paneled denim bustier bodysuit surely left viewers utterly speechless! 

Panelled Denim Bustier Bodysuit


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  1. Panelled Denim Bustier Bodysuit

Giselle’s Look 

Giselle also embraced her bold side, appearing in a daring illusion-panelled corset top from Mugler.

Illusion Panelled Corset Top


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  1. Illusion Panelled Corset Top

Whose outfits do you like best?

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