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Kim Yoo-Jung’s Fashion As Do Do-Hee In The K-Drama ‘My Demon’ Episodes 13-14

My Demon Fashion - Kim Yoo-Jung - Episodes 13-14

Things are getting more intense and angsty on ‘My Demon’ and it is safe to say that an explosive finale is in store. However, while we eagerly await the final episodes of the drama, here is a compilation of the notable style statements made by Kim Yoo-Jung as the alluring Do Do-Hee with an equally luxurious wardrobe.

It should come as no surprise that the list is full of enviable fashion picks that are worth checking out below.

Kim Yoo-jung's Fashion in Korean Drama 'My Demon' Episodes 13-14

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Kim Yoo-Jung’s Fashion in the K-Drama ‘My Demon’ Episodes 13-14

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Look #1

In one of the first looks from episode 13, Kim Yoo-Jung cheerfully stepped out in a black and blue houndstooth tweed cropped jacket and matching mini skirt combination, both from SANDRO.

Tweed Cotton Cropped Jacket


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Houndstooth Tweed Mini Skirt


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  1. Tweed Cotton Cropped Jacket
  2. Houndstooth Tweed Mini Skirt

Look #2

Here, she wore a light green cotton knit set from Le abonne with a simple black skirt for a casually put-together look. She enhanced the outfit with a Swarovski Mesmera rhodium-plated and crystal mixed-cut green pendant necklace.  

My Demon Kdrama Fashion - Kim Yoo-Jung - Episode 13-2

Cotton Knit Set


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Mesmera Pendant Necklace


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  1. Cotton Knit Set
  2. Mesmera Pendant Necklace

Look #3

She complemented her ivory corsage ribbon blouse from JOHNNY HATES JAZZ by layering a corset slim jacket of the same brand over it to create a flattering blend of styles.

Corset Slim Jacket


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Corsage Ribbon Blouse


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  1. Corset Slim Jacket
  2. Corsage Ribbon Blouse

Look #4

Name a more fashionable duo than Yoo-Jung and tailored tweed in this drama. To drive the point home, she wore a sophisticated purple romantic tweed jacket from TILLIDIE. A pink Teddy bear pendant with crystal pearls and a gold-tone chain from Swarovski added a playful yet refined touch to the final outfit.

Romantic Tweed Jacket


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Teddy Pendant


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  1. Romantic Tweed Jacket
  2. Teddy Pendant

Look #5

She then paired a light blue crepe silk satin button crop jacket with a slim line dress, both from Avouavou, for a chic monochrome look. A cream-shade classic COURONNE tote bag completed the look while Swarovski’s rodium-plated Mesmera drop earrings elevated the overall aesthetic appeal.

Button Crop Jacket
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Crepe Bolero Slim Line Dress
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Mesmera Drop Earrings


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Stephanie Classic Tote 24 Bag


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  1. Button Crop Jacket
  2. Crepe Bolero Slim Line Dress
  3. Mesmera Drop Earrings
  4. Stephanie Classic Tote 24 Bag

Look #6

Dressed in black from head to toe, Yoo-Jung styled a belted faux leather blazer from KIJUN with patent-leather courts by CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN.

Black Belted Faux-Leather Blazer


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Iriz Patent-leather Courts


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  1. Black Belted Faux-Leather Blazer
  2. Iriz Patent-leather Courts

Look #7

She dressed to impress in an all-beige outfit in episode 14, courtesy of HANAVO‘s button crop jacket and matching style skirt. A teal blue top-handle tote bag from COURONNE was also spotted in her hand.

My Demon Kdrama Fashion - Kim Yoo-Jung - Episode 14-1
My Demon Kdrama Fashion - Kim Yoo-Jung - Episode 14-1

No.19 Jacket


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No.16 Skirt


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Facade Top Handle Tote 22 Bag


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  1. No.19 Jacket
  2. No.16 Skirt
  3. Facade Top Handle Tote 22 Bag

Look #8

Yoo-Jung looked powerful in a black single-breasted tweed coat worn over a square neck H-line tweed long dress, all from BAU by Bride And You. A pair of CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN’s patent-leather black courts and Tod’s leather shoulder bag tied the whole attire together.

Single Breasted Tweed Coat


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Square Neck Tweed Long Dress


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T Case Shoulder Bag


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Pigalle Patent-leather Courts


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  1. Single Breasted Tweed Coat
  2. Square Neck Tweed Long Dress
  3. T Case Shoulder Bag
  4. Pigalle Patent-leather Courts

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