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Kim Yoo-Jung’s Fashion As Do Do-Hee In The K-Drama ‘My Demon’ Episodes 5-8

My Demon Fashion - Kim Yoo-Jung - Episodes 5-8

Nearly halfway through the drama and ‘My Demon’ is still a treat to watch. Kim Yoo-Jung as Do Do-Hee, an alluring CEO with a strong personality, is the perfect lead alongside Song Kang for a captivating onscreen match.

While the rom-com is making buzz for the chemistry between the leads, Kim Yoo-Jung‘s chic and luxurious style has us wanting for more. You don’t want to miss out on the outfit details from the previous four episodes of the drama. So, check it out below.

Kim Yoo-jung's Fashion in Korean Drama 'My Demon' Episodes 5-8

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Kim Yoo-Jung’s Fashion in the K-Drama ‘My Demon’ Episodes 5-8

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Look #1

Yoo-Jung’s first look from episode 5 for today is these lazy paisley pajamas from EAU CLAIR that make even the most casual loungewear appear like a fashion statement.

Lazy Paisley Pajamas


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  1. Lazy Paisley Pajamas

Look #2

For a playfully stunning outfit, she wore a blue denim bastia cotton curved crop top from RECTO with matching high waist flare denim pants of the same brand. A small denim tote bag from Versace completed the denim ensemble. 

But she further elevated the look with Chanel’s Coco Crush necklaces in beige gold and white gold layered over one another.

My Demon Kdrama Fashion - Kim Yoo-Jung - Episode 5-2

Bastia Curved Crop Top


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Cotton High Waist Flare Denim


Buy from here
Coco Crush Necklace


Buy from here
Coco Crush Necklace


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La Medusa Denim Tote Bag


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  1. Bastia Curved Crop Top
  2. Cotton High Waist Flare Denim
  3. Coco Crush Necklace
  4. Coco Crush Necklace
  5. La Medusa Denim Tote Bag

Look #3

She opted for a professional yet glamorous attire in Balmain‘s black wool crêpe cropped jacket. Its gold-tone buttons coordinating with her large Greca Goddess shoulder bag from Versace. A black ceramic and steel watch from Chanel also adorned her wrist.

My Demon Kdrama Fashion - Kim Yoo-Jung - Episode 5-3
My Demon Kdrama Fashion - Kim Yoo-Jung - Episode 5-3

Cropped Spencer Jacket


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J12 Watch


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Greca Goddess Shoulder Bag


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  1. Cropped Spencer Jacket
  2. J12 Watch
  3. Greca Goddess Shoulder Bag

Look #4

Yoo-Jung’s dainty all-beige look from this scene is composed of a shirring romantic long dress from GANISONG and triangle slingback slippers from ARCHIVEPKE.

My Demon Kdrama Fashion - Kim Yoo-Jung - Episode 5-4

Shirring Romantic Long Dress


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Triangle Slingback


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  1. Shirring Romantic Long Dress
  2. Triangle Slingback

Look #5

In episode 6, she turned heads in a red check tweed crop jacket and a matching mermaid skirt, both from Avouavou. The look combined modern elegance with a timeless style.

My Demon Kdrama Fashion - Kim Yoo-Jung - Episode 6-1

Tweed Crop Jacket
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Tweed Mermaid Skirt
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  1. Tweed Crop Jacket
  2. Tweed Mermaid Skirt

Look #6

While Yoo-Jung looked lovely in a white bridal gown, her crystal-embellished necklace and drop earrings from Swarovski‘s Mesmera collection nearly stole the scene with their ethereal sparkle.

Mesmera Drop Earrings


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Mesmera Crystal-embellished Necklace


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  1. Mesmera Drop Earrings
  2. Mesmera Crystal-embellished Necklace

Look #7

In a departure from her Vogue-worthy outfits, she sported a super comfortable and laid-back look in this ecru lounge dress and classic long robe, all from atempo.

Classic Long Robe


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Lounge Dress


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  1. Classic Long Robe
  2. Lounge Dress

Look #8

She exuded discreet opulence in a black marine tweed jacket styled with a fluffy white moon skirt, both from La Silhouette de Eugenny. A blanc optique leather handbag from Alaïa tied the whole look together.

Marine Tweed Jacket


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Half Moon Skirt


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Mina 25 Leather Handbag


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  1. Marine Tweed Jacket
  2. Half Moon Skirt
  3. Mina 25 Leather Handbag

Look #9

Yoo-Jung contrasted a slim knit cream cardigan from YAN13 with a simple long white dress in one of the memorable looks from episode 7.

My Demon Kdrama Fashion - Kim Yoo-Jung - Episode 7-1

Y Slim Knit Cardigan


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  1. Y Slim Knit Cardigan

Look #10

This sophisticated look from episode 8 is from BAU by Bride And You, featuring its black ribbon-tie dot lace blouse, melange charcoal cropped jacket, and mini skirt, all of which came together harmoniously. She chose a pair of black leather courts from CHRISTIAN LOUBOUTIN and a classic tote bag, also in black, from COURONNE to tie the ensemble together.

Combination Cropped Jacket


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Ribbon-tie Dot Lace Blouse


Buy from here
Combination Mini Skirt


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Stephanie Classic Tote 24 Bag


Buy from here
Iriza Patent-leather Courts


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  1. Combination Cropped Jacket
  2. Ribbon-tie Dot Lace Blouse
  3. Combination Mini Skirt
  4. Stephanie Classic Tote 24 Bag
  5. Iriza Patent-leather Courts

Look #11

She then wore a wave grey classic round pajama set from atempo for another stylish bedtime attire.

Classic Round Pajama Set


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  1. Classic Round Pajama Set

Look #12

Yoo-Jung confidently pulled off an unforgettable look in a navy blue double-breasted blazer paired with a white point-collar silk shirt and tweed tailored shorts, all from AMI Paris. She accessorized with a white cross bag from COURONNE.

Double-breasted Blazer


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Point-collar Silk Shirt


Buy from here
Tweed Tailored Shorts


Buy from here
Tiffin Cross Bag


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  1. Double-breasted Blazer
  2. Point-collar Silk Shirt
  3. Tweed Tailored Shorts
  4. Tiffin Cross Bag

Look #13

This tied waist knitted cardigan by Golden Goose Deluxe Brand seems like a great choice of outfit for a cozy night in.

Tied Waist Knitted Cardigan


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  1. Tied Waist Knitted Cardigan

Look #14

In the final look, we have a forlorn Yoo-Jung in a black line point cable cardigan and sweater skirt, both from HUNCH.

Black Line Point Cable Cardigan


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Cable Sweater Skirt


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  1. Black Line Point Cable Cardigan
  2. Cable Sweater Skirt

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