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Kim Tae-Ri’s Fashion As Na Hee-Do In K-Drama ‘Twenty Five Twenty One’ Episodes 9-12

Twenty Five Twenty One Fashion - Kim Tae-Ri - Episodes 9-12

We’re back with the beautiful romance between our favorite couple, Kim Tae-Ri and Nam Joo-Hyuk, from the K-drama ‘Twenty Five Twenty One’. And of course, we can’t forget the cute, practical fashion picks by Tae-Ri in the series.

So, today, we’re breaking down the stylish outfits worn by Tae-Ri in episodes 9 to 12. Let’s get started!

Kim Tae-Ri's Fashion in Korean Drama Twenty Five Twenty One Episodes 9-12

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Kim Tae-Ri’s Fashion in the K-Drama ‘Twenty Five Twenty One’ Episodes 9-12

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Look #1

In episode 9, Tae-Ri looked her cutest when she showed up in this oversized wool cable knit vest from CLOVE.

Wool Cable Knit Vest


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Look #2

And we doubt anyone can beat this cool, girly look of hers, which featured a stylish pair of THE DITCH glasses from Solid&Striped.

The Ditch


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Look #3

If you like Tae-Ri’s simple white T-shirt in this scene, you can easily get yourself one from GRAVER.

White Clip T-Shirt


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Look #4

Another simple yet cute item Tae-Ri wore is this baseball sleeve T-shirt from CLOVE.

Baseball Sleeve T-Shirt


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Look #5

Tae-Ri looked adorable in episode 12 under the umbrella with Joo-Hyuk in this cotton cashmere round slogan hoodie from IXET.

Slogan Hoodie


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Look #6

We totally fell in love with her in this scene when she appeared in a flamingo pink signature hoodie by PANGAIA.

365 Signature Hoody


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Look #7

We can imagine this stylish oversized duffle coat by MAINBOOTH taking literally any outfit to the next level!

Oversized Duffle Coat


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Look #8

Last but not least, these LUCKY MARCHE corduroy overalls probably are one of the cutest items she wore in the series so far.

Wappen Corduroy Overalls


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