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Kim Tae-Ri’s Fashion As Na Hee-Do In K-Drama ‘Twenty Five Twenty One’ Episodes 13-16

Twenty Five Twenty One Fashion - Kim Tae-Ri - Episodes 13-16

The highly-rated K-drama ‘Twenty Five Twenty One’ finally came to an end on April 3, leaving us with an unforgettable rom-com to rewatch. Of course, there are many things about this drama that make it unforgettable, like the warm romance between Kim Tae-Ri and Nam Joo-Hyuk, but the stunning fashion picks in the show are unlike anything we’ve ever seen.

So, for one last time, we’re highlighting the cute fashion moments showcased by Tae-Ri in episodes 13 to 16. Let’s dive right into it!

Kim Tae-Ri's Fashion in Korean Drama Twenty Five Twenty One Episodes 13-16

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Kim Tae-Ri’s Fashion in the K-Drama ‘Twenty Five Twenty One’ Episodes 13-16

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Look #1

The first cute look Tae-Ri brought to the table is the one that featured a comfy sweatshirt from BESLOW and an oversized duffle coat from MAINBOOTH on top.

Oversized Duffle Coat


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Look #2

And here’s our cutie pie getting all comfortable in an oversized graphic sweatshirt by PLAC.

Graphic Sweatshirt


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Look #3

Tae-Ri pulled off an adorable wintry look in episode 13 with the help of a turtleneck cable knit top from ETMON and a gray corduroy cap from EMIS.

Turtleneck Cable Knit Top


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Look #4

If you liked her chic shoulder bag in this scene and want to get your hands on one, you can get your own from Prada. You’re welcome!

Brushed Leather Shoulder Bag


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Look #5

Tae-Ri looked so pretty here in her cute knit top. And to put the cherry on top, she wore a beautiful key necklace from ROAJU.

Glisten Key Necklace


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Look #6

Tae-Ri’s knit choices are always on point. This time, she showed off a pretty extra fine wool cable knit from Siyazu.

Extra Fine Wool Cable Knit


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Look #7

She looked irresistibly cute when she appeared in this ribbed collar varsity jacket from DUNST.

Ribbed Collar Varsity Jacket


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Look #8

The final look of Tae-Ri’s on our list featured a stylish beige twisted shirt from LEMAIRE.

Twenty Five Twenty One Kdrama Fashion - Kim Tae-Ri - Episode 16-2

Beige Twisted Shirt


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