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Kim Tae-Ri’s Fashion As Na Hee-Do In K-Drama ‘Twenty Five Twenty One’ Episodes 5-8

Twenty Five Twenty One Fashion - Kim Tae-Ri - Episodes 5-8

If you’ve been following the Korean drama ‘Twenty Five Twenty One’, you’re gonna absolutely love this article! The beautiful chemistry between Kim Tae-Ri and Nam Joo-Hyuk is not the only thing we watch this rom-com K-drama for, we also love the stylish sporty style of Tae-Ri’s throughout the show.

With that being said, we’re going to be covering some of the stunning outfits showcased by our cutie in episodes 5 to 8 of the series. So let’s get started!

Kim Tae-Ri's Fashion in Korean Drama Twenty Five Twenty One Episodes 5-8

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Kim Tae-Ri’s Fashion in the K-Drama ‘Twenty Five Twenty One’ Episodes 5-8

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Look #1

Tae-Ri never fails to make us adore her sporty style. This time, her pick was this stylish yet comfy faux shearling anorak from KUME.

Jesper Faux Shearling Anorak


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Look #2

She just keeps proving that simplicity always wins. Tae-Ri looked adorable in episode 6 when she appeared in her green Ines House T-shirt by INES.

Green Ines House T-shirt


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  1. Green Ines House T-shirt

Look #3

If you want to add a cute touch to almost any outfit while staying warm, Tae-Ri’s cable knit vest by CLOVE is the way to go!

Twenty Five Twenty One Kdrama Fashion - Kim Tae-Ri - Episode 6-2

Cable Knit Vest


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Look #4

Her casual outfit in this scene was on-point. If you’re interested in copying it, just get yourself a striped rugby polo top from Polo Ralph Lauren and a pair of Blur Edition half pants from BLUR1.0

Stripe Pattern Rugby Polo Top


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Blur Edition Half Pants


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Look #5

And here she is looking super-duper adorable in a simple striped top from Saint James.

Minquiers 18


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Look #6

Did you love this look of Tae-Ri’s in episode 8? The good news is, it’s super easy to copy. You just have to couple a cropped T-shirt from JUCY JUDY with a medium Re-Nylon backpack from Prada, and you’re good to go!  

Balance Crop Tee Shirt


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Medium Re-Nylon Backpack


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Look #7

And as a final treat for your eyes, check out the stunning Tae-Ri pulling off a crochet vest setup from O!Oi.

Crochet Vest Setup


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  1. Crochet Vest Setup

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