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Kim Se-Jeong’s Fashion As Shin Ha-Ri In K-Drama ‘Business Proposal’ Episodes 9-12

Business Proposal Fashion - Kim Se-Jeong - Episodes 9-12

‘Business Proposal’ is certainly the drama of the season with its enjoyable story and not to mention, great everyday fashion moments from Kim Se-Jeong. And as always, it is time for us to dissect the outfits she wore as Shin Ha-Ri.

So without any delay, here are some of the most memorable outfits showcased in the last four episodes of the drama.

Kim Se-Jeong's Fashion in Korean Drama Business Proposal Episodes 9-12

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Kim Se-Jeong’s Fashion in the K-Drama ‘Business Proposal’ Episodes 9-12

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Look #1

In episode 9, Se-Jeong wore a long sleeves knit cardigan from WOVEMENT to go with her cozy check jogger pants from FIELDMANUAL. It’s an outfit you can wear every day at home.

Long Sleeves Knit Cardigan


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Cosy Check Jogger Pants


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  1. Long Sleeves Knit Cardigan
  2. Cosy Check Jogger Pants

Look #2

Here, Se-Jeong wears a Tory Burch blouse with ruffles and is also seen with its Eleanor small shoulder bag. For footwear, she chose a lovely pair of ivory pull-up penny loafers from By Mina. Moreover, Jimmy Choo‘s Saresa crystal-buckle pumps make a pleasant appearance in the scene.

Business Proposal Kdrama Fashion - Kim Se-Jeong - Episode 9-2

Blouse With Ruffles


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Eleanor Small Shoulder Bag


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Edge Penny Loafers


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  1. Blouse With Ruffles
  2. Eleanor Small Shoulder Bag
  3. Edge Penny Loafers

Saresa Crystal-buckle Pumps


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  1. Saresa Crystal-buckle Pumps

Look #3

Ha-Ri’s elegant light pink acetate-blend striped satin blouse is from MICHAA.

Striped Satin Blouse


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  1. Striped Satin Blouse

Look #4

This stylish coat from Coivant is a good look on Ha-Ri and so is the Lucertola handbag from Lancaster seen by her side.

Barn Ol Coat


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Lucertola Handbag


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  1. Barn Ol Coat
  2. Lucertola Handbag

Look #5

For this scene, Se-Jeong is seen in a classic knit set from AMONG. And adding to her extensive handbag collection is a mini bucket bag from MANSUR GAVRIEL.

Business Proposal Kdrama Fashion - Kim Se-Jeong - Episode 9-5

A Classic Knit Set


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Mini Bucket Bag


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  1. A Classic Knit Set
  2. Mini Bucket Bag

Look #6

In episode 10, Ha-Ri wears a pair of low-top sneakers from Hogan.

H585 Low-top Sneakers


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  1. H585 Low-top Sneakers

Look #7

Ha-Ri’s color-block cashmere coat from MICHAA and the Eleanor small leather shoulder bag from Tory Burch make up for a stunning outfit in episode 11.

Colorblock Cashmere Coat


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Eleanor Small Shoulder Bag


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  1. Colorblock Cashmere Coat
  2. Eleanor Small Shoulder Bag

Look #8

This all-Lanvin ensemble outfit consists of a flared hem sleeve knit top and a silk-blend double jacket paired with a wool-blend flared skirt. She accessorized with the Noailles 14K earrings from hyeres-lor and carried a beige handbag from TOD’S.

Silk Blend Double Jacket


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Flare Hem Sleeve Knit


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Wool Blend Flare Skirt


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Timeless Handbag


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Noailles 14K Earring


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  1. Silk Blend Double Jacket
  2. Flare Hem Sleeve Knit
  3. Wool Blend Flare Skirt
  4. Timeless Handbag
  5. Noailles 14K Earring

Look #9

In episode 12, Se-Jeong’s color matching stripe shirt is from ON&ON and her twinkle in flower earrings are from GETMEBLING.

Business Proposal Kdrama Fashion - Kim Se-Jeong - Episode 12-1

Color Stripe Shirt


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Twinkle In Flower Earrings


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  1. Color Stripe Shirt
  2. Twinkle In Flower Earrings

Look #10

While Ha-Ri kept her look simple in a navy striped oversized shirt from comb studio, she added a hint of extravagance by accessorizing with BVLGARI‘s rose-gold and ceramic necklace and white ceramic earrings.

CO Striped Oversized Shirts


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B.zero1 XXth Anniversary Necklace


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B.Zero1 Earrings


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  1. CO Striped Oversized Shirts
  2. B.zero1 XXth Anniversary Necklace
  3. B.Zero1 Earrings

Look #11

Ha-Ri sports another stylish loungewear in the form of a light beige V-neck cotton knit pullover and a classic pintuck khaki beige pants from RRACE.

Business Proposal Kdrama Fashion - Kim Se-Jeong - Episode 12-3

V-neck Cotton Knit


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Classic Pintuck Pants


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  1. V-neck Cotton Knit
  2. Classic Pintuck Pants

Look #12

For the final outfit today, Ha-Ri’s Miu Miu ensemble features a cropped poplin shirt, a gingham-print-a-line skirt, and a small logo plaque shoulder bag. To complete the look, she wore chance infinie earrings from Fred and chose a pair of crystal-embellished sandals from Gianvito Rossi for footwear. Moreover, the ring box containing FRED’s pretty woman iconic wedding ring and engagement ring caught our eye.

Business Proposal Kdrama Fashion - Kim Se-Jeong - Episode 12-4

Cropped Poplin Shirt


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Gingham-print-a-line Skirt


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Logo Plaque Shoulder Bag


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Crystal-embellished Sandals


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Chance Infinie Earrings


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  1. Cropped Poplin Shirt
  2. Gingham-print-a-line Skirt
  3. Logo Plaque Shoulder Bag
  4. Crystal-embellished Sandals
  5. Chance Infinie Earrings

Pretty Woman Engagement Ring


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Pretty Woman Wedding Ring


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  1. Pretty Woman Engagement Ring
  2. Pretty Woman Wedding Ring

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