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Seol In-Ah’s Fashion As Jin Young-Seo In K-Drama ‘Business Proposal’ Episodes 1-4

Business Proposal Fashion - Seol In-Ah - Episodes 1-4

SBS’s latest webtoon-based romcom, ‘Business Proposal’, is the talk of town with its swoon-worthy office romance moments and the lead actors’ impeccable fashion. The cute pairing of Seol In-Ah as chaebol heiress Jin Yeong-Seo and Kim Min-Kyu as stoic secretary Cha Sung-Hoon has been receiving a lot of love from fans, and exploring In-Ah’s classy outfits has been an absolute delight!

So, here’s a look at Seol In-Ah’s fashion as Jin Yeong-Seo through episodes 1 to 4 of the show.

Seol In-Ah's Fashion in Korean Drama Business Proposal Episodes 1-4

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Seol In-Ah’s Fashion in the K-Drama ‘Business Proposal’ Episodes 1-4

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Look #1

For her first look, In-Ah sets the tone for spring fashion in a smart power shoulder cowl-neck blouse from Leha and an oversized blazer from Mused.

Agreste Oversized Blazer


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Power Shoulder Blouse


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  1. Agreste Oversized Blazer
  2. Power Shoulder Blouse

Look #2

Here, she has on a crop single wool jacket from Loeuvre in a warm mocha color that’s extremely pleasing to the eyes.

Business Proposal Kdrama Fashion - Seol In-Ah - Episode 2-1

Crop Single Wool Jacket


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  1. Crop Single Wool Jacket

Look #3

Simple, elegant jewelry does the trick, as In-Ah wears these gold metal wave link earrings from Viollina to complete her look.

Metal Wave Link Earrings


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  1. Metal Wave Link Earrings

Look #4

Loungewear can be exquisite, and In-Ah sure does look decadent and comfy in Blur1.0’s oversized feather shirt.

Business Proposal Kdrama Fashion - Seol In-Ah - Episode 3-2

Oversized Feather Shirt


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Look #5

Back to work mode in her next outfit, In-Ah carries this mini zip multitude tote bag from Mansur Gavriel with grace.

Mini Zip Multitude Tote


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Look #6

This dark beige puff-sleeved jumper from H&M seems to be a piece of clothing one cannot refrain from wearing again and again in the Spring!

Business Proposal Kdrama Fashion - Seol In-Ah - Episode 4-1

Puff-sleeved Sweater


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  1. Puff-sleeved Sweater

Look #7

Consistent with her first few looks, In-Ah nails Lanvin’s crinkle single jacket along with which she carries Leeho’s stylish Alice shoulder bag.

Crinkle Single Jacket


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Alice Shoulder Bag Brown


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  2. Alice Shoulder Bag Brown

Look #8

Lastly, we see her in full-on workout mode wearing a sports bra from Under Armour that seems perfect to break a sweat in.

Sports Bra


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Pro Eye Shadow Palette #09


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