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Kim Se-Jeong’s Fashion As Shin Ha-Ri In K-Drama ‘Business Proposal’ Episodes 5-6

Business Proposal Fashion - Kim Se-Jeong - Episodes 5-6

We are now halfway through ‘Business Proposal’ and it keeps getting better. The chemistry between the leads makes the refreshing rom-com an easy watch. Also, Kim Se-Jeong‘s take on fashion as the quirky Shin Ha-Ri is a delight to us style enthusiasts.

So without further delay, here are some of the outfits worn by Se-Jeong in the previous two episodes of the drama.

Kim Se-Jeong's Fashion in Korean Drama Business Proposal Episodes 5-6

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Kim Se-Jeong’s Fashion in the K-Drama ‘Business Proposal’ Episodes 5-6

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Look #1

In episode 5, Se-Jeong stepped out in sleek cowgirl boots from EYIEN. Her Alexander McQueen ‘The Short Story’ leather tote bag was equally impressive.

Business Proposal Kdrama Fashion - Kim Se-Jeong - Episode 5-1

The Short Story Tote Bag


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Squared Toe Cowgirl Boots


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  1. The Short Story Tote Bag
  2. Squared Toe Cowgirl Boots

Look #2

The uber-trendy bag carried by Se-Jeong in this scene is the Alexa leather satchel from Mulberry.

Alexa Leather Satchel


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  1. Alexa Leather Satchel

Look #3

We found out that Se-Jeong’s brown tuck stitch slacks are from FILLINTHEBLANK.

Tuck Stitch Slacks


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  1. Tuck Stitch Slacks

Look #4

As stunning as Ha-Ri looked in this black dress, she took her outfit a step further by adorning herself with an elusive set of BVLGARI jewelry.

Serpenti Viper Drop Earrings


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Serpenti Viper Bracelet


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  1. Serpenti Viper Drop Earrings
  2. Serpenti Viper Bracelet

Look #5

Se-Jeong’s ivory boucle knit sweater is from RRACE.

Boucle Knit


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  1. Boucle Knit

Look #6

In a Bottega Veneta double-breasted tailored blazer and Jimmy Choo‘s Josefine embellished leather sandals, Se-Jeong stood out from the crowd. She also carried a Roger Vivier‘s sexy choc buckle clutch in satin to complement her all-black outfit.

Business Proposal Kdrama Fashion - Kim Se-Jeong - Episode 5-6

Double Breasted Tailored Blazer


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Josefine Embellished Sandals


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Sexy Choc Buckle Clutch


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  1. Double Breasted Tailored Blazer
  2. Josefine Embellished Sandals
  3. Sexy Choc Buckle Clutch

Look #7

By now it’s clear that Se-Jeong can look good in anything as proven by this casual look. She wore a wool-cashmere pullover from LOVE BY CURTIS KULIG and a long coat from MICHAA. Not to mention, JOY GRYSON‘s black Margot crossbody small bag also made an appearance.

Business Proposal Kdrama Fashion - Kim Se-Jeong - Episode 5-7

Colombo Cashmere Long Coat


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Big Love Signature Pullover


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Margot Crossbody Small Bag


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  1. Colombo Cashmere Long Coat
  2. Big Love Signature Pullover
  3. Margot Crossbody Small Bag

Look #8

This smile aimons navy sweatshirt is too cute to be overlooked. You can pair it with jeans when you go out or simply wear it with your pajamas as Se-Jeong did.

Smile Aimons Navy Sweat Shirt


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  1. Smile Aimons Navy Sweat Shirt

Look #9

In another comfortable top, Se-Jeong wore a bright smiley tie-dye sweater from Sandro.

Smiley Tie-Dye Sweater


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  1. Smiley Tie-Dye Sweater

Look #10

Episode 6 gave us one of our favorite outfits of Se-Jeong as she looked chic in a pretty black & white denim contrast houndstooth mini dress from SJYP paired with an elegant blouse from VEM.VER. Moreover, the long coat from MICHAA and the skin beige thigh-high boots from BRIANA made up for a warm and comfortable outfit. For the final touch, she wore a pair of ribbon pearl earrings from NUMBERING.

Basic Long Coat


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Houndstooth Mini Dress


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Elegant Back Tie Blouse


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Brioche XS Shoulder Bag


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Thigh High Boots


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Ribbon Pearl Earring


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  1. Basic Long Coat
  2. Houndstooth Mini Dress
  3. Elegant Back Tie Blouse
  4. Brioche XS Shoulder Bag
  5. Thigh High Boots
  6. Ribbon Pearl Earring

Look #11

This beige semi-formal look of hers was achieved with a classic herringbone jacket from VEM.VER and a stylish hound tooth check boot cut pants from OH L. She added a pop of color to her somber outfit with a light violet flower knit top also from OH L.

Classic Herringbone Jacket


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Flower Knit Top


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Check Boots Cut Pant


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  1. Classic Herringbone Jacket
  2. Flower Knit Top
  3. Check Boots Cut Pant

Look #12

Here, Se-Jeong carried a brown closet bag from AVAM to go with her outfit.

Closet Bag


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  1. Closet Bag

Look #13

Adding another item to Ha-Ri’s bag collection is this brown plain shoulder bag from Vanessa Bruno.

Business Proposal Kdrama Fashion - Kim Se-Jeong - Episode 6-4

Plain Shoulder Bag


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  1. Plain Shoulder Bag

Look #14

Se-Jeong’s final look for today features a quilting jumper from Studio Tomboy, the new Becky bag from AVAM, and chunky earrings Hyeres-lor. For footwear, she wore white & black Sherpa chuck 70 varsity sneakers from Converse.

Quilted Jumper


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Champagne Chunky Earring


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New Becky Bag


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Sherpa Chuck 70 Varsity Sneakers


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  1. Quilted Jumper
  2. Champagne Chunky Earring
  3. New Becky Bag
  4. Sherpa Chuck 70 Varsity Sneakers

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