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Seol In-Ah’s Fashion As Jin Young-Seo In K-Drama ‘Business Proposal’ Episodes 5-8

Business Proposal Fashion - Seol In-Ah - Episodes 5-8

Giving us a plethora of opportunities to laugh our hearts out and hold our breaths with its heart-fluttering moments, ‘Business Proposal’ has surely helped many of us escape the daily grind and find comfort and fun in SBS’s ultimate rom-com. Seol In-Ah continues to shine as Jin Young-Seo, and it’s imperative we continue the journey we started last time.

So, here’s a look at Seol In-Ah’s impeccable fashion as Jin Young-Seo through episodes 5 to 8.

Seol In-Ah's Fashion in Korean Drama Business Proposal Episodes 5-8

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Seol In-Ah’s Fashion in the K-Drama ‘Business Proposal’ Episodes 5-8

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Look #1

For the first look, we have In-Ah gracefully carrying a stylish Athe Vanessa Bruno shoulder bag that compliments her outfit perfectly.

Brioche Bag


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Look #2

Next, we get to see her in a smart and sophisticated look, donning a Danish 3-button twill jacket from Ahwe.

Danish 3-Button Twill Jacket


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Look #3

In-Ah chooses her jewelry pieces with care, and these silver from Hyeres-lor are quite the catch!

Herite Silver Emblem Earring


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Look #4

She goes for a cozy outfit next in a fuzzy ivory boucle cardigan from Rrace.

Boucle Cardigan


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Look #5

It’s still chilly outside despite the spring, and In-Ah beats the cold in a super fashionable herringbone basic collar long double coat from Moat, worn over a navy Dennis over-fit shirt from Ahwe.

Basic Collar Long Double Coat


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Dennis Over-Fit Shirt


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Look #6

Casual yet elegant seems to be the look In-Ah is going for here, as she dons light blue color block straight jeans from Leuni, while this vintage check skinny scarf only adds to her charm.

Color Block Straight Jeans


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Vintage Check Skinny Scarf


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Look #7

Lastly, we have In-Ah looking absolutely endearing and pretty in an eye-catching wool slim pad jacket two-piece from Dint.

Slim Pad Jacket Two-piece

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