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Kim Se-Jeong’s Fashion As Shin Ha-Ri In K-Drama ‘Business Proposal’ Episodes 1-2

Business Proposal Fashion - Kim Se-Jeong - Episodes 1-2

The webtoon-based drama, ‘Business Proposal’, is on to a great start and racking up the ratings as the episodes air. Starring Kim Se-Jeong as the female lead Shin Ha-Ri and Ahn Hyo-Seop as her workaholic boss Kang Tae-Moo, the lighthearted rom-com is a welcome watch. Moreover, it seems that we will be getting lots of memorable fashion moments from Se-Jeong.

Hence, without further ado, here are some of the stylish outfits showcased by Se-Jeong as Ha-Ri in the first two episodes of the drama.

Kim Se-Jeong's Fashion in Korean Drama Business Proposal Episodes 1-2

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Kim Se-Jeong’s Fashion in the K-Drama ‘Business Proposal’ Episodes 1-2

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Look #1

In the first episode, COURONNE‘s shoulder bag makes an appearance on Se-Jeong’s shoulders.

Rodine Shoulder Bag 26


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  1. Rodine Shoulder Bag 26

Look #2

We must say that beige is a good color on Se-Jeong after seeing her in this high neck knit top from RRACE.

High Neck Knit Top


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  1. High Neck Knit Top

Look #3

This adorable knitwear sported by Se-Jeong is from House Of Sunny and it’s definitely what has been missing from our wardrobe so far.

Free Willy Jumper


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  1. Free Willy Jumper

Look #4

Se-Jeong’s pink and white tweed mermaid dress from Avouavou is the perfect outfit for a day out with its dainty and classic style.

Business Proposal Kpop Fashion - Kim Se-Jeong - Episode 1-4

Tweed Mermaid Dress


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  1. Tweed Mermaid Dress

Look #5

Se-Jeong pulled off a glamorous look by pairing ALAÏA‘s black leather openwork corset belt with Essentiel Antwerp‘s lilac puff sleeve mini dress.

Puff Sleeve Mini Dress


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Leather Openwork Corset Belt


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  1. Puff Sleeve Mini Dress
  2. Leather Openwork Corset Belt

Look #6

Another stylish outfit is shown in the episode as she walked out in embroidered high-neck shirt and black crepe couture miniskirt from VALENTINO. She carried VALENTINO’s Roman stud medium leather shoulder bag to complete the ensemble.

Embroidered High-neck Shirt


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Black Crepe Couture Miniskirt


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Roman Stud Medium Bag


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  1. Embroidered High-neck Shirt
  2. Black Crepe Couture Miniskirt
  3. Roman Stud Medium Bag

Look #7

For her full glam look here, our focus was on the subtle yet luxurious jewelry pieces she wore. Unsurprisingly, she accessorized by wearing a set of BVLGARI pendant necklace and hoop earrings.

B.zero1 Hoop Earrings


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B.zero1 Rock Necklace


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  1. B.zero1 Hoop Earrings
  2. B.zero1 Rock Necklace

Look #8

You can achieve her laidback look in this scene by throwing on a light yellow corduroy anorak sweatshirt from ROLAROLA and slipping into a pair of comfy soft black jogger pants from STRETCH ANGELS.

Business Proposal Kpop Fashion - Kim Se-Jeong - Episode 1-8

Corduroy Anorak Sweatshirt


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Soft Jogger Pants


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  1. Corduroy Anorak Sweatshirt
  2. Soft Jogger Pants

Look #9

In this scene, Se-Jeong is seen wearing a trench wool coat from NEUL and carrying COURONNE’s tote bag.

Business Proposal Kpop Fashion - Kim Se-Jeong - Episode 1-9

Trench Wool Coat


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Swing Jean Tote Bag 20


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  1. Trench Wool Coat
  2. Swing Jean Tote Bag 20

Look #10

The second episode features Se-Jeong in a grey turtle neck and jacket from COIVANT. She added another fashionable bag to her collection with this LOEUVRE black Sac de Velo small shoulder bag.

Cumben Jacket


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Verive Turtle Neck Knit


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Sac de Velo Small Bag


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  1. Cumben Jacket
  2. Verive Turtle Neck Knit
  3. Sac de Velo Small Bag

Look #11

Looking like a ball of sunshine, Ha-Ri’s cozy fluffy lemon pants and hoodie are from ROLAROLA.

Cozy Fluffy Hoodie


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Cozy Fluffy Pants


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  1. Cozy Fluffy Hoodie
  2. Cozy Fluffy Pants

Look #12

Se-Jeong’s uniquely trendy cotton denim mini dress with a bow is from DSQUARED2.

Cotton Mini Dress W/bow


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  1. Cotton Mini Dress W/bow

Look #13

It’s fair to say that Se-Jeong literally sparked in this beautiful beaded tweed dress from Sincethen.

Beaded Tweed Dress


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  1. Beaded Tweed Dress

Look #14

This very chic outfit of Se-Jeong’s consists of a highly sophisticated new Virginia mini dress from Vivienne Westwood, black suede thigh-high boots from BRIANA, and Moschino‘s charm-detail tote bag.

New Virginia Mini Dress


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Thigh High Boots


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Charm-detail Tote Bag


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  1. New Virginia Mini Dress
  2. Thigh High Boots
  3. Charm-detail Tote Bag

Look #15

This pretty mint top is none other than the ruffle hem knit top from LANVIN.

Ruffle Hem Knit Top


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  1. Ruffle Hem Knit Top

Look #16

Wearing a logo button cropped jacket from LANVIN with matching khaki pants and carrying a mini TB crossbody bag from Burberry, Se-Jeong managed a formally put-together look.

Logo Button Crop Jacket


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Mini TB Crossbody Bag


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  1. Logo Button Crop Jacket
  2. Mini TB Crossbody Bag

Look #17

Se-Jeong looks stunning in a well-fitted 2-piece set from GUKA. She also exuded an air of elegance with BVLGARI’s Divas’ Dream pendant necklace and earrings.

Business Proposal Kpop Fashion - Kim Se-Jeong - Episode 2-8

Cherry Pants 2 Piece


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Divas' Dream Pendant Necklace


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Divas' Dream Earrings


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  1. Cherry Pants 2 Piece
  2. Divas' Dream Pendant Necklace
  3. Divas' Dream Earrings

Look #18

If you are in the mood of channeling retro trends into your everyday looks, then this multicolored fluffy knit sweater from Clumppy by Wiggle Wiggle is the outfit to wear.

Fluffy Knit


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  1. Fluffy Knit

Look #19

Se-Jeong’s final look for today is the cute witty bunny hoodie from KIRSH.

Witty Bunny Hoodie KA


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  1. Witty Bunny Hoodie KA

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