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Seol In-Ah’s Fashion As Jin Young-Seo In K-Drama ‘Business Proposal’ Episodes 9-12

Business Proposal Fashion - Seol In-Ah - Episodes 9-12

If you were to tell us it’s been more than 10 days since ‘Business Proposal’ concluded its run, we wouldn’t be able to believe it! However, that is the truth after all, and no matter how hard it is to say goodbye to this drama, we’re here to cover the last leg of Seol In-Ah’s fashion as Jin Young-Seo.

With impressive fashion that got everyone wishing for a wardrobe like hers, here’s a glance at more of Seol In-Ah’s super pretty looks as Jin Young-Seo through episodes 9 to 12.

Seol In-Ah's Fashion in Korean Drama Business Proposal Episodes 9-12

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Seol In-Ah’s Fashion in the K-Drama ‘Business Proposal’ Episodes 9-12

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Look #1

Seol In-Ah’s first look was a chic one, with the actress wearing a charcoal signature round-neck knit from Recto and the D Ring belted trousers from Re Rhee.

Signatured Round-neck Knit


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Look #2

Frida Volume Sleeve Knit


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Look #3

Dressed quite differently from how Jin Young-Seo usually would, Seol In-Ah looked amazing nonetheless, in a Dunst unisex loose-fit black shearling jacket.

Business Proposal Kdrama Fashion - Seol In-Ah - Episode 10-1

Loose-Fit Shearling Jacket


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Look #4

This stylish La Medusa handbag from Versace enhances her look tenfold!

La Medusa Medium Handbag


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Look #5

This one was definitely one to remember, and we cannot stop gushing over Seol In-Ah in a classic round jacket from RRace, carrying an intricately beautiful Editions corset 22 scalloped leather tote from ALAÏA to complete her fabulous outfit.

Business Proposal Kdrama Fashion - Seol In-Ah - Episode 11-2

Classic Round Jacket


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Look #6

This simple and elegant co cashmere button knit top from comb studio is the perfect pick for a soft, pretty look.

Business Proposal Kdrama Fashion - Seol In-Ah - Episode 12-1

Co Cashmere Button Knit Top


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Look #7

For her last look, we see Seol In-Ah nailing a smart open collar shirt Time, oozing charm.

Business Proposal Kdrama Fashion - Seol In-Ah - Episode 12-2

Open Collar Shirt


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