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Kim Se-Jeong’s Fashion As Shin Ha-Ri In K-Drama ‘Business Proposal’ Episodes 7-8

Business Proposal Fashion - Kim Se-Jeong - Episodes 7-8

We are here once again to examine the sources of the various style statements made by Kim Se-Jeong in the K-drama ‘Business Proposal’. Since her minimalistic everyday outfits are just as fashionable as her full-blown trendy outfits, we would not want to miss anything.

Therefore, we present you with Se-Jeong’s best outfits from the previous two episodes of the drama.

Kim Se-Jeong's Fashion in Korean Drama Business Proposal Episodes 7-8

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Kim Se-Jeong’s Fashion in the K-Drama ‘Business Proposal’ Episodes 7-8

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Look #1

One of the first looks from episode 7 has Se-Jeong in a solid beige cardigan from STUDIO TOMBOY. She also had on a snuggly muffler from GROVE.

Business Proposal Kdrama Fashion - Kim Se-Jeong - Episode 7-1

Solid Cardigan


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Winter Lian Muffler


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  1. Solid Cardigan
  2. Winter Lian Muffler

Look #2

Though it is Spring in real life, Ha-Ri’s cashmere coat from DYS makes us miss the cozy wintery fashion. She opted for black ankle boots from REKKEN and carried a Camellia mini rollback bag from BELVEDERE. Don’t forget to watch out for her breeze dot earring from GETMEBLING.

Dolce Coat


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Breeze Dot Earring


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Camelia Mini Roll Bag


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Ankle Boots


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  1. Dolce Coat
  2. Breeze Dot Earring
  3. Camelia Mini Roll Bag
  4. Ankle Boots

Look #3

For this look, Se-Jeong styled a volume sleeve blouse with a cropped jacket from roem.

Cropped Jacket


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Volume Sleeve Blouse


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  1. Cropped Jacket
  2. Volume Sleeve Blouse

Look #4

In episode 8, we see Ha-Ri in a summer cardigan from tetu worn over an everyday colorblock oversized shirt from VOCAVACA.

Summer Cardigan


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Everyday Colorblock Oversized Shirt


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  1. Summer Cardigan
  2. Everyday Colorblock Oversized Shirt

Look #5

This lavender wide collar zip-up top from BENSIMON is a cute piece of clothing that we simply need in our closet.

Business Proposal Kdrama Fashion - Kim Se-Jeong - Episode 8-2

Wide Collar Crop Top


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  1. Wide Collar Crop Top

Look #6

Se-Jeong’s uber-stylish dark purple cardigan is from BLANC & ECLARE.



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  1. Becca

Look #7

Lastly, we came across a Jimmy Choo‘s Varenne leather satchel bag strapped over her shoulders.

Business Proposal Kdrama Fashion - Kim Se-Jeong - Episode 8-4

Check Short Jacket


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Varenne Leather Satchel Bag


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  2. Varenne Leather Satchel Bag

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