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Jeon Yeo-Bin’s Fashion As Hong Cha-Young In K-Drama ‘Vincenzo’ Episodes 13-16

Vincenzo Fashion - Jeon Yeo-Bin - Episodes 13-16

A lot of working ladies are turning to Hong Cha-Young as a great source of chic office style inspiration! Played by actress Jeon Yeo-Bin, Cha-Young is a lawyer who gives her best shot in all her cases. Rock her lady boss look with the pieces that she wore in the latest releases of Vincenzo.

Here are her amazing looks from Vincenzo’s episodes 13 to 16.

Jeon Yeo-Bin's Fashion in Korean Drama Vincenzo Episodes 13-16

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Jeon Yeo-Bin’s Fashion in Episodes 13-16 of K-drama ‘Vincenzo’

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Look #1

It’s amazing how this pair of Attract pear-stud earrings from Swarovski added a great dose of elegance to her wool coat from Blossom.

Vincenzo Kdrama Fashion - Jeon Yeo-Bin - Episode 13-1

Essen Wool Magnet Coat


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Attract Pear Stud Pierced Earrings


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  1. Essen Wool Magnet Coat
  2. Attract Pear Stud Pierced Earrings

Look #2

Yeo-Bin looked great in this matching collarless voluminous blazer and straight-fit trousers from BAU by Bride and You.

Vincenzo Kdrama Fashion - Jeon Yeo-Bin - Episode 13-2

Collarless Voluminous Constructed Blazer


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Jade Straight Fit Trousers


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  1. Collarless Voluminous Constructed Blazer
  2. Jade Straight Fit Trousers

Look #3

Catch Yeo-Bin in this cool pintuck blouse and jacket both by Lynn styled with Valentino‘s VSling shoulder bag.

Falls Modern Jacket


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Tie Pintuck Blouse


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Medium VSLING Shoulder Bag


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  1. Falls Modern Jacket
  2. Tie Pintuck Blouse
  3. Medium VSLING Shoulder Bag

Look #4

She kept it light and cozy with this shirt from Kindersalmon and an oversized blazer from Gabriel Lee. To nail her fit, she wore the Michael Kors Soho quilted cross-body bag.

Vincenzo Kdrama Fashion - Jeon Yeo-Bin - Episode 14-2

Oversized Blazer


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Poplin Shirts Cream


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Soho Quilted Crossbody Bag


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  1. Oversized Blazer
  2. Poplin Shirts Cream
  3. Soho Quilted Crossbody Bag

Look #5

To get this look, be sure to pair Max Mara‘s Accorta blazer with the brand’s Kirsch pleated wide-leg pants. Then carry this Margo classic satchel from Joy Gryson.

Accorta Virgin Wool Blazer


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Kirsch Pleated Wide-leg Pants


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Margo Classic Satchel Bag


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  1. Accorta Virgin Wool Blazer
  2. Kirsch Pleated Wide-leg Pants
  3. Margo Classic Satchel Bag

Look #6

Level up your accessory game like Yeo-Bin with the Time pierced earring cuff from Swarovski and the Naomi cross-body bag from Joy Gryson.

Time Pierced Earring Cuff


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Naomi Cross Body Bag


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  1. Time Pierced Earring Cuff
  2. Naomi Cross Body Bag

Look #7

She can also be seen with two pieces from Lehho namely the Ouroboros jacket and the Portal Sailor pants! She topped the look with these Attract Trilogy earrings by Swarovski.

Ouroboros Jacket


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Portal Sailor Pant


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Pierced Earrings


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  1. Ouroboros Jacket
  2. Portal Sailor Pant
  3. Pierced Earrings

Look #8

Yeo-Bin styled this dress by Lynn with a pair of Roger Vivier Bouquet crystal-embellished satin pumps. She added more shine with Roger Vivier’s crystal buckle satin envelope clutch with Swarovski’s Sparkling Dance Dial Up earrings and matching necklace.

Double Button Modern Dress


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Pierced Earrings


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Sparkling Dance Dial Up Necklace


Buy from here
Crystal Buckle Envelope Clutch


Buy from here
Bouquet Satin Pumps


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  1. Double Button Modern Dress
  2. Pierced Earrings
  3. Sparkling Dance Dial Up Necklace
  4. Crystal Buckle Envelope Clutch
  5. Bouquet Satin Pumps

Look #9

This layered fit is composed of a logo-embroidered shirt from Off-White, the LIEL jacket and wool tuck pants both from Blossom.

Liel Wool Three Button Jacket


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Liel Wool Tuck Pants


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Logo-embroidered Shirt


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  1. Liel Wool Three Button Jacket
  2. Liel Wool Tuck Pants
  3. Logo-embroidered Shirt

Look #10

A rundown of this look includes Michael Kors’ blazer and Lehho’s Ophelie satin blouse. Bags showcased include the Margo satchel bag and the Naomi embossed crossbody bag both by Joy Gryson. She nailed the look with Bulgari’s Serpenti Viper earrings.

Crushed-Sleeve Blazer


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Ophelie Satin Blouse


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Tuck Point Belted Trousers


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Margo Classic Satchel Bag


Buy from here
Naomi Embossed Edition Bag


Buy from here
Serpenti Viper Hoop Earrings


Buy from here
  1. Crushed-Sleeve Blazer
  2. Ophelie Satin Blouse
  3. Tuck Point Belted Trousers
  4. Margo Classic Satchel Bag
  5. Naomi Embossed Edition Bag
  6. Serpenti Viper Hoop Earrings

Look #11

This outfit shines brighter because of Swarovski’s Infinity pierced earrings.

Infinity Pierced Earrings


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  1. Infinity Pierced Earrings

Look #12

Yeo-Bin’s Off-White ensemble features a blazer, a pleated skirt, and the Twist Jitney tote bag from the brand. For a little extra chic touch she got this Twist Rows ring from Swarovski and carried another bag such as this Mago satchel from Joy Gryson.

Logo-script Blazer


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Liquid Melt Pleated Skirt


Buy from here
Twist Jitney 1.4 Tote Bag


Buy from here
Mago Satchel Bag


Buy from here
Twist Rows Ring


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  1. Logo-script Blazer
  2. Liquid Melt Pleated Skirt
  3. Twist Jitney 1.4 Tote Bag
  4. Mago Satchel Bag
  5. Twist Rows Ring

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