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Jeon Yeo-Bin’s Fashion As Hong Cha-Young In K-Drama ‘Vincenzo’ Episodes 5-8

Vincenzo Fashion - Jeon Yeo-Bin - Episodes 5-8

Whether you’re a lawyer or someone who works at a corporate office, you can pick up style tricks from Jeon Yeo-Bin‘s fashion in Vincenzo. Her role as head-strong lawyer Hong Cha-Young paints her as a modern lady boss who uses her skill to win her cases.

Add a chic twist to your girl power wardrobe on or off the working hours! Here are some of Yeo-Bin’s best looks from ‘Vincenzo’ episodes 5 to 8.

Jeon Yeo-Bin's Fashion in Korean Drama Vincenzo Episodes 5-8

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Jeon Yeo-Bin’s Fashion in Episodes 5-8 of K-drama ‘Vincenzo’

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Look #1

For a play on texture, she got this faux leather shirt jacket from LIST then added a shiny touch with Swarovski‘s Crystal Flower watch.

Fake Leather Shirt Jacket


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Crystal Flower Watch


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  1. Fake Leather Shirt Jacket
  2. Crystal Flower Watch

Look #2

To complete this look, she carried the Row tote bag from IINES and got a pair of Swarovski’s Tennis deluxe earrings.

Row Tote Bag


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Tennis Deluxe Pierced Earrings


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  1. Row Tote Bag
  2. Tennis Deluxe Pierced Earrings

Look #3

Yeo-Bin wore this ribbon blouse from LYNN under a blazer and then carried The Tall Story bag from Alexander McQueen.  For the Swarovski touch, she got the Tennis Deluxe Cluster earrings, too.

Double Button Slim Dress


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Ruched-neck Ribbon Blouse


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The Tall Story Shoulder Bag


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Pierced Earrings


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  1. Double Button Slim Dress
  2. Ruched-neck Ribbon Blouse
  3. The Tall Story Shoulder Bag
  4. Pierced Earrings

Look #4

Yeo-Bin got this pair of slim wool slacks from LYNN then wore Cendrillon‘s Adelaide Saffiano pumps. For her bag and accessory, she got Joy Gryson‘s Margo classic satchel bag and Swarovski’s Time hoop earrings.

Modern Wool Jacket


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Slim Wool Slacks


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Margo Classic Satchel Bag


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Adelaide Saffiano


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Time Hoop Pierced Earrings


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  1. Modern Wool Jacket
  2. Slim Wool Slacks
  3. Margo Classic Satchel Bag
  4. Adelaide Saffiano
  5. Time Hoop Pierced Earrings
  6. Kirsten_C1

Look #5

She can be spotted styling this oversized blazer from Moon Choi with Swarovski’s Sparkling Dance earrings and necklace, too! To complete her outfit, she opted to carry this Mago satchel bag from Joy Gryson.

Oversized Blazer


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Sparkling Dance Pierced Earrings


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North Necklace


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Mago Satchel Bag


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  1. Oversized Blazer
  2. Sparkling Dance Pierced Earrings
  3. North Necklace
  4. Mago Satchel Bag

Look #6

For a run-down of this look, Yeo-Bin wore Celine‘s classic jacket in military gabardine and got Salvatore Ferragamo‘s Gancini tote. She nailed the look with Swarovski’s Creativity Circle earrings.

Classic Jacket


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Gancini Tote Bag


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Creativity Circle Pierced Earrings


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  1. Classic Jacket
  2. Gancini Tote Bag
  3. Creativity Circle Pierced Earrings

Look #7

Yeo-Bin’s classic corporate style features LYNN’s button jacket and matching slacks. She styled it with the Crystal Flower watch by Swarovski and Joy Gryson’s Darby tote bag.

Elegance Buttoned Jacket


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Elegance Slacks


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Darby Tote Medium


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Crystal Flower Watch


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  1. Elegance Buttoned Jacket
  2. Elegance Slacks
  3. Darby Tote Medium
  4. Crystal Flower Watch

Look #8

She looks every inch the lady boss in Lynn’s lace modern dress and Bottega Veneta‘s Intrecciate leather tote bag.

Vincenzo Kdrama Fashion - Jeon Yeo-Bin - Episode 8-1

Lace Modern Dress


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Intrecciato Leather Tote Bag


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  1. Lace Modern Dress
  2. Intrecciato Leather Tote Bag

Look #9

Yeo-Bin’s Tennis Deluxe mixed hoop earrings take the spotlight in this outfit.

Tennis Deluxe Hoop Earrings


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  1. Tennis Deluxe Hoop Earrings

Look #10

This cozy Clove outfit features the brand’s active sweat hoodie, argyle knit vest, and wool knit beanie.

Active Sweat Hoody


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Argyle Knit Vest


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Wool Knit Beanie


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  1. Active Sweat Hoody
  2. Argyle Knit Vest
  3. Wool Knit Beanie

Look #11

In this scene, she had Marni‘s black trunk bag to match her outfit.

Vincenzo Kdrama Fashion - Jeon Yeo-Bin - Episode 8-4

Black Saffiano Medium Trunk Bag


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  1. Black Saffiano Medium Trunk Bag

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