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Kim Se-Jeong’s Fashion As Shin Ha-Ri In K-Drama ‘Business Proposal’ Episodes 3-4

Business Proposal Fashion - Kim Se-Jeong - Episodes 3-4

Well, it seems like we are not the only ones who are thoroughly enjoying ‘Business Proposal’ as the drama skyrocketed in popularity with its latest episodes. It is an enjoyable watch with its unabashed portrayal of age-old romantic tropes and self-awareness humor. Also, Kim Se-Jeong‘s wardrobe keeps pulling us in for more.

Therefore, we have managed to compile a set of outfits worn by Se-Jeong as Shin Ha-Ri in the previous two episodes of the drama.

Kim Se-Jeong's Fashion in Korean Drama Business Proposal Episodes 3-4

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Kim Se-Jeong’s Fashion in the K-Drama ‘Business Proposal’ Episodes 3-4

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Look #1

In episode 3, her GUKA check set-up looked straight out of the fashion cult movie ‘Clueless’ with its 90s-inspired check-patterned jacket and skirt.

Business Proposal Kdrama Fashion - Kim Se-Jeong - Episode 3-1

Look #2

Her adorable varsity logo sweatshirt in this scene is from Sandro.

Iberia Varsity Logo Sweatshirt


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Look #3

For a laidback stay at home, Se-Jeong’s BLUR edition sweatshirt and sweatpants in brown from BLUR1.0 capture the right mood.

Blur Edition Sweatshirt


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Blur Edition Sweat Pants


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Look #4

Se-Jeong’s chic outfit in this scene was achieved with the help of a red cape coat from KHINIC and the Willis top handle bag from COACH.

Business Proposal Kdrama Fashion - Kim Se-Jeong - Episode 3-4

Yuil Cape Coat


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Willis Top-Handle Bag


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  1. Yuil Cape Coat
  2. Willis Top-Handle Bag

Look #5

This grey ‘You My Love’ sweatshirt Se-Jeong wears is from AMONG.

Look #6

Se-Jeong’s all-white outfit here consists of a trimming tweed jacket and skirt from O!Oi and a buttercream grace jacket from NEUL. Moreover, she wore a pretty pair of patent leather pumps from NODALETO and carried Prada‘s Galleria tote bag.

Grace Jacket


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Trimming Crop Tweed Jacket


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Trimming Tweed Skirt


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Galleria Tote Bag


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Bulla Babies Pumps


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  2. Trimming Crop Tweed Jacket
  3. Trimming Tweed Skirt
  4. Galleria Tote Bag
  5. Bulla Babies Pumps

Look #7

We are loving the assortment of casual wear shown so far as Se-Jeong chills in an off-white logo graphic hoodie from Marc Jacobs.

Off-White Logo Graphic Hoodie


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Look #8

At this point, we think that checks are Se-Jeong’s favorite pattern (and rightfully so) because episode 4 features yet another stylish round-neck check jacket from tetu.

Round Neck Check Jacket


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Look #9

This brown punk bear fleece jacket from CLUT STUDIO is too cute to be true. Not only is it cozy but it also oozes charm.

0 5 Punk Bear Fleece Jacket


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Look #10

Se-Jeong’s fashion game is on point as she cut a stunning figure in a white C checked double button jacket from curetty and carried a Madeline crystal-buckle crossbody bag from Jimmy Choo.

Business Proposal Kdrama Fashion - Kim Se-Jeong - Episode 4-3

C Check Double Button Jacket


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Madeline Crystal-buckle Bag


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  2. Madeline Crystal-buckle Bag

Look #11

Se-Jeong’s final outfit for today is a glamorous one that is perfect for a date night out. She wore an ivory round collar slim frill medium dress from Dint and carried a stylish Salvatore Ferragamo double Gancio shoulder bag. Not to mention, her angel wing earrings from GETMEBLING are a mark of great styling.

Business Proposal Kdrama Fashion - Kim Se-Jeong - Episode 4-4

Round Collar Slim Frill Dress


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Double Gancio Shoulder Bag


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Angel Wing Earring


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  3. Angel Wing Earring

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