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Jeon Mi-Do’s Fashion As Jeong Chan-Young In K-Drama ‘Thirty-Nine’ Episodes 1-4

Thirty-Nine Fashion - Jeon Mi-Do - Episodes 1-4

Depicting the story of three women nearing the age of forty, JTBC’s newest drama, ‘Thirty-Nine’ has been garnering phenomenal ratings ever since it premiered on February 16. It is absolutely heartfelt and features a brilliant main cast, all of whom are actually the age their characters are in the drama, making it extra special. One of our three female leads is Jeon Mi-Do in a totally fresh persona and look as Jeong Chan-Young, an upfront acting teacher, and we’re undeniably loving it!

So, here’s a look at Jeon Mi-Do’s fashion as we begin following her on her journey of warm friendship and love through episodes 1 to 4 of the show.

Jeon Mi-Do's Fashion in Korean Drama Thirty-Nine Episodes 1-4

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Jeon Mi-Do’s Fashion in the K-Drama ‘Thirty-Nine’ Episodes 1-4

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Look #1

For her first look, we have Mi-Do in a pretty orange open collar linen knit from 38comeoncommon.

Open Collar Linen Knit


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  1. Open Collar Linen Knit

Look #2

Here she looks comfortable and classy in a beige stripe knit top from A.T. Corner paired with Nuvo.10’s boots cut pants that she complements with a pair of toffee-colored strappy sandals from Briana, a dainty medium Triomphe bag from Celine, and a Marie mini pendant charm from Monica Vinader.

Stripe Collar Short Knit


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Inside Slit Boots Cut Pants


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Medium Triomphe Bag


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Strappy Sandals


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Marie Mini Pendant Charm


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  1. Stripe Collar Short Knit
  2. Inside Slit Boots Cut Pants
  3. Medium Triomphe Bag
  4. Strappy Sandals
  5. Marie Mini Pendant Charm

Look #3

Her next ensemble is a polished one consisting of a smart slim knit top from theActually, and black slacks from Bjoue. To go with this she has on the pretty Noailles earrings and a khaki Heriter bracelet from Hyeres-lor, while a stylish Cassette bag from Bottega Veneta completes her look.

Stripe Point Slim Knit


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Mason Stitch Signature Slacks


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Noailles Silver Circle_Bar Earring


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Heriter String Bracelet


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Cassette Shoulder Bag


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  1. Stripe Point Slim Knit
  2. Mason Stitch Signature Slacks
  3. Noailles Silver Circle_Bar Earring
  4. Heriter String Bracelet
  5. Cassette Shoulder Bag

Look #4

Mi-Do’s semi-formal look is top-notch in this Frontrow X Eenk scarf layered shirt with blue stripes, and she has the perfect red classic bag from Celine to go with this.

Scarf Layered Shirt


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Medium Classic Bag


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  1. Scarf Layered Shirt
  2. Medium Classic Bag

Look #5

This cute hoodie from Acne Studios looks warm and comfy.

Thirty-Nine Kdrama Fashion - Jeon Mi-Do - Episode 2-2

Face Patch Hoodie


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  1. Face Patch Hoodie

Look #6

These wide-fit pants from complement her flowy top perfectly!

Short Sleeve Frill Blouse


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Wide Fit Pants


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  1. Short Sleeve Frill Blouse
  2. Wide Fit Pants

Look #7

Mi-Do delivers yet another sophisticated look in a crisp ring button collar shirt from Hacie.

Ring Button Pointed Collar Shirts


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  1. Ring Button Pointed Collar Shirts

Look #8

This Nonlocal wholegarment shawl and popping yellow-colored Mulberry leather satchel make her look bright and youthful.

Wholegarment Shawl


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Small Sadie Leather Satchel


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  1. Wholegarment Shawl
  2. Small Sadie Leather Satchel

Look #9

Button-up shirts are Mi-Do’s thing, and this orange belt detail shirt from Wooyoungmi is an eye-catcher.

Orange Belt Detail Shirt


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  1. Orange Belt Detail Shirt

Look #10

Here she embraces black in an exquisite square-neck knit top from Leha and pairs it with a mini sculptural shoulder bag from Alexander McQueen that she carries in style.

Thirty-Nine Kdrama Fashion - Jeon Mi-Do - Episode 4-1

Kate Square-neck Knit Top


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Mini Sculptural Four-ring Bag


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  1. Kate Square-neck Knit Top
  2. Mini Sculptural Four-ring Bag

Look #11

Mi-Do’s outfit here looks absolutely cool with this Marni multi-colored tote bag perfectly contrasting this Mana heart patch cardigan from Zadig&Voltaire.

Mana Heart Patch Cardigan


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Museo Soft Mini Tote


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  1. Mana Heart Patch Cardigan
  2. Museo Soft Mini Tote

Look #12

Loeuvre’s unique lavender-colored knit top paired with a trendy triangle-buckle leather belt from Bottega Veneta accounts for a lovely look, with a Joy Gryson Margo satchel bag coming straight out of Mi-Do’s impeccable bags collection.

Cross Overwrap Knit


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Margo Satchel Bag


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Triangle-buckle Leather Belt


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  1. Cross Overwrap Knit
  2. Margo Satchel Bag
  3. Triangle-buckle Leather Belt

Look #13

This Save The Earth sweatshirt from SJYP seems to be perfect for comfortable loungewear.

Save The Earth Sweatshirt


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Bergamot Pajama Check Pants


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  1. Save The Earth Sweatshirt
  2. Bergamot Pajama Check Pants

Look #14

Mi-Do oozes charisma in an alice + olivia Willa cargo pocket top, delivering yet another chic look.

Thirty-Nine Kdrama Fashion - Jeon Mi-Do - Episode 4-5

Willa Cargo Pocket Top


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  1. Willa Cargo Pocket Top

Look #15

Lastly, we have Mi-Do in a distinctive ensemble consisting of a Fairy Flowers print belted shirt and matching print trousers from Valentino, paired with a designer stud sign shoulder bag also from Valentino.

Fairy Flowers Print Belted Shirt


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Fairy Flowers Print Trousers


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Stud Sign Shoulder Bag


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  1. Fairy Flowers Print Belted Shirt
  2. Fairy Flowers Print Trousers
  3. Stud Sign Shoulder Bag

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