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4 Work-From-Home Outfit Ideas From Korean Celebrities To Boost Your Productivity

4 Work-From-Home Outfit Ideas From Korean Celebs

Half of the working force in the world is now working from home. As fashionistas, even when we have no one to show, we are not giving up on our Spring/Summer 2020 wardrobe. Plus, psychologically, when you see yourself all dressed up in a considered outfit, your productivity will be significantly increased as well.

Today we have put together some work-from-home outfit ideas from your favorite K-stars to get you all inspired. No, you don’t need to compromise on your comfort of course, but let’s also make sure you can grab your phone and share an Instagram-ready #workfromhome outfit that still looks super chic and fashionable!

4 Work-From-Home Outfit Ideas From Korean Celebrities

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T-shirts + Jeans

This all-time chic combo may be many people’s go-to choice.  Grab one of your favorite t-shirts and pair it with a pair of jeans, BOOM! You have your perfect chic outfit for your working from home day.

Joy (Red Velvet)

Work From Home Outfit Idea - Red Velvet Joy

Go with minimalist style and play with the classic black and white color contrast idea like Red Velvet‘s Joy.


Work From Home Outfit Idea - Suzy

Feeling a little bit down? Why not let the tropical colors bring you a beam of Mediterranean sunshine? Suzy created a super laidback look with an oversized tee, baggy jeans, and high-rise sneakers.


Work From Home Outfit Idea - Taeyeon

Release your playful inner self by wearing your favorite graphic tee and jeans along with your “focusing” playlist will definitely boost your productivity and make you feel like you can do anything. You can see it on Taeyeon’s face :p

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Oversized Sweaters

Don’t feel particularly “hyper” today? Well, good news! You don’t need to push yourself that extra mile to impress your boss across the room, becaaaause, ya working at home! Pull out your oversized cozy sweaters, make a cut of coffee (or tea) and curl up with a big pillow beside the window along with lounge jazz. It will set you into a perfect mood to start your day.


Work From Home Outfit Idea - Sooyoung

Pair your oversized sweater with a pleated skirt and put on your fluffy long socks to keep you all snuggled up. Even if you have to pick up an emergency meeting call, you will still look chic on camera but comfortable and chill outside of the camera.


Work From Home Outfit Idea - Hyomin

Or you can throw in a bit of an attitude like how Hyomin did.

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Sweatshirts + Sweatpants

We all have been told in our life: “No, you shouldn’t be wearing sweatpants to work”. Ummm, yes we can. We don’t necessarily need to look sluggish wearing sweatshirts and sweatpants though, like many conservative minds may believe. Fashionistas, if you want to check your box on working with sweatpants in style, this is your chance.


Work From Home Outfit Idea - IU

Choose a bold color and make sure you have flawless makeup and a cute hairstyle like IU here.

Park Min-Young

Work From Home Outfit Idea - Park Min-young

Keep it simple and clean, choosing the right color combo does have a spirit-lifting power. If you want to have a refreshing casual look, try Park Min-Young’s look.

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Many of you may have already jumped on the legging trend last year. However, even if you still have your concerns, this is the perfect time to try it out. Needless to say, they are extremely comfortable to wear, and you can even switch between your daily workout look and your working outfit seamlessly.

Seolhyun (AOA)

Work From Home Outfit Idea - AOA Seolhyun

Get inspired by AOA‘s Seolhyun. Pair your leggings with a sweatshirt for a super comfy look, which you can do a dozen squats easily and within seconds. Also, throw on an oversized jacket and you are ready to report to your boss.

Naeun (APINK)

Work From Home Outfit Idea - Apink Naeun

The best way to keep yourself in shape during the quarantine period is to closely monitor your body. There is no better way to do that than wearing your sexy leggings and a cropped top like Naeun (APINK) did here to keep yourself in check all the time.

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Which of these will be your go-to outfits to wear while working from home?

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