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SEVENTEEN’s Fiery Fashion In Their Music Video For ‘Hot’ Is All The Rage


SEVENTEEN‘s fourth studio album ‘Face The Sun’ is out now. Its lead single released on May 27, is absolutely ‘HOT’ just like its name. The members’ eclectic fashion in the MV makes them look fierce, funky, and fun, and we can’t wait to share all their looks with you!

So, here we are with a list of the outfits sported by the members of SEVENTEEN in their latest music video for ‘Hot’.

A Fashion Breakdown On SEVENTEEN's Hot MV

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SEVENTEEN’s ‘Hot’ MV Fashion

Mingyu’s Look #1

Mingyu‘s first look is terrific as he dons a Palm Angels palm tree-print bomber jacket and Rick Owens zip-detail straight-leg trousers.

SEVENTEEN Hot MV Kpop Fashion - Mingyu - Look 1

Palm Tree-print Bomber Jacket


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Zip-detail Straight-leg Trousers


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  1. Palm Tree-print Bomber Jacket
  2. Zip-detail Straight-leg Trousers

Mingyu’s Look #2

Leopard print has a fanbase of its own and Mingyu totally rocks these snow leopard print trousers from Roberto Cavalli that he pairs with a Balmain white crepe blazer and leather square toe loafers from Martine Rose for a flattering look.

White Crepe Blazer


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Snow Leopard Print Trousers


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Leather Squared Toe Loafers


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  1. White Crepe Blazer
  2. Snow Leopard Print Trousers
  3. Leather Squared Toe Loafers

The8’s Look #1

The8 paints a formidably stylish picture in this logo-patch sleeveless jacket from Vetements.

Logo-patch Sleeveless Jacket


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  1. Logo-patch Sleeveless Jacket

The8’s Look #2

This Charles Jeffrey Loverboy x George Allen Loverboy top with its unique and alluring pattern is a scene-stealer.



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Matte Puddle Chelsea Boots


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  1. Top
  2. Matte Puddle Chelsea Boots

Jun’s Look #1

It is impossible to take your eyes off this silver nylon teddy jacket from Celine.

SEVENTEEN Hot MV Kpop Fashion - Jun - Look 1

Nylon Teddy Jacket


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  1. Nylon Teddy Jacket

Jun’s Look #2 

Jun‘s next look has him wearing AGR abstract-print straight leg jeans and a color-block embroidered-logo T-shirt from Rhude for a fascinating look.

Colour-block T-shirt


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Abstract-print Jeans


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  1. Colour-block T-shirt
  2. Abstract-print Jeans

DK’s Look #1

DK exudes charisma in this tie-dyed cotton bomber jacket from Celine.

SEVENTEEN Hot MV Kpop Fashion - DK - Look 1

Tie-Dyed Cotton Bomber Jacket


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  1. Tie-Dyed Cotton Bomber Jacket

DK’s Look #2

For an equally appealing look, we see him next in a 1017 ALYX 9SM graphic zip shirt.

Graphic-print Zip-up Shirt


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  1. Graphic-print Zip-up Shirt

DK’s Look #3

Here, DK pairs crescent moon-print paneled jeans with a matching crescent moon-print denim jacket from Marine Serre for a dapper all-black look.

Crescent Moon-print Jacket


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Crescent Moon Print Jeans


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  1. Crescent Moon-print Jacket
  2. Crescent Moon Print Jeans

Seungkwan’s Look #1

Seungkwan looks fearless in a striking graphic-print silk bomber jacket and completes his outfit with these chain detail boots, both from Amiri.

SEVENTEEN Hot MV Kpop Fashion - Seungkwan - Look 1

Graphic-print Silk Bomber Jacket


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Chain Detail Boots


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  1. Graphic-print Silk Bomber Jacket
  2. Chain Detail Boots

Seungkwan’s Look #2

For this classic black & white look, he pairs together a checkered pattern T-shirt and a trendy Teddy 80s zip bomber jacket from Saint Laurent.

Teddy 80s Zip Bomber Jacket


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  1. Teddy 80s Zip Bomber Jacket
  2. T-shirt

Joshua’s Look #1 

Joshua‘s tall and brooding persona gets amplified in this graphic-print single-breasted blazer from Raf Simons.

Graphic-print Blazer


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  1. Graphic-print Blazer

Joshua’s Look #2 

He looks charming in this black satin varsity jacket with artist embroidery from Celine for his second look.

Satin Varsity Jacket


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  1. Satin Varsity Jacket

Hoshi’s Look #1

Hoshi stands out in a golf abstract-pattern long-sleeved shirt from Rick Owens worn over a perforated logo tank top from Charles Jeffrey Loverboy.

SEVENTEEN Hot MV Kpop Fashion - Hoshi - Look 1

Golf Abstract-pattern Shirt


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Perforated Logo Tank Top


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  1. Golf Abstract-pattern Shirt
  2. Perforated Logo Tank Top

Hoshi’s Look #2

His punk look here consists of a graphic-print layered T-shirt from Raf Simons that he pairs with a grey BB sprayed cap from Balenciaga.

Graphic-print Layered T-shirt


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High Waisted Denim Pants


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BB Sprayed Cap


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Puddle Lace-Up Boots


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  1. Graphic-print Layered T-shirt
  2. High Waisted Denim Pants
  3. BB Sprayed Cap
  4. Puddle Lace-Up Boots

Hoshi’s Look #3

In a completely fresh and diverse look, we see Hoshi in an intricate Amiri tapestry long-sleeve bowling shirt and matching tapestry-print flared trousers.

Tapestry Bowling Shirt


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Tapestry-print Flared Trousers


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  1. Tapestry Bowling Shirt
  2. Tapestry-print Flared Trousers

Dino’s Look #1

Dino‘s first fierce look has him in a black off-white bandana bomber jacket from Rhude.

Bandana Bomber Jacket


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  1. Bandana Bomber Jacket

Dino’s Look #2

Next, he ups the ante in a tasteful black Ernest W. Baker quilted lamb leather vest and matching God’s Masterful Children Harley distressed wax-applique jeans.

Quilted Lamb Leather Vest


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Distressed Wax-appliqué Jeans


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  1. Quilted Lamb Leather Vest
  2. Distressed Wax-appliqué Jeans

Woozi’s Look

Woozi‘s suave look consists of classic floral print jeans and a floral print denim jacket from Ernest W. Baker paired with Prada‘s cloudburst thunder metallic chunky sneakers.

Floral Print Denim Jacket


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Floral Print Jeans


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Metallic Chunky Sneakers


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  1. Floral Print Denim Jacket
  2. Floral Print Jeans
  3. Metallic Chunky Sneakers

Wonwoo’s Look

Wonwoo looks stunning in one of a kind caterpillar pants and jacket from Bottega Veneta, paired with black bounce calfskin loafers.

SEVENTEEN Hot MV Kpop Fashion - Wonwoo - Look 1



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Bounce Calfskin Loafers


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  1. Jacket
  2. Pants
  3. Bounce Calfskin Loafers

S.Coups’ Look #1

S.Coups‘ aura is unmatchable in this Balenciaga inside-out single-breasted blazer.

SEVENTEEN Hot MV Kpop Fashion - S.Coups - Look 1

Inside-out Blazer


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  1. Inside-out Blazer

S.Coups’ Look #2

Multiple Pockets Bomber Jacket


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Cargo Pants


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  1. Multiple Pockets Bomber Jacket
  2. Cargo Pants

S.Coups’ Look #3

Zebra-print Light Track Jacket


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Zebra Vicose & Cotton Pants


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Trooper Square-toe Ankle Boots


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  1. Zebra-print Light Track Jacket
  2. Zebra Vicose & Cotton Pants
  3. Trooper Square-toe Ankle Boots

Vernon’s Look

Vernon‘s incredibly suave ensemble consists of a colorful abstract-print lightweight jacket from Martine Rose worn over a Namesake oversize tee and fashionable faded slim-cut jeans from Dsquared2.

Abstract-print Jacket


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Mayo Oversize Courtside Tee


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Faded Slim-cut Jeans


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  1. Abstract-print Jacket
  2. Mayo Oversize Courtside Tee
  3. Faded Slim-cut Jeans

Jeonghan’s Look

Jeonghan‘s fun and stylish outfit consists of this eye-catching bomber jacket and straight-leg jeans from Versace.

Reversible Bomber Jacket


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Straight-leg Jeans


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La Medusa Logo-buckle Belt


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  1. Reversible Bomber Jacket
  2. Straight-leg Jeans
  3. La Medusa Logo-buckle Belt

Whose outfits do you like best?

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