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Son Ye-Jin’s Fashion As Cha Mi-Jo In K-Drama ‘Thirty-Nine’ Episodes 7-8

Thirty-Nine Fashion - Son Ye-Jin - Episodes 7-8

Here we are again, admiring the incredible fashion picks of the star of ‘Thirty-Nine’, Son Ye-Jin. Fans of the K-drama don’t just watch it to enjoy its unique storyline of the three besties or the on-point acting featured in the show, but also for the fashion show displayed by the pretty Ye-Jin each and every episode.

Today, we’re breaking down Son Ye-Jin’s outstanding looks featured in both episodes 7 and 8. Let’s jump right into it!

Son Ye-Jin's Fashion in Korean Drama Thirty-Nine Episodes 7-8

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Son Ye-Jin’s Fashion in the K-Drama ‘Thirty-Nine’ Episodes 7-8

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Look #1

The first look of Ye-Jin’s is both gorgeous and easy-to-copy. You’ll only need to get a mint-colored knit top from tetu and a crossbody bag from JOY GRYSON, and you’re all set.

Thirty-Nine Kdrama Fashion - Son Ye-Jin - Episode 7-1

Round Wool Knit


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Serendipity Crossbody Bag


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  1. Round Wool Knit
  2. Serendipity Crossbody Bag

Look #2

If you want to show off your stylish fashion sense in front of everyone, this outfit of Ye-Jin’s is perfect. To pull it off, you’ll need to go for a round neck cable pullover from Moat, a jacket from Coivant, a black plain shoulder bag from athe vanessabruno, and a set of accessories from PIAGET.

Thirty-Nine Kdrama Fashion - Son Ye-Jin - Episode 7-2

Groun Breast Jacket


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Round Neck Cable Pullover


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Plain Shoulder Bag


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  1. Groun Breast Jacket
  2. Round Neck Cable Pullover
  3. Plain Shoulder Bag

Bezel Watch


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Possession Earrings


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Better Than Stiletto Ankle


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  3. Better Than Stiletto Ankle

Look #3

Another chic outfit that we absolutely loved from Ye-Jin is this one from VALENTINO. And to top it all off, Ye-Jin went for a pair of Whitemoon earrings from hyeres-lor.

Thirty-Nine Kdrama Fashion - Son Ye-Jin - Episode 7-3

Bow-detail Tweed Jacket


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Neck-tie Blouse


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Tweed Mini Skirt


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Stud Sign Shoulder Bag


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Stiletto Span Boots With Zipper


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Whitemoon Sapphire Pavé Earrings


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  1. Bow-detail Tweed Jacket
  2. Neck-tie Blouse
  3. Tweed Mini Skirt
  4. Stud Sign Shoulder Bag
  5. Stiletto Span Boots With Zipper
  6. Whitemoon Sapphire Pavé Earrings

Look #4

She just can’t stop looking like a million bucks, can she? For this perfect look, Ye-Jin wore a pinstripe blazer from GANNI, a Roseau essential leather bucket bag from Longchamp, and a pair of rose gold Fantina diamond earrings from Pomellato.

Thirty-Nine Kdrama Fashion - Son Ye-Jin - Episode 7-4

Pinstripe Single-breasted Blazer


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Roseau Essential Bucket Bag


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Fantina Diamond Earrings


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  1. Pinstripe Single-breasted Blazer
  2. Roseau Essential Bucket Bag
  3. Fantina Diamond Earrings

Look #5

In case you liked Ye-Jin’s cute cardigan here, you can easily get yours from AND YOU!

Happiness Pattern Cardigan


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  1. Happiness Pattern Cardigan

Look #6

Even when she’s not dressed up, she can still look adorable in EAU CLAIR’s midnight green pajama set.

Midnight Green Pajama Set


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  1. Midnight Green Pajama Set

Look #7

Just throw Ye-Jin’s oversized collar trench coat by LEHA on any outfit, and watch the magic happen! You can, of course, do it Ye-Jin’s way and layer it with this chic sailor collar zip-up knit from DEKAVV.

Thirty-Nine Kdrama Fashion - Son Ye-Jin - Episode 8-3

Over-sized Collar Trench Coat


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Sailor Collar Zip-up Knit


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  1. Over-sized Collar Trench Coat
  2. Sailor Collar Zip-up Knit

Look #8

Looking top-notch like Ye-Jin did here is not easy, but it’s definitely worth it. To copy her look, you’ll need a check shirt from EENK, a collarless cropped jacket from DEMERE, an eco-leather pleated skirt from DEKAVV, and the Nudo topaz earrings from Pomellato.

Collarless Cropped Jacket


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Check Shirt


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Eco-leather Pleated Skirt


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Nudo Topaz Earrings


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  1. Collarless Cropped Jacket
  2. Check Shirt
  3. Eco-leather Pleated Skirt
  4. Nudo Topaz Earrings

Look #9

This outfit is also not easy to pull off, except for a fashion genius like Ye-Jin. It consisted of a chic Roxi blazer from VANESSA BRUNO, and a pair of stunning spike-stud detail sneakers from Valentino.

Roxi Blazer


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Lonio Turtle Neck Knit


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Callipo Shirts


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Spike-stud Detail Sneakers


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  1. Roxi Blazer
  2. Lonio Turtle Neck Knit
  3. Callipo Shirts
  4. Spike-stud Detail Sneakers

Look #10

We’re ending our list with another masterpiece look of hers, which featured a cropped shirt in striped cotton from Celine, a pair of Brenna thigh-high boots from RACHEL COX, and a pair of earrings from Primaute.

Thirty-Nine Kdrama Fashion - Son Ye-Jin - Episode 8-6

Cropped Shirt


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Brenna Thigh High Boots


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Small Hole Ring Earring


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  1. Cropped Shirt
  2. Brenna Thigh High Boots
  3. Small Hole Ring Earring

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