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Jeon Mi-Do’s Fashion As Jeong Chan-Young In K-Drama ‘Thirty-Nine’ Episodes 5-8

Thirty-Nine Fashion - Jeon Mi-Do - Episodes 5-8

More than eight episodes in, JTBC’s ‘Thiry-Nine’ has surely solidified its place in the hearts of its viewers. It’s been a pleasure following the journey of all the characters, and we would like to once again bring the spotlight to Jeon Mi-Do as Jeong Chan-Young. Her story is engaging but so is her fashion, so let’s continue the journey we started last time!

Here’s a look at Jeon Mi-Do’s fashion as Jeong Chan-Young through episodes 5 to 8.

Jeon Mi-Do's Fashion in Korean Drama Thirty-Nine Episodes 5-8

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Jeon Mi-Do’s Fashion in the K-Drama ‘Thirty-Nine’ Episodes 5-8

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Look #1

Mi-Do’s fashion has been dynamic throughout the drama, and she starts off with this light-yellow no collar jacket from Ahwe and the Ruby bag from Belvedere for a smart first look.

Merci No Collar Jacket


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Ruby Bag


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  1. Merci No Collar Jacket
  2. Ruby Bag

Look #2

Next, she goes for a collared knit top in a distinct mint color, for a casual yet classy look.

Eket Collar Cashmere Knitwear


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  1. Eket Collar Cashmere Knitwear

Look #3

This La Medusa leather shoulder bag from Versace is the coolest addition to her look here!

Thirty-Nine Kdrama Fashion - Jeon Mi-Do - Episode 5-3

La Medusa Shoulder Bag


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  1. La Medusa Shoulder Bag

Look #4

Mi-Do looks extremely soft in this beautifully simple light pink V-neck knit top from Kotelo.

Thirty-Nine Kdrama Fashion - Jeon Mi-Do - Episode 6-1

V Neck Knit Top


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  1. V Neck Knit Top

Look #5

Mi-Do loves her jackets. She wears a collarless cropped blazer from Loeuvre and pairs it with a stylish Gucci Diana small tote bag for a crisp look.

Thirty-Nine Kdrama Fashion - Jeon Mi-Do - Episode 6-2

Collarless Cropped Blazer


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Diana Small Tote Bag


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  1. Collarless Cropped Blazer
  2. Diana Small Tote Bag

Look #6

This pretty, and flowy smocking ribbon blouse from Theonme suits Mi-Do perfectly.

Smocking Ribbon Blouse


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  1. Smocking Ribbon Blouse

Look #7

Here, we get yet another one of our classic Mi-Do looks, as she nails a stripe over sleeve shirt from Loeuvre. Smart and elegant!

Thirty-Nine Kdrama Fashion - Jeon Mi-Do - Episode 7-2

Stripe Over Sleeve Shirt


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  1. Stripe Over Sleeve Shirt

Look #8

Next, we have a unique collared knit from Jigott that’s an absolute eye-catcher.

Thirty-Nine Kdrama Fashion - Jeon Mi-Do - Episode 7-3

Collar Matching Color Knit


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  1. Collar Matching Color Knit

Look #9

No one rocks semi-formal looks more than Mi-Do, and she shows this again as she dons an exquisite herringbone double jacket over a fluffy half zip-up knit sweater, both from System.

Thirty-Nine Kdrama Fashion - Jeon Mi-Do - Episode 8-1

Herringbone Double Jacket


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Half Zip-up Knit Sweater


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  2. Half Zip-up Knit Sweater

Look #10

Lastly, we have Mi-Do in a gorgeous yet sober cashmere crop zip-up jacket from ITMICHAA that screams Jeong Chan-Young more than anything.

Cropped Zip-up Jacket


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  1. Cropped Zip-up Jacket

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