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Sooyoung’s Fashion As Seo Dan-Ah In K-Drama ‘Run On’ Episodes 5-8

Run On Fashion - Sooyoung - Episodes 5-8

Sooyoung from ‘Run On’ keeps wowing us with her stunning style showcased in the show. And we couldn’t just stand and watch alone, so we brought you the most memorable looks of the cute actress seen in episodes 5-8.

Take a seat and let’s dive in!

Sooyoung's Fashion in Korean Drama Run On Episodes 5-8

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Sooyoung’s Fashion in Episodes 5-8 of K-drama ‘Run On’

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Look #1

Sooyoung looked all cute and polished in Ports 1961’s blazer, ille lan’s planet earrings, and hyeres-lor’s champagne moon 14K chunky ring.

Double-breasted Blazer


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Champagne Moon Chunky Ring


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Planet Earrings


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  1. Double-breasted Blazer
  2. Champagne Moon Chunky Ring
  3. Planet Earrings

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Look #2

This look right here has the most perfect balance between classy and casual. To pull it off, Sooyoung matched Alexander McQueen’s black blazer and pencil skirt. She held a cute spider jeweled satchel, also from Alexander McQueen.

And as a final touch, she donned a pair of white Stan Smith sneakers from Adidas and strapped on CHANEL’s boyfriend tweed watch.

Single-breasted Blazer


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Crêpe Pencil Skirt


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Spider Jewelled Satchel


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Stan Smith Sneakers


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Boy Friend Watch


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  1. Single-breasted Blazer
  2. Crêpe Pencil Skirt
  3. Spider Jewelled Satchel
  4. Stan Smith Sneakers
  5. Boy Friend Watch

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Look #3

One of the most ladylike looks pulled off by Sooyoung is this one in episode 6. She got herself an extraordinary floral-print midi dress and a medium Antigona soft bag from Givenchy. And the least she could do for such a luxurious look is to strap around her wrist an Artelier Grande Lune watch from Oris.

Floral Print Midi Dress


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Medium Antigona Soft Bag


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Artelier Grande Lune, Date


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  1. Floral Print Midi Dress
  2. Medium Antigona Soft Bag
  3. Artelier Grande Lune, Date

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Look #4

This velvety look of hers couldn’t get any better. All she needed for this look was a short alluré jacket in velvet and a medium 6 bag in grained calfskin, both classy items from CELINE.

Short Allure Jacket


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Medium 16 Bag


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  1. Short Allure Jacket
  2. Medium 16 Bag

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Look #5

She had us crazy over this semi-formal look of hers, which she finished off with an Intreccio tote bag from Bottega Veneta and a Tank Louis Cartier watch.

Intreccio Tote Bag


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Tank Louis Cartier Watch


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  1. Intreccio Tote Bag
  2. Tank Louis Cartier Watch

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Look #6

Sooyoung stepped out of the coffee shop looking like a million bucks! This unforgettable look of hers features Thom Browne’s 4-bar stripe jumper and school uniform pleated skirt.

She gave it a magical touch with the medium Leonie Arabesque studded leather top handle bag by Alaïa and a cool pair of Chameleon M01 sunglasses by Gentle Monster.

4-Bar Stripe Jumper


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School Uniform Pleated Skirt


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Medium Leonie Arabeque Bag


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Gel-Kayano 26 Mesh Sneakers


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Chameleon M01


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  1. 4-Bar Stripe Jumper
  2. School Uniform Pleated Skirt
  3. Medium Leonie Arabeque Bag
  4. Gel-Kayano 26 Mesh Sneakers
  5. Chameleon M01

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Look #7

Sooyoung is no stranger to expensive, fancy outfits. She looked as pretty as ever in this embellished-sleeve pleated midi dress from Tory Burch, which she coupled with an enviable watch from Michel Herbelin

Run On Kdrama Fashion - Sooyoung - Episode 7-2

Pleated Midi Dress


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  1. Pleated Midi Dress
  2. Newport

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Look #8

And here she is again, flexing her fancy-looking sets on us. In this scene, she wore a jacquard jacket and a matching pair of jacquard shorts from Sandro Paris. She topped her dazzling look off with a Carmen small Saffiano satchel from Michael Kors, and a pair of signature D earrings from DIDIER DUBOT.

Jacquard Jacket


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Jacquard Short


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Carmen Small Saffiano Satchel


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Signature D Earring


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  1. Jacquard Jacket
  2. Jacquard Short
  3. Carmen Small Saffiano Satchel
  4. Signature D Earring

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Look #9

Sooyoung’s motorcycle printed tee from RAIVE seems to be popular in K-dramas. It was pulled off once by the beauty Moon Ga-Young from ‘True Beauty’. However, Sooyoung decided to pair it with STRETCH ANGELS’ blue short leggings, Bottega Veneta’s The Chain Pouch shoulder bag, and Reebok’s running shoes.

Motorcycle Print Big Tee


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SA Short Leggings


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The Chain Pouch Bag


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Zig Kinetica Horizon Shoe


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  1. Motorcycle Print Big Tee
  2. SA Short Leggings
  3. The Chain Pouch Bag
  4. Zig Kinetica Horizon Shoe

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Look #10

She rocked her sporty look with Nike’s icon clash jacket and ASICS sneakers. And since she’s the fancy Sooyoung, she threw a WEEKEND MaxMara cashmere coat on an entire athletic outfit! Not just that, but she also held a classy swing Jean tote from COURONNE.

Cashmere Coat


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Nike Sportswear Icon Clash


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Swing Jean Tote 26


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  1. Cashmere Coat
  2. Nike Sportswear Icon Clash
  3. Swing Jean Tote 26
  4. GEL-1090

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Look #11

Sooyoung used JUDY AND PAUL’s hoop earrings to brighten up her classy business look.

Crumpling Hoop Earrings


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  1. Crumpling Hoop Earrings

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