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Sooyoung’s Fashion As Seo Dan-Ah In K-Drama ‘Run On’ Episodes 13-16

Run On Fashion - Sooyoung - Episodes 13-16

We’ve finally made it to the final episode of ‘Run On’. It’s sad that we have to say goodbye to all the heartwarming moments in the show, but what’s even sadder is that we’ll never get to see Sooyoung’s marvelous fashion picks in the series again.

So for one last time, here are 19 unforgettable looks of the pretty actress in episodes 13-16!

Sooyoung's Fashion in Korean Drama Run On Episodes 13-16

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Sooyoung’s Fashion in Episodes 13-16 of K-drama ‘Run On’

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Look #1

If you were wondering how Sooyoung looked so stunning in this scene, it’s mainly because of her double pea coat from MUDIDI

Double Pea Coat 002 Navy


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  1. Double Pea Coat 002 Navy

Look #2

Sooyoung mastered her all-white outfit by matching Givenchy’s white wrap blazer with their high-rise straight pants. And to glam everything up, she used MZUU’s chain necklace, Ellepeut’s tassel earrings, and Primaute’s ring.

Double-breasted Wrap Blazer


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High-rise Straight Pants


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Blum Ring


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Bonbon Ball Chain Necklace


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Dia Tassel Earring


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  1. Double-breasted Wrap Blazer
  2. High-rise Straight Pants
  3. Blum Ring
  4. Bonbon Ball Chain Necklace
  5. Dia Tassel Earring

Look #3

Sooyoung definitely stood out to us in her orange check-pattern long coat from Marni.

Run On Kdrama Fashion - Sooyoung - Episode 13-3

Check-pattern Coat


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  1. Check-pattern Coat

Look #4

Sooyoung added a unique, ladylike touch to her MAX MARA teddy coat with the Jacqueline robe from Happiestness.

Run On Kdrama Fashion - Sooyoung - Episode 14-1

Teddy Coat


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Jacqueline Robe


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  1. Teddy Coat
  2. Jacqueline Robe

Look #5

This splendid look of hers might not be easy to copy, but it’s surely worth the effort! It consists of a tie bow shirt by AND YOU, a camel wool coat by MAX MARA, a pair of sneakers from ASICS, a pair of La Rouge Back 01 sunglasses by Gentle Monster, and hoop earrings from Pandora.

Osol Camel Wool Coat


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Front Tie Bow Shirt


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La Rouge Back 01 Sunglasses


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Gel-nandi OG


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Pavé Bead Hoop Earrings


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  1. Osol Camel Wool Coat
  2. Front Tie Bow Shirt
  3. La Rouge Back 01 Sunglasses
  4. Gel-nandi OG
  5. Pavé Bead Hoop Earrings

Look #6

Sooyoung had us tripping over our heels in her gorgeous cropped off-the-shoulder sweater from Alexander Wang.

Cropped Off-The-Shoulder Wool-Blend Sweater


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  1. Cropped Off-The-Shoulder Wool-Blend Sweater

Look #7

Here is another one of her MANY enviable looks! All she needed for this one was a zigzag-printed blouse and a matching silk skirt, both from Isabel Marant.

Anais Zigzag-printed Blouse


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Silk Lightning-print Skirt


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  1. Anais Zigzag-printed Blouse
  2. Silk Lightning-print Skirt

Look #8

She always brings stunning coats to the table, and this Manuela coat by MAX MARA is definitely one of those!

Manuela Coat


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  1. Manuela Coat

Look #9

Sooyoung looked absolutely divine in her matching jacket and skirt from Hanavo

Run On Kdrama Fashion - Sooyoung - Episode 15-3

No.6 Jacket


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No.3 Skirt


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  1. No.6 Jacket
  2. No.3 Skirt

Look #10

Who could ever resist her cuteness in this funky jacquard round neck knit by HORN GARMENT

W Jacquard Round Neck Knit


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  1. W Jacquard Round Neck Knit

Look #11

Again, Sooyoung gave us fashion envy when she sported an exquisite fringed knitted cardigan from LANVIN and drop earrings from ille lan.

Fringed Knitted Cardigan


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Fair Drop Earrings


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  1. Fringed Knitted Cardigan
  2. Fair Drop Earrings

Look #12

Black never looks out of place, especially when the one wearing it is the gorgeous Sooyoung. She nailed her black belted-waist trench coat from Bottega Veneta

Belted-waist Trench Coat


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  1. Belted-waist Trench Coat

Look #13

The sophisticated Sooyoung looked lovely in FAYEWOO’s tweed jacket and skirt. Along with that, she carried just the perfect bag for this outfit: The Iside Extramilano bag from Valextra.

Madam Tweed Jacket


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Pastanel Skirt


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Iside EX Tramilano Bag


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  1. Madam Tweed Jacket
  2. Pastanel Skirt
  3. Iside EX Tramilano Bag

Look #14

She got even more sophisticated in this all-TOYKEAT ensemble.

Chelsea Double Breasted Jacket


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Chelsea Flared Pants


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Big Scarf Blouse


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  1. Chelsea Double Breasted Jacket
  2. Chelsea Flared Pants
  3. Big Scarf Blouse

Look #15

Sooyoung slayed in a black cropped jacket paired with a leather midi skirt, both from Rejina Pyo

Run On Kdrama Fashion - Sooyoung - Episode 16-4

Nina Cropped Jacket


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Mia Belted Leather Midi Skirt


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  1. Nina Cropped Jacket
  2. Mia Belted Leather Midi Skirt

Look #16

She added a sparkly finishing touch to her outfit through her Miss Vivier strass buckle bag from Roger Vivier.

Run On Kdrama Fashion - Sooyoung - Episode 16-5

Miss Vivier Strass Buckle Bag


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  1. Miss Vivier Strass Buckle Bag

Look #17

Sooyoung looked polished and ladylike in this outfit Louis Vuitton.

Monogram Tweed Military Jacket


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Monogram Tweed A-line Skirt


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Alma PM


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  1. Monogram Tweed Military Jacket
  2. Monogram Tweed A-line Skirt
  3. Alma PM

Look #18

In the finale, Sooyoung appeared in a super stylish knot-front cardigan by LEMAIRE.

Knot-front Cardigan


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  1. Knot-front Cardigan

Look #19

And finally, to leave her final, lasting impression, she pulled off a fascinating outfit that starred Saint Laurent’s leopard print blouse and blazer, along with Rita Monica’s earrings.

Structured Shoulders Blazer


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Leopard Print Blouse


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Long Hoop Ball Earrings


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  1. Structured Shoulders Blazer
  2. Leopard Print Blouse
  3. Long Hoop Ball Earrings

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