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Sooyoung’s Fashion As Seo Dan-Ah In K-Drama ‘Run On’ Episodes 9-12

Run On Fashion - Sooyoung - Episodes 9-12

We’re back with the super stylish lady from ‘Run On’: Sooyoung. Whether she went for classy outfits or casuals, this gorgeous actress can excel in ANY style.

Want a proof? Then you have to watch her rock these 15 looks in episodes 9-12! 

Sooyoung's Fashion in Korean Drama Run On Episodes 9-12

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Sooyoung’s Fashion in Episodes 9-12 of K-drama ‘Run On’

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Look #1

If you haven’t entered the world of animal print style yet, try out Sooyoung’s astonishing snake-print trench coat from DRIES VAN NOTEN. It’ll have you hooked!

Snake-print Trench Coat


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  1. Snake-print Trench Coat

Look #2

For sure, no one can rock a sporty outfit like Sooyoung did in this scene. For this look, she donned Reebok x Cottweiler ZIG 3D Storm sneakers and HAESOOL’s earrings.



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ZIG 3D Storm Sneakers


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  1. YUE4464
  2. ZIG 3D Storm Sneakers

Look #3

And ou la la! Sooyoung looked super sophisticated when she paired this two-tone blazer with a geometric print A-line skirt, both magnificent items from Ports 1961.

Two-tone Single-breasted Blazer


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Geometric Print A-line Skirt


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  1. Two-tone Single-breasted Blazer
  2. Geometric Print A-line Skirt

Look #4

The perfect elegant look doesn’t exist? Well, Sooyoung says think again! To pull this look off, she opted for a jacket from IRO, a leather skirt from BAU by Bride And You, a medium lady DIOR bag, and a pair of earrings from ille lan.

Cifiera Jacket


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Leather Skirt


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Medium Lady Dior Bag


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Haisley Round Earrings


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  1. Cifiera Jacket
  2. Leather Skirt
  3. Medium Lady Dior Bag
  4. Haisley Round Earrings

Look #5

Now we know exactly how to look our cutest in the winter. All we have to do is to put on Sooyoung’s comfy maxi cardigan from BLUMARINE.

Tricot Effect Maxi Cardigan


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  1. Tricot Effect Maxi Cardigan

Look #6

This young lady is going to drive us all insane! She brought us another fabulous look that features a puff sleeve midi dress by & Other Stories, the Berlin asymmetric coat by Andersson Bell, and a Valextra bag.

Raw-edge Asymmetric Coat


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Jacquard Puff Sleeve Midi Dress


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Passepartout Tote


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  1. Raw-edge Asymmetric Coat
  2. Jacquard Puff Sleeve Midi Dress
  3. Passepartout Tote

Look #7

The matchy-matchy style has never turned out as perfect as it does on Sooyoung. Her splendid look consists of a geometric cable-knit dress from Ports 1961 and the Nike React Element 55 sneakers.

Geometric Cable-knit Dress


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React Element 55 Sneakers


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  1. Geometric Cable-knit Dress
  2. React Element 55 Sneakers

Look #8

Even when Sooyoung is off-duty, she can still make our jaws drop! In this scene, she coupled an impressive Jacqueline robe from Happiestness with the Black Princetown mules from Gucci

Jacqueline Robe


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Black Princetown Mules


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  1. Jacqueline Robe
  2. Black Princetown Mules

Look #9

Sooyoung used only a black dress from Bottega Veneta to look this fantastic. Of course, she completed the look with Roger Vivier’s Beau Vivier mini bag.



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Beau Vivier Mini Bag


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  1. Dress
  2. Beau Vivier Mini Bag

Look #10

Looking like a million bucks is a habit for Sooyoung, and this look in episode 11 is no exception. It features two chic pieces from GIVENCHY: a checked wool coat and an Antigona Soft cross-body bag.

Run On Kdrama Fashion - Sooyoung - Episode 11-2

Checked Wool Coat


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Small Antigona Tote Bag


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  1. Checked Wool Coat
  2. Small Antigona Tote Bag

Look #11

When Sooyoung decides to wear casuals, she absolutely rocks them! Check her out in this cool oversized T-shirt from VERSACE. Flawless!

Oversized T-shirt


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  1. Oversized T-shirt

Look #12

Sooyoung brought us one look that might break the bank, but will surely leave a lasting impression. For it, she needed the Rapallo dress from WEEKEND MAX MARA, a Kato low-top sneakers from Jimmy Choo, a mini Gate tote from LOEWE, and hoop earrings from jewelCOUNTY. And to top it all off, she wore a leather trench coat from BAU by Bride And You.  

Leather Trench Coat


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Rapallo Dress


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Mini Gate Tote


Buy from here
Kato Low-top Sneakers


Buy from here
Heart Riverse Open Hoop Earrings


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  1. Leather Trench Coat
  2. Rapallo Dress
  3. Mini Gate Tote
  4. Kato Low-top Sneakers
  5. Heart Riverse Open Hoop Earrings

Look #13

This is how cute Sooyoung looked when she was covered in DIOR.

V-neck Sleeveless Sweater


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Transparent Button Down Blouse


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Medium Dior Bobby Bag


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  1. V-neck Sleeveless Sweater
  2. Transparent Button Down Blouse
  3. Medium Dior Bobby Bag

Look #14

For this maximalist, all-black look, Sooyoung threw on a black jacket by YOUR NAME HERE.

Run On Kdrama Fashion - Sooyoung - Episode 12-3

Minjung-i Jacket


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  1. Minjung-i Jacket

Look #15

Her jacket choices keep getting better and better, Sooyoung looked so classy when she layered a wool turtleneck knit top with a unique contrasted-trim jacket from EENK.

Quintana Contrasted-Trim Jacket


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Wool Paneled Turtleneck Knit Top


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  1. Quintana Contrasted-Trim Jacket
  2. Wool Paneled Turtleneck Knit Top

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