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Son Na-Eun’s Fashion As Kang Han-Na In K-Drama ‘Agency’ Episodes 9-12

Agency Fashion - Son Na-Eun - Episodes 9-12

With only four episodes left, JTBC’s ‘Agency’ has entered the last leg of its run. We have been diligently following Son Na-Eun‘s fashion as chaebol Kang Han-Na, and we’re here with her best looks from episodes 9 to 12 of the drama this time.

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Son Na-Eun's Fashion in Korean Drama Agency Episodes 9-12

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Son Na-Eun’s Fashion in the K-Drama ‘Agency’ Episodes 9-12

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Look #1

Na-Eun dons a super flattering suit look in episode 9, consisting of a classic single-breasted sport coat, lowrise trousers, and a classic necktie, all from Thom Browne. The addition of a Varenne medium tote bag from Jimmy Choo does well to elevate the look.

Agency Kdrama Fashion - Son Na-Eun - Episode 9-1
Agency Kdrama Fashion - Son Na-Eun - Episode 9-1

Classic Single Breasted Coat


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Lowrise Skinny Trousers


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Classic Necktie


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Varenne Medium Tote Bag


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  1. Classic Single Breasted Coat
  2. Lowrise Skinny Trousers
  3. Classic Necktie
  4. Varenne Medium Tote Bag

Look #2

Her chunky-knit cardigan and mini skirt outfit from Versace is a welcome splash of color in this scene.

La Greca Chunky-knit Cardigan


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Greca-knit Mini Skirt


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  1. La Greca Chunky-knit Cardigan
  2. Greca-knit Mini Skirt

Look #3

She once again shows class in an intricate silk faucet-print blouse worn under a white faucet details bouclé jacket, paired with a matching faucet detail bouclé pencil skirt from Moschino. The Jimmy Choo Cierra pointed pumps stood out in this ensemble and the Varenne Avenue Quad quilted shoulder bag complemented the outfit perfectly. 

Agency Kdrama Fashion - Son Na-Eun - Episode 9-3
Agency Kdrama Fashion - Son Na-Eun - Episode 9-3

Iconic Metal Virgin-wool Blazer


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Silk Faucet-Print Blouse


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Faucet Detail Pencil Skirt


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Quilted Shoulder Bag


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Cierra Pointed Pumps


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  1. Iconic Metal Virgin-wool Blazer
  2. Silk Faucet-Print Blouse
  3. Faucet Detail Pencil Skirt
  4. Quilted Shoulder Bag
  5. Cierra Pointed Pumps

Look #4

This graduation ball chain necklace from Numbering shines brightly, making it hard to miss in this scene.

Graduation Ball Chain Necklace


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  1. Graduation Ball Chain Necklace

Look #5

Next, Na-Eun wears a unique belly bars Gabrielle jacket with a matching belly bars Gabrielle skirt in black from Ashley Williams in episode 10.

Agency Kdrama Fashion - Son Na-Eun - Episode 10-1

Belly Bars Gabrielle Jacket


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Belly Bars Gabrielle Skirt


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  1. Belly Bars Gabrielle Jacket
  2. Belly Bars Gabrielle Skirt

Look #6

This Lanvin draped panel detail sweatshirt and these Jimmy Choo Dreece knee-high boots are sure to catch your attention in episode 11.

Agency Kdrama Fashion - Son Na-Eun - Episode 11-1
Agency Kdrama Fashion - Son Na-Eun - Episode 11-1

Draped Panel Detail Sweatshirt


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Dreece Knee-high Boots


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  1. Draped Panel Detail Sweatshirt
  2. Dreece Knee-high Boots

Look #7

In this all-black banger, Na-Eun rocks a pom pom-cuff crew neck sweater from JW Anderson, while a Monceau beret from Studio & Parc is a classy addition.

Agency Kdrama Fashion - Son Na-Eun - Episode 11-2

Pom Pom-cuff Crew Neck Sweater


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Monceau Beret


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  1. Pom Pom-cuff Crew Neck Sweater
  2. Monceau Beret

Look #8

Na-Eun’s look here is warm and fashionable, as she wears a denim bodysuit from ALAÏA and a cozy houndstooth hooded puffer jacket from Moncler.

Agency Kdrama Fashion - Son Na-Eun - Episode 12-1

Houndstooth Hooded Puffer Jacket


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Denim Bodysuit


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  1. Houndstooth Hooded Puffer Jacket
  2. Denim Bodysuit

Look #9

She delivers a vibrant look here in eye-catching pink, donning a ribbed flared knit skirt from JJ Jigott in episode 12 while these shiny bold half hoop earrings from Jean Paul Clarisse embellish her ears.

Bold Half Hoop Earrings


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Ribbed Flared Knit Skirt


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  1. Bold Half Hoop Earrings
  2. Ribbed Flared Knit Skirt

Look #10

Na-Eun presents a supreme denim look in the same episode, as we see her in a striking cotton denim jacket with faux fur collar paired with distressed mid-rise flared jeans from Blumarine.

Cotton Denim Jacket


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Distressed Mid-rise Flared Jeans


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  1. Cotton Denim Jacket
  2. Distressed Mid-rise Flared Jeans

Look #11

For the last look of today’s list, Na-Eun ticks all the right boxes in an elegant look accentuated by these pretty Saeda crystal-anklet pumps from Jimmy Choo.

Saeda Crystal-anklet Pumps


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  1. Saeda Crystal-anklet Pumps

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