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Son Na-Eun’s Fashion As Kang Han-Na In K-Drama ‘Agency’ Episodes 13-16

Agency Fashion - Son Na-Eun - Episodes 13-16

Ending on a celebratory note, JTBC’s ‘Agency’ acquired stellar ratings throughout its run, more so for its final episode, becoming one of the top-rated K-dramas of all time. A strong, poignant drama that you couldn’t resist rooting for, the show was uplifted by the incredible performance of Son Na-Eun as Kang Han-Na.

Let’s take a final look at her delightful fashion, from episodes 13 to 16.

Son Na-Eun's Fashion in Korean Drama Agency Episodes 13-16

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Son Na-Eun’s Fashion in the K-Drama ‘Agency’ Episodes 13-16

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Look #1

Na-Eun’s exquisite piece of jewelry catches our eye in this look of episode 13 where she is seen adorning her ears with Monica Vinader × Doina Heirloom chain cocktail earrings.

Heirloom Chain Cocktail Earrings


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  1. Heirloom Chain Cocktail Earrings

Look #2

Next, she exudes a charming aura in a stylish tailored jacket from Alaïa in episode 14.

"Petite Veste" Tailored Jacket


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  1. "Petite Veste" Tailored Jacket

Look #3

This is undoubtedly one of her coolest looks, as the YCH cropped jacket worn over a back layered collar blouse, and the pleated mini skort work perfectly together.

Agency Kdrama Fashion - Son Na-Eun - Episode 14-2

Cropped Jacket


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Back Layered Collar Blouse


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Pleated Mini Skort


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  1. Cropped Jacket
  2. Back Layered Collar Blouse
  3. Pleated Mini Skort

Look #4

This superior look from episode 15 with Na-Eun in a Balmain white viscose cardigan and an eye-catching monogram high-rise miniskirt, with the addition of a light beige faux fur bolero from Eenk ticked all the right boxes.

Agency Kdrama Fashion - Son Na-Eun - Episode 15-1

Veather Faux Fur Bolero


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White Viscose Cardigan


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Monogram High-rise Miniskirt


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Cloud Bow-detail Clutch Bag


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  1. Veather Faux Fur Bolero
  2. White Viscose Cardigan
  3. Monogram High-rise Miniskirt
  4. Cloud Bow-detail Clutch Bag

Look #5

Na-Eun pulls off skirts with an unbridled flair, and this buckled pleated mini skirt from Rokh makes for a perfect outfit paired with an argyle-check knit jumper.

Argyle-check Knit Jumper


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Buckled Pleated Mini Skirt


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  1. Argyle-check Knit Jumper
  2. Buckled Pleated Mini Skirt

Look #6

The final episode calls for one great look after another, and this time she goes with a knotted button crewneck sweater paired with a black nylon skirt from Bottega Veneta for this scene.

Agency Kdrama Fashion - Son Na-Eun - Episode 16-2
Agency Kdrama Fashion - Son Na-Eun - Episode 16-2

Knotted Button Crewneck Sweater


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Nylon Skirt


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  1. Knotted Button Crewneck Sweater
  2. Nylon Skirt

Look #7

Na-Eun ends her exceptional fashion run with a signature Kang Han-Na look, looking radiant in a Versace oversize-houndstooth single-breasted blazer as she carries an attractive heart-shape shoulder bag from Blumarine.

Agency Kdrama Fashion - Son Na-Eun - Episode 16-3

Oversize-houndstooth Blazer


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Heart-shape Shoulder Bag


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  1. Oversize-houndstooth Blazer
  2. Heart-shape Shoulder Bag

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