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Son Na-Eun's Fashion As Kang Han-Na In K-Drama 'Agency' Episodes 1-4

Agency Fashion - Son Na-Eun - Episodes 1-4

JTBC’s ‘Agency’ is the latest drama that centers around a workplace and offers insight into the workings of an advertisement agency. Son Na-Eun is playing one of the main characters of the show, a chaebol named Kang Han-Na

We already know her fashion’s going to be top-notch, so let’s dive into her looks from episodes 1 to 4!

Son Na-Eun's Fashion in Korean Drama Agency Episodes 1-4

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Son Na-Eun’s Fashion in the K-Drama ‘Agency’ Episodes 1-4

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Look #1

Na-Eun makes all heads turn in her first look of episode 1, where she dons a Dolce & Gabbana zebra-print cropped jacket with matching stripe-print cropped boyfriend jeans while intricate-looking flower logo pearl earrings adorn her ears. The Jimmy Choo Aura embellished suede sandals and Bon Bon velvet tote bag finish off her look in style.

Zebra-print Cropped Jacket


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Cropped Boyfriend Jeans


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Bon Bon Velvet Tote Bag


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Flower Logo Pearl Earrings


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Aura Embellished Suede Sandals


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  1. Zebra-print Cropped Jacket
  2. Cropped Boyfriend Jeans
  3. Bon Bon Velvet Tote Bag
  4. Flower Logo Pearl Earrings
  5. Aura Embellished Suede Sandals

Look #2

Even her loungewear is super fashionable, and we see her wearing a party pajama set with feathers from Sleeper along with the Milan 01 round-frame glasses from Gentle Monster and eye-catching Natasha Zinko paisley-print platform slides for this scene.

Agency Kdrama Fashion - Son Na-Eun - Episode 1-2

Party Pajama Set With Feathers


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Milan 01 Round-frame Glasses


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Paisley-print Platform Slides


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  1. Party Pajama Set With Feathers
  2. Milan 01 Round-frame Glasses
  3. Paisley-print Platform Slides

Look #3

In this elegant look from episode 2, Na-Eun rocks a Dolce & Gabbana Majolica-print midi dress.

Majolica-print Midi Dress


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  1. Majolica-print Midi Dress

Look #4

Next, she shows us a completely contrasting casual look, wearing an exclusive I’m Sorry By Petra Collins pink ‘Help’ sweatshirt & lounge pant set.

Agency Kdrama Fashion - Son Na-Eun - Episode 2-2
Agency Kdrama Fashion - Son Na-Eun - Episode 2-2

Sweatshirt & Lounge Pant Set


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  1. Sweatshirt & Lounge Pant Set

Look #5

An absolute diva in this look from episode 3, Na-Eun nails this JW Anderson knitted cropped tank top and flared mini skirt set, with these Terry heart-print slides from Natasha Zinko to complement her outfit and a Victoria cushion & pearl ring from Ms. Green to adorn her finger.

Knitted Cropped Tank Top


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Flared Mini Skirt


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Victoria Cushion & Pearl Ring


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Terry Heart-print Slides


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  1. Knitted Cropped Tank Top
  2. Flared Mini Skirt
  3. Victoria Cushion & Pearl Ring
  4. Terry Heart-print Slides

Look #6

As the episode progresses, she delivers another supreme look wearing a black cold-shoulder midi dress from Balmain.

Cold-shoulder Midi Dress


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  1. Cold-shoulder Midi Dress

Look #7

Here, she looks bright and sweet in an abstract peasant smock dress from Ports 1961.

Abstract Peasant Smock Dress


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  1. Abstract Peasant Smock Dress

Look #8

As we move on to episode 4, Na-Eun stuns in a black lace-trim knitted jumper dress from Blumarine.

Lace-trim Knitted Jumper Dress


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  1. Lace-trim Knitted Jumper Dress

Look #9

She undoubtedly stands out in a unique Dolce & Gabbana graphic-print midi dress. Bing crystal-embellished patent-leather heeled mules and the Bonny satin-finish tote bag from Jimmy Choo perfectly amplify her look.

Graphic-print Midi Dress


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Crystal-embellished Heeled Mules


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Bonny Satin-finish Tote Bag


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  1. Graphic-print Midi Dress
  2. Crystal-embellished Heeled Mules
  3. Bonny Satin-finish Tote Bag

Look #10

In another look that absolutely serves, Na-Eun dons a striking Dolce & Gabbana cropped paneled jacket with denim skinny jeans and a logo-buckle zebra-print leather belt to wrap it all together.

Cropped Panelled Jacket
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Grace Coated Skinny Jeans


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Logo-buckle Zebra-print Belt


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  1. Cropped Panelled Jacket
  2. Grace Coated Skinny Jeans
  3. Logo-buckle Zebra-print Belt

Look #11

Another winner that checks all the right boxes is this feathers mini dress from Saint Laurent paired with this Jimmy Choo micro Bon Bon tote bag.

Feathers Mini Dress


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Micro Bon Bon Tote Bag


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  1. Feathers Mini Dress
  2. Micro Bon Bon Tote Bag

Look #12

Han-Na’s collection of dresses is top tier as we’ve seen till now, and this gloves-printed dress from Loewe is another gem from the same. This blank SQ single line ring is the perfect piece of jewelry to go with this look.

Agency Kdrama Fashion - Son Na-Eun - Episode 4-5

Gloves Printed Dress


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Blank SQ Single Line


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  1. Gloves Printed Dress
  2. Blank SQ Single Line

Look #13

Rounding up our list is Na-Eun in another fantastic look comprising a colorful Emporio Armani blazer paired with a super cool vinyl miniskirt. The Jimmy Choo Black Jaxon heeled sandals are the perfect choice to pair the outfit with, while a satin bow from S_S.IL ties everything up nicely. 

Agency Kdrama Fashion - Son Na-Eun - Episode 4-6
Agency Kdrama Fashion - Son Na-Eun - Episode 4-6



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Vinyl Miniskirt


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Black Jaxon Heeled Sandals


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Satin Bow


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  1. Blazer
  2. Vinyl Miniskirt
  3. Black Jaxon Heeled Sandals
  4. Satin Bow

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