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Lee Bo-Young’s Fashion As Go Ah-In In K-Drama ‘Agency’ Episodes 9-12

Agency Fashion - Lee Bo-Young - Episodes 9-12

‘Agency’ is having a great run and has garnered a lot of attention from viewers for its office drama setting. Also, the workplace fashion portrayed by Lee Bo-Young‘s character Go Ah-In is one of the highlights of the show.

So without any delay, let’s get into some of the most memorable outfits showcased in the previous four episodes of the drama.

Lee Bo-Young's Fashion in Korean Drama Agency Episodes 9-12

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Lee Bo-Young’s Fashion in the K-Drama ‘Agency’ Episodes 9-12

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Look #1

Bo-Young’s iconic white skirt suit in episode 9 was made even more luxurious with accessories from DIOR, which included a black medium Lady Dior bag and gold and diamond jewelry.

Agency Kdrama Fashion - Lee Bo-Young - Episode 9-1

Gem Dior Earrings


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Gem Dior Ring


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Medium Lady Dior Bag


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  1. Gem Dior Earrings
  2. Gem Dior Ring
  3. Medium Lady Dior Bag

Look #2

She then changed into a gray-brown strata short jacket and long skirt, both from SY2C, and showed off a black medium GIVENCHY bag.

Strata Short Jacket


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Strata Long Skirt


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Black Medium Antigona Bag


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  1. Strata Short Jacket
  2. Strata Long Skirt
  3. Black Medium Antigona Bag

Look #3

In episode 10, she wore these ivory wide pants from BLOSSOM H COMPANY to go with her gray sweater.

D Wide Pants


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  1. D Wide Pants

Look #4

In another sophisticated look, Bo-Young carried a Nacha shoulder bag from Chloé to match her outfit.

Nacha Shoulder Bag


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  1. Nacha Shoulder Bag

Look #5

Next up, she paired a polka-dot sleeveless top from AMI Paris with a cropped tweed jacket of the same brand to put together a trendy outfit in episode 11.

Agency Kdrama Fashion - Lee Bo-Young - Episode 11-1
Agency Kdrama Fashion - Lee Bo-Young - Episode 11-1

Cropped Tweed Jacket


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Polka-dot Sleeveless Body


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  1. Cropped Tweed Jacket
  2. Polka-dot Sleeveless Body

Look #6

This Luton knit top worn by Bo-Young is from J.CHUNG.

Luton Knit Top


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  1. Luton Knit Top

Look #7

She made a fashion statement in a faux leather khaki outfit from KUME STUDIO consisting of a blouse and a pleated long skirt.

Agency Kdrama Fashion - Lee Bo-Young - Episode 11-3

Faux Leather Blouse


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Pleated Long Skirt


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  1. Faux Leather Blouse
  2. Pleated Long Skirt

Look #8

For the final look from episode 12, Bo-Young wore a patchwork sweater from Bottega Veneta and carried a shoulder bag from JOY GRYSON. She also had on an infinity ring from Primaute.

Agency Kdrama Fashion - Lee Bo-Young - Episode 12-1

Patchwork Sweater


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Diana Shoulder Bag


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Infinity Ring


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  1. Patchwork Sweater
  2. Diana Shoulder Bag
  3. Infinity Ring

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