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Kim Tae-Ri’s Fashion As Na Hee-Do In K-Drama ‘Twenty Five Twenty One’ Episodes 1-4

Twenty Five Twenty One Fashion - Kim Tae-Ri - Episodes 1-4

‘Twenty-Five Twenty-One’ has been airing since February 12, and it’s quickly becoming a big fan favorite! If you’ve been enjoying this romance K-drama lately, there’s a good chance that you’ve been enjoying the cute, sporty fashion displayed by the female lead, Kim Tae-Ri.

With that being said, we’re breaking down the stylish fashion picks of hers in episodes 1 to 4, so read on!

Kim Tae-Ri's Fashion in Korean Drama Twenty Five Twenty One Episodes 1-4

Kim Tae-Ri’s Fashion in the K-Drama ‘Twenty Five Twenty One’ Episodes 1-4

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Looking cute as always, Tae_Ri showed up in the second episode wearing a cute white T-shirt by Kijun.

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She showed off another stylish tee here when she wore The Rocket’s R university symbol T-shirt. 

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In episode 3, Tae-Ri pulled off a stunning sporty outfit by coupling a min blue tee from Marithe Francois Girbaud and a pair of short pants from Ballon.

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A baggy look doesn’t have to be tasteless. We can learn from Tae-Ri and easily nail the baggy look by pairing Outdoor Products’ stripe short-sleeve T-shirt and TheOpen Product’s track pants.

Twenty Five Twenty One Kdrama Fashion - Kim Tae-Ri - Episode 4-1

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