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Son Ye-Jin’s Fashion As Cha Mi-Jo In K-Drama ‘Thirty-Nine’ Episodes 5-6

Thirty-Nine Fashion - Son Ye-Jin - Episodes 5-6

Here we are again, covering the most stylish outfits featured by the pretty star Son Ye-Jin from the Korean drama ‘Thirty-Nine’.

So, if you have any interest in seeing unforgettable fashion picks, or if you’re just in love with Ye-Jin’s gorgeous style, keep reading as we break down her flawless outfits showcased in episodes 5 and 6!

Son Ye-Jin's Fashion in Korean Drama Thirty-Nine Episodes 5-6

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Son Ye-Jin’s Fashion in the K-Drama ‘Thirty-Nine’ Episodes 5-6

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Look #1

Are you into this super fashionable outfit of Ye-Jin’s? You can easily make it your own by getting Valentino’s Vlogo signature belted trench coat, Victoria Beckham’s fruit-print mid-length skirt, and LONGCHAMP’s brown crossbody bag.

Belted Trench Coat


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Fruit-print Mid-length Skirt


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Mademoiselle Crossbody Bag


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  1. Belted Trench Coat
  2. Fruit-print Mid-length Skirt
  3. Mademoiselle Crossbody Bag

Look #2

Ye-Jin managed to pull off a sweet look in episode 5 by coupling a short sleeve knit top from Michaa and a pair of beautiful La Moire earrings from Didier Dubot.

Thirty-Nine Kdrama Fashion - Son Ye-Jin - Episode 5-2

Short Sleeve Brooch Point Knit


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La Moire Earring


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  1. Short Sleeve Brooch Point Knit
  2. La Moire Earring

Look #3

She just keeps proving that she’s a fashion icon with these looks! For this one, she wore a short sleeve sweater from Polo Ralph Lauren with a contrasting trim cashmere cardigan from Tory Burch, and she carried the Beckie tote bag from Bally

Cashmere Cardigan


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Short Sleeve Merino Wool Sweater


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Beckie Tote Bag


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  1. Cashmere Cardigan
  2. Short Sleeve Merino Wool Sweater
  3. Beckie Tote Bag

Look #4

In this ensemble, Ye-Jin really doesn’t have a hair out of place. To look this perfect, Ye-Jin opted for a stylish jacket and a pleated skirt both from Coiviant, a Roseau top handle bag from Longchamp, and a pair of sparkling pearl earrings from hyeres-lor.

Kroach Jacket


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Siskin Skirt


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Roseau Top Handle Bag


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Pearl Earrings


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  1. Kroach Jacket
  2. Siskin Skirt
  3. Roseau Top Handle Bag
  4. Pearl Earrings

Look #5

Without having to dress up, Ye-Jin looked super cute just by wearing a simple yet adorable cashmere boat neck sweater from Club Monaco.

Cashmere Boat Neck Sweater


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  1. Cashmere Boat Neck Sweater

Look #6

Here’s another instance where Ye-Jin looked fine without having to try hard. For this one, she slipped into a comfy long two-piece pajama by EAU CLAIR and topped it off with a cashmere essential cardigan from JRIUM.

Thirty-Nine Kdrama Fashion - Son Ye-Jin - Episode 6-2

Cashmere Essentials Cardigan


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Comfy Long Two Piece Pajama


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  1. Cashmere Essentials Cardigan
  2. Comfy Long Two Piece Pajama

Look #7

Finally, check out how Ye-Jin looked absolutely gorgeous wearing a stylish safari jacket and a leather small bag both from AND YOU

Anguk Safari jacket


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Ggul Leather Small Bag


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  1. Anguk Safari jacket
  2. Ggul Leather Small Bag

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